“how to make a woman have an orgasm +how to orgasam”

Oral sex is an essential part of great foreplay, but can be a full-on sexual experience in its own right. Plus, getting her aroused orally means less pressure on you to last forever during the main event.

“[Giving oral sex] is a key piece of being an all around good lover. Some women prefer or need penetration to reach orgasm, but I have found that many prefer cunnilingus and clitoral stimulation to get there.” — Simon*, 26

Don’t rush to the finish, it’s more of a marathon than a one hundred meter sprint. Begin by kissing her body, starting from her neck and working your way down; remember no-where is of limits, kiss her stomach, her legs and anywhere else you can think of. This will help her to relax and feel comfortable.

Telling an inexperienced person to try to suck on a woman’s clit is a little like telling a child that it’s okay to pet the tiger at the zoo. Some people think “suck” means “suction with the ferocity of ten vacuum cleaners”. Even a person who understands the need to take it slow and gentle may not understand exactly how sensitive a clit can be. Hint: Some clits are insanely sensitive, like if a leaf were to brush against it, it would really hurt. So my advice would be to NOT suck on a clit at all if you are not that experienced. If she asks you to, or if you ask her and she says it’s okay, use as little suction as possible and gauge up from there.

If you are already penetrating correctly, or she’s on top, then sucking, pulling, spanking her “sexy parts”, preferably a few of them simultaneously (ask her what she likes; I’m sure she’ll point you in the right direction), combined with some dirty talk, and she’ll be tightening up, gyrating and vibrating into orgasm in no time.

“I love [giving oral sex] because it seems to be one of the most pleasurable things you can do for a woman. To hear and feel her reactions from that incredibly intimate point of contact is both bonding and super sexy, for me.” — Logan*, 22

When you go back to using your tongue, add a finger or two to stroke her G-spot on the first few inches of the upper inside wall of her pussy. Try matching pace and pressure with your fingers and tongue and then contrasting slow, firm strokes with your fingers and rapid flicks of the tongue.

Most guys get so excited when their woman is on the verge of a climax that they would never even think of stopping or slowing down… but if you want to be one of the rare men who’s known as “the best she’s ever had” … you know you need to do something different than other guys and this is it.

There is such thing as a g spot. If she sticks her finger inside her, and kinda curls it a little and presses, she’ll feel like she has to pee. That’s the g spot. I recommend her to get on top..The stimulation from the pelvic bone will help her to orgasm during sex. That’s the only way I do.

While you’re using your tongue, try switching between accompanying stimulation, such as massaging her thighs, pulling back the clitoral hood, stimulating the G-spot with fingers and pushing up on the backs of her knees to change the angle and position of stimulation.

To get her to desire you and want to have sex, you have to court her, so that she feels like an attractive woman, and not like a service provider. Men can often make up a quarrel by making love, but women need to feel that the relationship is good first, in order to feel desire.

Just remember, you don’t “give” her orgasms. In a loving relationship, the man’s job is to create an erotic context that’s comfortable, relaxed, and arousing enough so the woman can let herself go enough to climax.

The realities for women vary, says Garcia. “There are some women who never experience orgasm. There are some women who experience orgasm during masturbation but not with a partner. There are some women who experience orgasm during sexual activity but not from penetration. There are some women who only experience orgasm with penetration. There are many women who vary, from one day to another and from one partner to another, depending on other physiological and psychological factors,” Garcia says.

(3) Slow down. Extended sensual warm-up time helps women have orgasms. Compared with men, most women need considerably more time to warm up to genital play. Forget the wham bam you see in porn. When making love, do everything at half speed. Sex therapists recommend at least 30 minutes of kissing, cuddling, and whole-body sensual caressing before reaching between her legs.

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I do like to thank you for making out of ignorance i have before that the only way to orgasm the woman is only the intercourse action but now i have tried and my love appreciate me am sweetest man because these ways i learned here help me to know how to stimulate her.

“Guys generally worry about their dick size or sex skills, and would probably err on the side of that they are less than average at both (though they would probably never publicly admit it). If you become good at [giving head], you generally don’t have to worry about lacking in the other departments.” — Curtis

“It really turns me on. I love the actual act of it; the smell, the taste, etc. It’s also the most reliable way to make a woman orgasm. Most of the women I’ve been with said they find it hard or impossible to orgasm purely from sex.” — Zachary*, 33

At this point you can touch the clitoris again, lightly at first with your finger or tongue and then work up the stimulation with an increasingly faster pace and more pressure, until she reaches her peak again.

Just moving your hips could mean a lot of things. I don’t blame him for not getting that. If you want him in a particular spot either say so, Grab his hair and and direct his “workings” or flat out tell him.

And the number one way she suggests increasing your sexual confidence and taking control over your orgasms is by partaking in a naughty bit of adult show-and-tell and masturbating in front of one another. Whether you choose to discuss in advance the fact that you’re about to give your partner the thrill of their life or surprise them by letting them come home and “catch” you rubbing yourself on the Jennifer Convertible sofa, is entirely up to you. And though you may be tempted to let them jump in and finish the job, Dr. Carlen suggests restraining your passions and enforcing a no touching rule for as long as possible — which will only make things hotter.

Help her prepare before the act: Once you have laid the groundwork and set the tone for the night that lies ahead, it’s time for some team work. It’s her turn to get ready for the act. Kegel exercises are the best way to help a woman last longer in bed, as it strengthens the vaginal muscles and makes her ready for more pleasure and helps to withstand pain too. Not every woman wants to get it on with a drill sergeant though, so don’t just order her to do Kegels, instead help. Move your hand to her erogenous zone, she will go into spasms. Give a gentle thrust; let the act of squeezing and relaxing the muscles go on for some time, in this way you will be able to sustain the mood, stimulate her and get some of those helpful Kegels exercises into the mix. Read how Kegel exercises can improve your sex life. 

A dry beaver is an unhappy one, so make sure she’s wet before you dive in. Once she is, dip your digits between her lips and gently give the area several light, teasing strokes. Then, slowly move your fingers all the way inside her.

Take it slow, kiss it, respect it, worship it, would you like a girl to give head by just flicking her tongue fast on your dick? would you like head just REALLY fast and hard and nothing else? Nope – giving head is an art, there’s passion in the desire to please. You just need that passion inside you, that desire to please them, once you learn it gets easier.

Women can have ten different kinds of orgasms, so while a man might think his penis is the most fun tool he has, he can probably challenge himself by learning the 9 other types of orgasms he can stimulate.

Before you make your way down under, make sure she’s relaxed and comfortable. Some women can get super self-conscious over how long it’s going to take them to climax, but if you let her know you’re not in a rush, it’s more likely she’ll fully give herself up to the situation. Also, when she sees that you actually want to please her, and aren’t just doing it as a formality, it’ll turn her on and get her natural juices going even more.

Remember that women’s sexual arousal builds up gradually, and it can progress more slowly than a man’s arousal. For that reason, it is always best to start giving a woman oral sex slowly and softly. She may be very sensitive, especially at the start, and going too hard or too fast can be overwhelming. Some women cannot tolerate direct contact with their clitoris and need to have the area pretty wet for it to be comfortable. Others will prefer that you always lick across the clitoris over the skin that covers it so that you don’t have direct contact with it. Some will prefer that you incorporate licking over the U-Spot as well. By going slow you have a chance to explore the area and find out just what she likes and where. A good example to follow is thinking about how you would lick an ice-cream cone. You can start off with a wide, soft tongue and take it from there. This is also less tiring, so you can go on for a longer period of time. If she wants you lick harder or have a pointier tongue, she will let you know.

I’m 17 and I can get an orgasm in like ten minutes as all I do is just rub myself and then wet my fingers and the slowly at first rub my clitoris and then kind of build up my speed when it feels right and then it feel good and your fingers automatically just keep going and you don’t want to stop so I hope this helps you kind of get an orgasm

(1) Don’t expect her to have orgasms during intercourse. On TV and in movies and pornography, women always seem to have orgasms during intercourse. That’s much more fantasy than reality. In real sex, only about one-quarter of women are consistently orgasmic during intercourse. The old in-and-out can be great fun, but it brings only a minority of women to orgasm. Three-quarters of women need direct stimulation of the clitoris.

I would like to ADD, it would be great if there was more porn for women, like girl friendly stuff. Dont take the men out of porn but have hotter, younger guys with less body hair and obviously nice looking penises.

First, you’ve got “women” in your title, which assumes that anyone who has a vagina is automatically a woman, regardless of how they might choose to identify themselves. I think it’s pretty damaging to shut down entire avenues of self-identity by branding everyone as one gender or another simply based on what genitalia they happen to have.

Listen for her cues, whether they’re moans, vocal, or her breathing. Sighing is good, short gasps or sudden muscle tightening are signs you’re doing something wrong. Mix the last few steps around for at least a minute or two. [Read: Foreplay done right – The art of really turning her on]

I was with a guy once who was enthusiastically performing oral on me. I had told him ahead of time that it feels nice bt that I’ve never met a guy that could make me climax that way. Well, this one was different. I don’t remember what he did, but I started feeling that warm, beautiful tension building. I was quickly approaching the point of no return. I murmured “don’t stop, I’m gonna cum” and he was SO pleased that he got totally thrown off and yeah. That’s how I almost came for the first time in my life without my Hitachi (haven’t ever been able to do it with my fingers)

“como uma garota pode obter um orgasmo _como fazer uma menina orgasima rápido”

O orgasmo é uma das fases da resposta sexual, como descrita por Masters e Johnson. Caracteriza-se por intenso prazer físico mediado pelo sistema nervoso autônomo[2] , acompanhado por ciclos de rápidas contrações musculares nos músculos pélvicos, que rodeiam os órgãos sexuais e o ânus, sendo frequentemente associados a outras ações involuntárias, como espasmos em outras partes do corpo e uma sensação geral de euforia. Sua ausência é denominada anorgasmia. Além desta definição, temos o orgasmo como um potente estado alterado de consciência e ainda temos o para-orgasmo como sendo “o estado existencial de autorealização e prazer de viver intraduzível em palavras e geralmente vivenciado a partir de curtos momentos, ou momentos de pico”.

Reinaldo, você está na categoria dos homens que jamais vai conseguir satisfazer uma mulher, pelo visto, você é mais um daqueles idiotas machitas. Ou deve ter raiva delas por ter nascido homen. Em outras palavras vai dar esse c…. pois parece que é disso que você gosta.

Assim como qualquer casal também temos nossas crises, mas na cama ah!! sou uma leoa…me considero uma mulher completa e realizada, porque você só consegui se realizar na cama quando se entrega por inteiro ao prazer, sem medo e sem pudores.e eu sou assim: sem medo e sem pudores e muuuito feliz.

Portanto, nada de pressa ou afobação. Antes de chegar ao alvo principal – o clitóris – é importante caprichar nas preliminares. Beijos longos e quentes na boca e no corpo, toque nos seios e lambidas nas principais zonas de prazer são ótimos para aquecer qualquer mulher.

Antes de começar, “faça uma hora” com ela, passando as mãos lentamente pelo seu corpo, começando pelos pés, passando pelas coxas, virilha, barriga, parte inferior da barriga…  faça movimentos circulares ao redor da vulva, com ela ainda de calcinha.

Seja romântica – Por vezes as mulheres pensam que os homens não são românticos. Algumas mulheres pensam que o homem não aprecia o romantismo. O homem gosta de ambientes românticos! Todas as pessoas apreciam um bom ambiente romântico! O homem vai apreciar o trabalho que teve a montar tudo. Rosas. Velas. Seja criativa. O ambiente romântico apimenta bastante a relação.

Às vezes, a mulher fica muito refém e acomodada no ritmo imposto por você, que nem sempre é o mais agradável para ela. Assumindo uma posição em que ela controle o movimento e adotando movimentações diferentes, como o rebolado mais lento e amplo, por exemplo, ela consegue se estimular mais e descobrir jeitos diferentes, ou os quais mais gosta na penetração.

It’s time to have sex bro! Agora sim é a hora em que você vai começar a transar com ela de fato, penetrando-a. O segredo aqui é apostar em posições que você possa, com a mão, estimular o clítoris enquanto faz os movimentos.

Nunca imaginei que um suplemento iria ajudar minha relação com meu marido. Comecei tomando 1 cápsula por dia, depois 2 e consequentemente os resultados vieram. Minha fertilidade e prazer sexual melhorou muito depois que comecei fazer uso de Power Blue.

Não ignore o poder dos toques básicos ao acariciar o parceiro. Mordidinhas, arranhões de leve e mesmo sua respiração ofegante no pescoço e nuca podem deixar qualquer homem arrepiado e bastante estimulado para o sexo.

Pois é, meu amigo, Uma mulher feliz vai querer agradar-lhe e, se você pedir com jeitinho, ela até engole! Dê mais atenção à sua companheira, não deixe que ela tenha uma foda infeliz e, mais importante ainda, não faça com que ela apanhe horror à sexo. Faça com que ela se sinta a mulher mais feliz do mundo. Isso não depende nem do tamanho do seu pau, depende exclusivamente da sua imaginação e forma de a tratar.

“способы сделать девушку оргазим +как быстро сделать свою подругу оргазим”

Такие лекарства могут дать немедленное облегчение при любом типе физической слабости. Их действие можно почувствовать в течение нескольких секунд или минут. Это отличает их от растений, чей целительный эффект можно определить только по прошествии недель или месяцев. Однако недостаток химических препаратов заключается в том, что человек быстро привыкает к ним. Поскольку такие препараты легко доступны и легко применимы, человек может по желанию увеличить дозировку. В результате лекарство перестает оказывать стимулирующий эффект. Повышенная доза приносит организму значительный вред и только снимает симптомы, в то время как гербальные средства борются с причиной проблемы.

Однако, что если женщина остается неудовлетворенной? Как правило это отрицательно сказывается на взаимоотношениях и в итоге способно привести к расставанию. Вместо ласковой и нежной девушки, партнерша представляется озлобленной стервой. Раздражительность, постоянные конфликты, плохое настроение, постоянные упреки по мелочам и множество других негативных последствий. Поэтому как в психологическом так и физическом плане секс занимает важное место для обоих полов.

Он считает вас своим личным тренером и диетологом. Очень может быть, что он не станет, как вы, веганом (строгим и справедливым), но он ждет от вас wellness-системы, которая сделает его долгожителем. «Жить быстро, умереть молодым» – это чудовищно несовременно!

Начните с легких поглаживаний верха торса опускаясь все ниже и ниже, поиграйте с любимым. Нежное покусывание или поцелуй соска доставляет им не меньшее удовольствие, чем женщинам. Сделайте своему мужчине массаж внутренней стороны бедер, таким образом, вы доставите ему не только наслаждение, но и заставите кровяной поток сильнее приливать к чреслам, что улучшит эрекцию и значительно усилит оргазм. Гладьте его ноги, ступни. Сделайте ему минет, такой, какого раньше никто и никогда не делал. Мы сейчас не будет на этом останавливаться, при желании прочтите статью на эту тему «Как правильно делать минет?».

вообще мусульмане самый, если можно сказать, чистоплотный народ. Перед каждой молитвой (а это 5 раз в день) они должны “предстать перед богом” чистые. И моют они не только руки, но и половые органы. По возможности конечно, но так делает большинство верующих.

Почему праздник — 23 февраля? 23 февраля отмечается столетие Красной Армии. А ведь после падения социалистического строя многие историки предлагали выбрать другую дату из нашей богатой военной истории…

Упс ! Знал ведь, что нарвусь на Ваше неприятие, знал… Но вот ничего с собой поделать не могу – говорю, как считаю нужным. Я вообще сторонник практически полной сексуальной свободы, ну кроме, конечно, насилия и некоторых извращений. А что касается орального или анального секса – я их даже к извращениям не отношу – нормальное совершенно дело. Главное – взаимность и доверие между супругами, любовниками, партнёрами. Ещё лучше, когда есть любовь, но увы – это редко. А вот насчёт “злокозненных намерений” США тут Вы меня изрядно разочаровали, мадам… Не ожидал-с такого от Вас, не ожидал…

Конечно, можете проглотить все, что выплеснется из вашего мужчины, но делайте это только тогда, когда вам этого хочется, а не потому, что какая-то Эмили — знаток по части орального секса, сказала, что так должно быть.

Обязательным следствием этого будет большая нежность, глубина интимных отношений, которая наполнит новым чувством вашу сексуальную жизнь. Поэтому эта книга написана не только для женщин, но и для мужчин, поскольку женский оргазм находится и в их власти.

Chelation therapy can be traced back to the early 1930s, when Ferdinand Munz, a German chemist working for I.G. Farben, first synthesized ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA).[16] Munz was looking for a replacement for citric acid as a water softener.[16] Chelation therapy itself began during World War II when chemists at the University of Oxford searched for an antidote for lewisite, an arsenic-based chemical weapon.[16] The chemists learned that EDTA was particularly effective in treating lead poisoning.[16]

Адекватная стимуляция. Необходимы различные приемы стимуляции эрогенных зон вашим сексуальным партнером. Они включают в себя не только введение полового члена, но и клиторальные ласки. Старайтесь сделать предварительные ласки максимально длинными по времени, давая возможность мужчине ласкать ваше тело полностью.

Suicide by electrocution involves using a lethal electric shock to kill oneself. This causes arrhythmias of the heart, meaning that the heart does not contract in synchrony between the different chambers, essentially causing elimination of blood flow. Furthermore, depending on the amount of electric current, burns may also occur. In his opinion outlawing the electric chair as a method of execution, Justice William M. Connolly of the Nebraska Supreme Court stated that “electrocution inflicts intense pain and agonizing suffering”, adding that it is “unnecessarily cruel in its purposeless infliction of physical violence and mutilation of the prisoner’s body.”[9]

“how to give great oral how to give better oral”

I’m not interested so much in crazy sex tricks (I realize there has been a question on that) as much as I am in hearing from women who have been in a similar situation and got over it–ie, those who were sexually active for a while without ever having had an orgasm, until one day, everything changed. What did it take? How common is it, actually, for women to be unable to have an orgasm?

Allow her to take the lead: If you really want her to get more epic orgasms, then don’t call all the shots. Allow her to take the lead as well and control the rhythm of things. Give her a chance when you have aroused her enough to get into the act. This will really help her be her best in bed and you should find the experience to be a lot more satisfying than you could possibly imagine.

That being said I love when a guy is gentle and not invasive, and let’s me know if he thinks I taste/smell nice so I can relax and stop feeling self conscious. Just make me feel like you’re having a good time and aren’t just doing me a favor

You might not have thought about this one, but feeling time-pressured is one of the top orgasm killers for women. This is especially true when it comes to oral sex, as sexologist Yvonne Fulbright explains in her bestselling book The Best Oral Sex Ever – His Guide to Going Down.

Lastly, if you’re aiming to go all the way to the climactic end, note that some girls achieve orgasm later than others. By that time, her natural juices might have dried out which makes a quick squirt of lube very handy. [Read: The best lubricants for sex – 15 winners from the kitchen cupboard]

Kiss, show love, touch, caress, massage, look in her eyes and melt. Start when she’s dressed. Undress her slowly, lovingly, kiss her breasts and feel that it’s the most amazing thing you’ve ever done. It should be. If it’s not, she’ll know.

The whole point of the article was not “help on sex tips.” point of the article was “Ways to Help Her Have Orgasms.” It was in the title right after the number 6 and the key words were HELP and ORGASM.

Dang, I was readin the comments, and, realized im not gonna sound near as smart as the rest. All I got to say is, THANX GUYS! I always wondered if I was doin it right. My girl would lie to spare my feelins. Guess she AINT been fakin!! Hooray! I appreciate yall takin the time to write this!!

– The vaginal canal. This tube of muscle is designed to accommodate a penis and allow the passage of a fetus during birth making it very sensitive to insertion pressure. Human fingers on the other hand, have lesser volume compared to a penis but being moveable makes for various stimulation possibilities.

My proposed title for this article to keep it from grievously inhibiting the cause of social justice within our society is “Possible Avenues for Providing Pleasure to Vaginas by Utilizing Your Mouth and Hands.” If StudLife will make this change then I think we’ll be most of the way towards solving society’s problems, and once we sort out racial, sexual, gender, social, physical, age, and other inequalities we’ll be the rest of the way there. I’m kind of busy over Winter Break but I think we can probably do it next semester if the Social Justice Center is willing to help out.

And I have to add, I freaking hate vibrators and cold hard lifeless objects in general….I do not enjoy them, they seem too intense. And I’ve tried a few, including the Thunder Bunny which has adjustable speeds. … MUCH MUCH prefer the real thing.

Alexandra Fine, CEO at Dame Products, agrees that slow and steady wins the race, “There are lots of tips and tricks on how to do the deed, but where most men fail in cunnilingus is during the arousal phase. Women can take 20 minutes plus to get physically aroused. That means that, however slowly you think you are getting from her mouth to her clit — go slower! Wait until she arches her back and thrusts her hips up — then you’ll know you’ve hit the spot.”

Finally I think I need to point out that “guide” is by no means a neutral term. To be able to guide someone in performing oral sex, we have to assume that there is a correct way to go about it, or at least some ways that are better or worse. This, I think, leads to a whole host of problems, but I’ll set those aside and simply focus on the narrower issue of whether someone who performs oral sex in a way not suggested by this “guide” (for example, someone who chooses to “ignore [their] hands while going down on [their] girl”) is somehow deficient sexually and is failing to give their partner the pleasure that oral sex ought to entail, or something like that. Better perhaps to phrase these things as “suggestions” or “options” and avoid excluding people who choose to act differently, or who perhaps do not have mobility in their arms (for example) due to a physical disability.

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Yes, you can do exercises for your vagina. Kegels will strengthen your vaginal muscles and can make it easier for you to orgasm. Do them by tightening and then relaxing your vaginal muscles (think about what you do when you really have to pee). You can do these anywhere at any time without anyone noticing.

First, you’ve got “women” in your title, which assumes that anyone who has a vagina is automatically a woman, regardless of how they might choose to identify themselves. I think it’s pretty damaging to shut down entire avenues of self-identity by branding everyone as one gender or another simply based on what genitalia they happen to have.

Many women experience frustration from their inability to feel sensation or sexual pleasure from vaginal-penile intercourse. It is common for women to feel closeness, and fullness, but not the intensity they believe that they “should” be feeling. With a little bit of learning and exploration, you can find ways to enjoy various types of pleasure, intimacy, and even ecstasy.

Make sure you know the tricks to arouse her naturally. By using your index finger stimulate her clitoris. The movements should be gentle and in circular motions. Be receptive to feedback and be attuned to both her verbal and non-verbal cues. Her little moans and inviting body language will tell you that you are on the right track. Once you have stimulated the clitoris move to the G-spot. It is believed that this spot, located atop the vaginal cavity, gives a woman the greatest amount of pleasure. Once she is aroused, getting into the act would be more fun, intimate and satisfying for both of you. Also read about the six fun facts that you need to know about the vagina.                                  

An alternative technique is sensory overload. “Simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation is far and away the fastest route to orgasm,” says Hall. Having her from behind is the best position for this because while you work the former, you can call up sex-toy reinforcements to take care of the latter. “My recommendation would be one from the discreet but powerful Philips Sensual range.”

“让她成为超女的最佳方式 -女士口语”

^ Knoepp LR, Shippey SH, Chen CC, Cundiff GW, Derogatis LR, Handa VL. Sexual complaints, pelvic floor symptoms, and sexual distress in women over forty. The Journal of Sexual Medicine. 2010, 7 (11): 3675–82. PMC 3163299. PMID 20704643. doi:10.1111/j.1743-6109.2010.01955.x.


和男朋友性爱经验近2年,逐渐发展到能通过各种酝酿,最后通过女上位达到潮吹。后来偶然机会看到这本只有2页的宝典,体会到所谓挤字的精髓。于是在今早的性爱中,男朋友用手指刺激我G点时,下意识试了下运用PC肌往外挤,哪知就伴随他手指抽出的瞬间潮吹了,而且是有史以来第一次喷射出来!之前女上位的潮吹,还只是一阵液体喷涌而出,一次能有个3-4次不等;今天的手指潮吹,竟然可以真的如小水柱一般喷射而出,而且只要他不停我就能继续的架势,起码来了十来次~oh my god!太性福了!

西欧自古以来,就有一种名为“女性歇斯底里(英语:female hysteria)”的医学诊断,其症状包括虚弱无力、神经质、失眠、体液潴留、腹部沉重、肌肉痉挛、呼吸急促、易怒、肌肉痉挛,呼吸急促,易怒、缺乏食/性欲,以及有一种“引起麻烦的倾向”[100]。当时遭医师认为患有该病症的女性有时会以“骨盆按摩”的方式进行治疗——医师会对其生殖器进行刺激,直到她“歇斯底里发作”(即达至高潮)。在当时而言,“歇斯底里发作”只是一种医学治疗,而不是一种性释放[100]。自20世纪20年代以来,“女性歇斯底里”不再是一项医学诊断。

^ 12.0 12.1 12.2 12.3 12.4 Mah, K.; Binik, Y. M. The nature of human orgasm: a critical review of major trends. Clinical Psychology Review. 2001-08, 21 (6): 823–56. PMID 11497209. doi:10.1016/S0272-7358(00)00069-6.


其实很多夫妻在性爱的时候,女人都不能达到性高潮的,这虽然让男人满足了欲望,但是女人由于没有达到性高潮,长期下去就会让女人厌烦性爱生活,进而造成女人性冷淡的,那么如何让女人也达到性高潮呢?这些妙招可以让女人完美性高潮,让性爱达到双赢的效果. 1.内衣一定要精致 不要认为一丝不挂就是最好的性爱方式,其实不然,在床上的时候,有的时候也是需要一种修饰的.有位女子晚上,她早早就上床休息,以为值夜班的老公不会有”性”致,便没洗澡就上了床.更令她后悔的是当时竟穿着一条破了几个洞的内裤–当丈夫掌灯想


^ 80.0 80.1 Butt, DS. The sexual response exercise. A brief review and theoretical proposal.. Sports medicine (Auckland, N.Z.). 1990-06, 9 (6): 330–43. PMID 2192423. doi:10.2165/00007256-199009060-00002.

由于前面姿势半蹲位使男性补充了体力,降低了生物电槽,所以再第3个姿势。后背位使用时候,有了充足的体力,有了发力点,阴茎以80%长度进 入。坚持这种姿势2分半-4分钟,女性生物电可能由于快速的猛烈撞击,获得阴道内高潮。2分半-4分钟后,男性有效体力基本用完,需要马上补充,生物电积 累大概再40%左右。————换女性坐立位,男性躺下,女性面对面坐与上面。男性的体力槽开始恢复————生物电槽开始增长,而且是高速增长。




^ Cohen, Harvey D.; Rosen, Raymond C.; Goldstein, Leonide. Electroencephalographic laterality changes during human sexual orgasm. Archives of Sexual Behavior (Springer Netherlands). 1976-05, 5 (3): 189–99. PMID 952604. doi:10.1007/BF01541370. Left and right parietal EEGs were recorded while seven subjects experienced sexual climax through self-stimulation



澳大利亚泌尿科医师海伦·奥康纳(Helen O’Connell)于2005年发表了一项研究,当中指出了阴道高潮和阴蒂之间的联系,并表明阴蒂组织会延伸至阴道前壁,因此她认为阴道高潮和阴蒂高潮属同源[6]。一些利用超声波协助进行的研究则发现,在声称能在阴道交期间达到性高潮的女性当中,找到了G点存在的生理证据[54][75]。但奥康奈尔声称阴蒂与阴道之间的关系才是一直处于假设状态的G点和阴道高潮的生理解释,她在利用核磁共振成像(MRI)协作进行的研究中,注意到阴蒂脚/根部与阴蒂球的勃起组织、阴蒂海绵体、尿道以及阴道之间的直接关系。她指出:“事实上,阴道壁就是阴蒂。”其后补充道:“如果揭去阴道壁两边的皮肤,你就会看到阴蒂的球茎体:三角形,月块状的勃起组织[6]。”奥康奈尔等人对女性尸体的生殖器进行了解剖,并使用摄影器材去协助绘制阴蒂的神经结构,他们察觉到阴蒂不仅仅只是它的阴蒂头,它只是整个阴蒂的一小部分。他们在1998年宣称,与阴蒂相关的勃起组织比起在解剖学教科书中所描述的还要多[55][71]。他们更得出结论,比起其他女性,一些女性拥有分布范围较为广泛的阴蒂组织和神经;他们较常在年轻尸体中观察到这种情况[55][71],因此,虽然大多数女性只能通过直接刺激“外阴蒂”来达至性高潮,但是对一部分人而言,可能能以性交刺激分布范围较广的阴蒂组织[6]。

诸如伊丽莎白·劳埃德般的适应假设反对者则指出女性相对较难以阴道交的方式来达至高潮,“女性高潮会使繁殖能力增加”此一论点的证据亦十分有限,女性达至高潮的能力和她将更乐于从事性交的可能性之间亦缺乏统计学上的关系[47][139]。加拿大性学家梅雷迪思·奇弗斯(英语:Meredith Chivers)认为“劳埃德绝不是反对进化心理学,恰恰相反,在她所用的思考方法和著述当中,处处都流露出应在人类行为研究中谨慎地应用进化理论的诺言及主张……劳埃德有把每个假说的理论和经验基础都认真考虑一遍,但最终结论依然是没有证据支持‘女性性高潮是一种适应方式’……劳埃德反把女性性高潮视为个体发育时的残留事物,认为女性有高潮的原因在于——男性泌尿生殖系统中与高潮有关的神经在天择此一现象下获得优势,其后在女性中,这种发育‘蓝图’以一种不影响身体健康的方式表达出来,正如男性拥有跟身体健康无关的乳头一样。”[139]


米勒(Miller)、赫尔迪(Hrdy)、海伦·奥康奈尔(Helen O’Connell),以及纳塔莉·安吉尔(Natalie Angier)这些研究者已对“女性性高潮是残留事物”此一假说进行了批评,认为它在低估和贬低女性性高潮的心理社会价值[8]。赫尔迪认为此一假说涉及性别歧视[143]。奥康奈尔则指出:“它可归结为性别之间的对立思想:一种性别是性化的,另一种则只是负责繁殖的,但事实是,两者都是性化的,都是负责繁殖后代的[6]。”


^ Levin, Roy. The Breast/Nipple/Areola Complex and Human Sexuality. Sexual and Relationship Therapy (Routledge). 2006-05-02, 21 (1): 237–249 [2011-04-02]. doi:10.1080/14681990600674674. (原始内容存档于2016-01-01). Areola corrugation immediately after orgasm physically signals that orgasm has occurred

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性高潮(英语:orgasm, sexual climax)是在性反应周期过程中所累积的性紧张(英语:Sexual tension)的遽然释放,导致在骨盆区有节奏性的肌肉伸缩及表征于外的性愉悦[1][2][3]。男、女性体会的性高潮表征是由自律神经系统所制控,常伴随著其他情不自禁的作为,包括身上多处区域的肌肉痉挛,典型欣快的满足感,及频次地发出声息与身体摆动[3]。高潮阶段过后(或称不应期)常带来的缓和放松感,主要是由于神经激素(英语:Neurohormone)催产素与促乳素的释放,类似安多酚(脑内啡)的作用机制[4]。



“说到这个,坊间有一种明显的态度:如果小伙子想给女孩口交,他是想要让关系更进一步,或者另有什么别的打算。” 马尔斯顿在电话里对我说,“如果只是一时兴起约炮玩玩,大可不必费这个事。” 报告中特意强调,小伙子们对阴户的印象大致如下:“脏兮兮的”、“恶心”、“肮脏”、“下垂耷拉着”,更有甚者 —— “黏糊糊”、“臭烘烘”。妈呀!这么一看,给姑娘口交这事儿真是不招人喜欢呢。所以说,如果不想在亲密关系里搞这一套,又想让自己快活一把,那还是临时勾搭个妞吧。



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“des conseils pour donner une bonne tête +comment faire l’orgasim”

En tant que love coach, je suis souvent confronté à diverses questions sur les préliminaires : Comment réaliser une bonne fellation à son homme ? Quelles sont les prérequis pour exciter un homme et lui donner envie de vous sauter dessus ? Comment se comporter lors d’une première fois avec un homme sans paraître comme une femme facile ?

Chaque personne possède de très nombreuses et différentes zones érogènes (bouche, cou, épaules, dos, fesses, seins, tétons, ventre, pieds, mains, et, bien sûr, organes génitaux et anus – liste non exhaustive ) qui seront plus ou moins sensible à telle ou telle stimulation (frotter, caresser de manière plus ou moins appuyée, rapide ou lente, mordiller, lécher, embrasser, sucer, souffler, chatouiller, masser, claquer, mordre, pénétrer – là non plus ce n’est pas une liste complète).

um moi sait interessant .je viens de lire ce que vous avez ecrire dans l’article mais en ce qui me concerne ,jai du mal a bien le faire a mon homme.pourtant il adore sa et la plupart des jours ou on a des rapport il se fache parce que je n »ais pas bien fait.d’apres lui  »sa gatte coeur »

Récemment j’ai connu une belle femme de 35 ans qui n’avait jamais pratiqué. Elle m’a dit que c’est parce que le gout et l’odeur du sexe de l’homme ne lui plaisent pas. J’ai donc trouvé des préservatifs à la fraise et tout est rentré dans l’ordre: Elle s’est même avérée très douée pour une débutante 🙂

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L’orgasme humain résulte le plus souvent de la stimulation du pénis, du clitoris ou du vagin, même si de nombreuses parties du corps peuvent être sollicitées (anus, sein, nombril, aisselle…). Les recherches contemporaines mettent également en évidence le rôle décisif de stimulations psychologiques. Toutes ces stimulations peuvent être appliquées individuellement, en couple ou en groupe (dans ces différents cas on peut parler de masturbation, de préliminaire ou de rapport sexuel).

Pendant la fellation, glissez tout doucement un doigt du périnée vers l’anus, suivez la réaction de Chouchou, s’il adhère, il écartera ses jambes, une manière de dire qu’il apprécie votre caresse. Glissez ensuite tout doucement votre doigt dans son anus, pas à pas en profondeur…

Pour la mener au 7ème ciel une deuxième fois, concentrez-vous sur d’autres zones érogènes de son corps. Ceci est particulièrement conseillé quand son clitoris est encore sensible, suite au premier round.

Vous pouvez aussi pincer le bord de sa vulve avec vos doigts comme ceci, et masser son clitoris par les bords pendant que vous le sucez. Cette technique va toutefois cacher son clitoris, donc vous aurez plus de mal à le sucer. Il faut alors que vous utilisiez le bout de votre langue pour continuer à le stimuler ainsi…

Comment lui avouer mes fantasmes ?11 choses à ne pas faire pendant le sexe analLe clitoris en photo… ou presque !Règles douloureuses : 8 méthodes pour les calmerPréliminaires sexuels : 47 idées à tester sous la couetteComment réussir une fellation ?

Nous avons déjà abordé le sujet du cunnilingus alors aujourd’hui nous allons parler de l’art de la fellation. Quel homme refuserait ? Oui mais, messieurs, sachez que votre plaisir ne doit pas négliger celui de votre partenaire ! Vous devez respecter madame et quelques règles inévitables pour pouvoir bénéficier d’une bonne pipe comme vous d’information en ligne, Le Monde.fr offre à ses visiteurs un panorama complet de l’actualité. Découvrez chaque jour toute l’info en direct (de la politique à l’économie en passant par le sport et la météo) sur Le Monde.fr, le site de news leader de la presse française en ligne.

bonjours cela fait a peut prés deux ans que je suis avec un homme nous fesont l’amour sans preservatif et je suis clitoridienne mais j’ai deja eu un seul et unique orgasme vaginale et seullement avec mon copain le probleme est que je voulait savoir comment je peut faire pour avoir d’autre orgasme vaginal etant clitoridienne ya t’il des solution?? merci pour votre aide

“comment donner une bonne tête à une fille -des secrets oraux pour elle”

« Au début j’avais peur de lui faire mal, mais j‘ai remarqué qu’il aimait quand son pénis se prenait… euh un mur ? Donc je fais arriver son pénis sur le côté, contre ma joue, et il aime. En fait, quand son gland se frotte à ma joue, c’est doux, un peu comme si c’était ma langue. »

Ou bien je dois lui en parler avant, en lui expliquant que c’est elle qui se bloque au moment fatidique, et que c’est à cause de ça qu’elle ne peut pas atteindre l’orgasme ? (puisqu’elle même ne semble pas être au courant que c’est à ce moment qu’elle l’atteindra, mais bien sûr j’userais d’autres mots pour lui expliquer)

Saviez-vous que la position des jambes peut influer sur le déclenchement de l’orgasme ? Pour certaines femmes, la posture idéale est jambes écartées. Pour d’autres, se tenir jambes serrées est plus favorable. Cela dépend en fait de l’histoire du corps, de ses premières découvertes des sensations de plaisir. Quand le corps a trouvé comment il fonctionne, il est très fidèle à ce chemin du plaisir. A vous de jouer.

Pour les dents, c’est une question d’entraînement. Une copine bi m’a dit qu’avant sa première fois avec un mec, elle n’avait eu que des nanas, et était donc un peu perdu. Elle s’est finalement entraîné sur son pouce.

Certaines positions sont plus propices que d’autres à l’atteinte de l’orgasme : Pour l’atteindre, il faut privilégier les positions qui permettent un contact étroit entre le clitoris et le sexe ou le corps de votre partenaire.

« Mais tu rigoles, une femme n’est jamais aussi puissante que pendant une fellation. Imagine ! Je te confie mon sexe, là, entre tes mains et tes dents. C’est un acte de total abandon, de pure confiance. Jamais je ne serai aussi vulnérable que quand tu me prends dans ta bouche. Pour moi, c’est un des moments où on est le plus connecté toi et moi ! Pendant une fellation, tu domines ! ».

Elle me répète souvent que j’ai été sa vraie première grande expérience sexuelle. Bien qu’elle n’aie pas fait sa première fois avec moi, c’est avec moi qu’elle a réellement découvert le plaisir de faire l’amour, les différentes positions, etc.

Rien qu alire larticle, j ai envie de gerber.70% filles sucent par plaisir ou sans deplaisir.je doute que l auteur les ai interrogees.en 2018, les filles sont obligees de sucer.les mecs se rassurent comme i.s peuvent.c est sur.avec toute la pression, les chantages les manipulations qje subissent les filles.80% sucent d apres vous, combien aiment? Arretez de dire que youtes celles qui sucent aiment.elles ont bien compris qu en 2018, si elles sucent pas, elles restent celibataires.voila la realite en 2018.sois belle et suce moi.je laisse les connes et les soumises se mettre a genoux.pauvres filles qui croient ainsi retenir leurs mecs.elles ont le quotient intellectuel d une huitre.

Je pense que (corrigez-moi les gars si je me trompe) les hommes sont très fiers lorsque leur femme, blonde, partenaire, name it! atteint l’orgasme grâce à eux. Enfin, on ose écrire les vraies affaires, les filles aussi peuvent aimer le sexe, si on leur en laisse le DROIT et la POSSIBILITÉ! Continue de nous instruire et de nous divertir avec tes articles kamal, je t’ai découvert par hasard et ton site est maintenant dans mes favoris!

L’étude parue dans “Clinical Anatomy” refuse tout caractère scientifique à la distinction entre orgasme vaginal, orgasme clitoridien et orgasme par stimulation du point G, affirmant qu’il n’y a qu’UN orgasme féminin, produit par “la stimulation efficace des organes érectiles féminins”.

On n’est pas obligée de pratiquer la fellation à quatre pattes au fond du lit, planquée sous la couette. On peut se mettre à genoux au bord du lit, placer son homme sur une chaise ou l’asseoir sur la table. On laisse son imagination voguer : plus elle s’exprimera, plus Monsieur aussi.

Commencez en position du missionnaire, la femme sur le dos et son partenaire placé au-dessus, venant se positionner entre ses jambes. De là, il se positionnera en portant son corps vers le haut, de manière à ce que son bassin soit placé légèrement plus par rapport à celui de la femme, que dans le cas du missionnaire classique. Au lieu de chercher à faire des allers-retours avec son pénis, il devra plus se concentrer sur le fait de venir se frotter contre le bassin de sa partenaire…

Il paraît que je me suis beaucoup amélioré au niveau de la pratique du cunnilingus, et je m’y prête à cœur joie. Mais voilà qu’après un long moment, elle me fait comprendre que je dois arrêter parce que ça commence à la chatouiller, voire lui faire mal.

“como ter os melhores orgasmos _como satisfazer oralmente uma mulher”

Não é porque se chama “sexo oral” que você deve usar apenas a boca. Pelo contrário, a mão e os dedos são grandes aliados para fazê-la chegar ao orgasmo. Apalpe os seios dela, brinque com o clitóris, estimule o seu ponto G. O importante é não ficar parado.

Fazer exercícios que fortaleçam a musculatura da vagina aumenta a sensibilidade local. Para começar, você pode contrair os músculos quando vai ao banheiro. “Logo após o xixi, a mulher pode colocar dois dedos na vagina, contrair e ficar tentando apertar. Peço para as minhas pacientes fazerem isso três vezes ao dia, com dez repetições”, diz o ginecologista Marcelo Ponte. Também funciona como exercício tentar parar o fluxo da urina sem contrair os músculos abdominais, da coxa ou das nádegas.

Portanto, se isso está te impedindo de fazer sucesso com a mulherada ou com a sua mulher, então eu já adianto: tem cura e isso só dependerá de você. Clique aqui e comece a resolver esse problema agora mesmo com o Programa mais popular e mais indicado pelos especialistas, chamado Programa CAE4S.

A primeira dica é não fazer aquele sexo oral que só “entra e sai” com movimentos mecânicos. Pense no do seu parceiro e lembre-se de que a glande (a cabecinha do pênis) é um lugar extramente sensível ao prazer.

Um dia destes, ao conversar com um grupo de amigos, cheguei a conclusão que não sou a única a achar que existe por aí muita mulher, que não sabe o que é uma boa foda! O problema é que os namorados ou maridos, dessas mulheres, são umas antas que só se preocupam com o seu próprio prazer.

Pensando nisso, um grupo de mulheres elaborou, anonimamente, textos buscando “educar” homens no tópico e ajudá-los a fazer as parceiras atingirem o orgasmo . O resultado da iniciativa é o blog “How to Make me Come” (como me fazer gozar), que reúne dicas francas e até engraçadas. Confira algumas delas e use-as para levar a parceira à loucura:

Já pensou em perguntar a um homem qual seu tipo de sexo favorito? Há seis modalidades encabeçando a lista das preferências masculinas entre os lençóis. Sugestão: comece hoje mesmo a variar o feijão-com-arroz sexual. O cardápio ficará mais tentador para os dois…

Que escreveu isso sobre Freud só pode ser um idiota ou não leu com a atenção devida, ou por outras um demente comportamental que não sabe admitir o valor das quetões por ele expostas para a psicologia

Um dia, meu amigo me chamou para me convidar para comer, eu chamo para contar Betty que comer com Eduardo, perguntei; ? Se sim … e deu-lhe, iluminado com a minha pergunta, ele respondeu; você não está fodendo com isso, eu nunca farei, muito chateado gritou você está doente !! E eu desliguei o chifre.

Algumas mulheres não se sentem à vontade para praticar o sexo oral com seus companheiros pelo odor e gosto característicos dos genitais. Levar as preliminares para o chuveiro ou banheira é uma boa saída quando ele chega do trabalho transpirando muito. Ou coloque uma camisinha com sabor de frutas no parceiro também (específicas para o sexo oral). Diga que é para variar.

Nas últimas décadas, as conquistas do sexo feminino são inúmeras. No entanto, o tabu da masturbação permanece. Uma pesquisa realizada pelo Programa de Estudos em Sexualidade da USP mostra que cerca de 40% das mulheres brasileiras nunca se masturbaram. Entre os homens, o percentual é, novamente, dez vezes menor.

Eu chorei; Era tristeza! vamos mudar de assunto, desarrolhar uma garrafa de champanhe encheu os copos e eu propôs um brinde cruzado para a nossa amizade, que se levantou e pegou a xícara cuidadosamente, colocar a música para dançar, Edy perguntei a minha esposa; Você dança? Ela estendeu o braço e foi para o quarto para dançar enquanto eu levantei as placas e vidros vazios os levou para a cozinha, deixei quinze minutos sozinho.

Simular a penetração: quando está deitada, abre um pouco as pernas e mantenha os joelhos fletidos. Nesta ocasião, introduza o dedo anelar e indicador na vagina e simule a penetração do pênis. Quando estiver quase a atingir o clímax, levante mais o quadril e verá como consegue potenciar muitíssimo o orgasmo.

Além de já ter ajudado mais de 40 mil homens a acabar com a ejaculação precoce. Os alunos desse respeitado curso, relataram que conseguiram reverter até mesmo crises gravíssimas no relacionamento. Portanto, este produto está com nosso selo de qualidade e não poderíamos deixar de indicar a você.

Algumas podem gostar de jantares românticos, bebendo um bom vinho sentados ao tapete da sala, enquanto outras preferem começar a noite tomando uma cerveja no bar, ou aquelas que preferem ir direto ao ponto.

Usar roupas confortáveis ou sensuais sempre é uma ótima ideia. Procure acender algumas velas ou queimar alguns incensos. Quanto mais relaxado você estiver melhor será a conversa. Os homens adoram quando as mulheres tomam a iniciativa no sexo, e sexo por telefone não é diferente. Eles querem ouvir o que ela gosta, o que ela fantasia – em detalhes íntimos. Em contrapartida, elas também gostam de saber o que eles estão sentindo, de ter uma resposta. Afinal ela não pode ser a única a falar, senão a conversa pode se tornar algo muito chato – e não é bem isso que se é esperado em uma noite de linguagem provocante ao telefone.

relacao homen mulher sao dois e nao um . no texto se fala da mulher e o homen onde fica ? ja que a mulher pode ter multiplos orgasmos e sentir plazer durante horas (quando o sexo e bom claro) enquanto o homen mal passa do primeiro tempo

Eu sou a Cátia Damasceno, Idealizadora do Mulheres Bem Resolvidas, esse blog que foi criado para que nós, mulheres, possamos abordar todo e qualquer assunto, esse é um ambiente aberto, leve, bem humorado e muito informativo.

Um dos fatores mais importantes para atingir o orgasmo é saber o que proporciona mais prazer na hora do sexo. Segundo Carmita, é necessário entender o próprio corpo para guiar o parceiro até os pontos, posições e toques que proporcionam mais prazer. Ou estimular a si mesma durante o ato. A anatomia do corpo feminino é igual para todas, no entanto, cada mulher sente o sexo de maneira diferente. Como o parceiro saberá o que proporciona mais prazer se a própria não souber? E como descobrir?

Essa é uma das táticas usadas por homens que sofrem de ejaculação precoce, pois é uma das maneiras que eles encontram de proporcionar muito prazer às parceiras, já que a penetração muitas vezes nem ocorre durante a relação sexual.

Vc sabe q atingiu o orgasmo qdo sua respiração fica mais forte… Seu corpo estremce…. Vc não sente dor alguma…. só prazer…. Vc fica bem molhadinha…. e sente umas contrações lá em baixo rsrsrs….

Como dissemos no início do artigo, fazer sexo oral em mulheres exige paciência e vontade, mas compensa. É um tesão ver sua parceira se retorcendo de prazer e, quanto mais você excitá-la, melhor será o sexo para os dois.

Mas você pode aprender alguns movimentos e inovar na cama. São movimentos de tração, com uma mão virando em um sentido e a outra no sentido contrário, e de alongamento do pênis, com as mãos puxando-o para fora, revezadamente.

“eine Frau orgasim +Möglichkeiten”

10. Er muss dominant sein, mich einfach nehmen, gegen die Wand oder aufs Bett drücken, und mir die Seele aus dem Leib vögeln, als gäbe es kein morgen. Die Position selbst ist nicht so wichtig, Hauptsache er macht was er will und hat auch Ahnung davon.

Laura, die ebenfalls ihre Hose auszieht und in einer Art Hotpants vor mir steht, damit ich mich nicht allein entblößt fühle, zeigt mir mit einem Spiegel meine Harnröhrenöffnung, die zwischen Klitoris und Vaginaleingang liegt. Ein ziemlich unscheinbarer Punkt, den ich bis jetzt nicht gerade als Lustzone auf dem Schirm hatte: An Harnröhren denkt man als Frau ja gewöhnlich meist nur beim Urologenbesuch, wenn einem eine Blasenentzündung die Laune verdirbt.

Ich willige widerruflich ein, dass bestimmte Unternehmen von Hubert Burda Media Daten über mich und meine Verträge, Gewinnspiele, Newsletter, Internetnutzung sowie von mir gemachte Angaben erheben, zusammenführen, speichern und für individuelle Informationsangebote und Werbezwecke nutzen. Alle Details hier. .

Tatsächlich ist die Ejakulation das Stichwort in Sachen multipler Orgasmus für Männer. Eine Möglichkeit ist, die Refraktärphase zu verkürzen: Um das zu erreichen, kann es helfen vor dem Sex eine Weile abstinent zu sein, denn die Dauer dieser Phase hängt wesentlich davon ab, wann der Mann zum letzten Mal ejakuliert hat. Ist das schon eine Weile her, kann er vielleicht schon nach einer kurzen Pause wieder. Auf diese Weise ist es zwar auch dem Mann möglich, mehrmals zum Orgasmus zu kommen, doch multiple Orgasmen sind das streng genommen nicht.

Fakt ist, dass eine Frau nicht nur auf eine Art und Weise zum Orgasmus kommen kann, sondern gleich auf zehn verschiedene. A-Punkt, U-Punkt, Busen-Orgasmus? Wir verraten Dir, was es damit auf sich hat und zeigen Dir die zehn verschiedenen Orgasmus-Arten einer Frau.

Nach dem Hirntod ist alles vorbei, das Bewusstsein ist verschwunden, der Mensch fühlt nichts mehr. Aber stimmt das eigentlich? FOCUS Online stellt vier verblüffende Fakten zum Thema Nahtoderfahrung vor.

Peter Madsen ist ein genialer Bastler und Tüftler. An Raketen für private Raumflüge hat er ebenso gebaut wie an einem mächtigen U-Boot. Das ist nun gesunken. Nicht das erste Mal, dass Madsen spektakulär scheitert. Von Christoph Seidler mehr… [ Forum ]

Nur ein kleiner Teil der Befragten möchte sich während des Geschlechtsverkehrs selbst stimulieren oder anal befriedigt werden. Das kommt nur bei circa zehn Prozent der Befragten gut an. Mit ihrer Studie wollten die Forscher unter anderem zeigen, wie wichtig es ist, offen über das Thema Orgasmus zu sprechen. Frauen sollten sich nicht davor scheuen, dem Partner ihre Wünsche mitzuteilen.

Es wäre schön, wenn der Mann einfach mal darauf achtet, welche Reaktion sein Tun hervorruft. Meine persönliche Erfahrung ist, dass einige es leider nicht tun und man direkt sagen muss, wie und wo und wann. Ansonsten bleiben sie bei ihrem Tun, auch wenn von ihr keine Reaktion kommt. Ist jetzt intern aus Frauengesprächen. 😉 Ich mag es, meinen Partner zu verwöhnen und achte sehr darauf, wann sich Atmung beschleunigt oder der Körper reagiert. Das macht Spaß und ist eine Entdeckungsreise, auch wenn man seinen Partner gut kennt. Routine ist öde und nach Schema F bearbeitet zu werden, nur weil er es so gewohnt ist von früheren Partnerinnen, tötet bei mir zumindest jede Erregung. Zumal was gestern gut gewirkt hat, heute es nicht unbedingt auch tun muss. Sex ist ein Spiel. Und alle können gewinnen Antwort schreiben

Die unterschiedlichen Techniken können individuell sehr verschieden wirken. Es gibt keine „perfekte“ Methode, und die meisten Techniken können zum luziden Träumen verwendet werden. Grundsätzlich können sie drei Kategorien zugeordnet werden:

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Hallo. Sehr Interessante Tipps… Wir haben aber sie alle schon versuchten  Unser Paar hat keine sexuellen Probleme, wir lieben einander und auch Sex zu machen. Um unser Sexualleben zu erfrischen, versuchen wir verschiedene Techniken. Heute praktizieren wir Tantra Massage. Trotz der vielen negativen Bewertungen von meinen sind wir sehr zufrieden. Diese Art der Massage erlaubt nicht nur Sexualleben zu verbessern, sondern hilft auch zusammen mit der Partnerin in der anderen Welt der Vergnügung zu fallen. Nach dem stressigen Arbeitstag ist dies der beste Weg um sich zu entspannen und alle Probleme vergessen!!! Massage erhöht auch die Chance Multi Orgasmus zu erleben.

Auch Position und Winkel während des Liebesspiels stimulieren die weiblichen Sexualorgane auf verschiedene Weise. Manche Frauen können daher den Höhepunkt nur in bestimmten Stellungen erleben. Auch hier spielen die verschiedenen Körperteile für die richtige Stimulation zusammen.

ist ja lustig, dass ich nicht grad letze Woche zum Thema ein Video vom Axel Springer Verlag (INSM und Springer Verlag gehören ja zusammen dem Bertelsmann Imperium an) gesehen habe, dass uns die anvisierten Mindestlöhne vor Augen führt:

“最好的方法来让女人享受高潮 -如何使一个女人来快”


Contact your hosting provider letting them know your web server is not completing requests. An Error 522 means that the request was able to connect to your web server, but that the request didn’t finish. The most likely cause is that something on your server is hogging resources. Additional troubleshooting information here.

许多男女网友热议女人阴部被舔的感觉,引起了快乐田园的好奇和关注,下面引用部分网友的对话: 每次来这里看到大家说下体被舔的感觉是怎么的好,说的那么详细,看的我下面都湿润了,感觉出了好多的水,我也好想有人给我舔下面,好想尝尝那是一种什么样的感觉?叫你老公或男朋友给你舔啊,我经常给老婆舔,她好兴奋啊,水水特别多啊,好好享受吧,这是你的权利啊!我也好想试试,可是男朋友却不愿意为我舔。我想舔 ,我朋友不让我舔 ,是不是让我女朋友来这论坛啊 ?滋味一定是不错的哟,我每次给女人舔的时候,她都兴奋得不得了,周身扭动,叫声不断,呵呵。呵呵。说的我都受不了了啊,有谁要我帮忙吗?呵呵 !反差真大 ! 女的想被舔 ,男的不给舔 ,男的想舔, 女的不让舔 ,郁闷 !多数男人不喜欢给女人口交的原因都是认为女性的私处不干净。要打消男人这个疑虑。第一,需要你的私处真的干净,没异味,没炎症。第二,就是对男友的辅导和引导了,一是可以多看点片片,先从心理上接受。再是口头告诉他,自己真的想试试或是想要这种感觉。还有一点,你也必须心甘情愿的帮他口交。现在ml都没意思了 ,一点激情都没有,每次都是跟走程序似的。我也是啊,女友不喜欢,我很想舔舔看!你从来都没舔过吗?却是很爽的!你男朋友不为你舔,这说明他不是真心爱你嘛!是的,我没有被舔过 。KF是相互的,你得先去打动他。我女朋友就是先打动我的。我经常给她舔penshui做之前可以让你老公给你舔呀 ,我就每次给我老婆舔, 很爽 !我也好想让老公添我下边啊,可是他不肯。唉,差距这么大呀,我喜欢给人舔,但人家不肯舔我。我只想说, 被舔真的很爽。想,就大胆说出你的需求啊,性爱是两个人之间的交流,如果连自己的需求都不好意思提出来,怎么能够提高呢?一种观念,一种疑虑,相互引导,祝幸福一生!我也想试试被添的感觉,真的很舒服吗?叫你老公或男朋友给你舔啊,我经常给女友舔,她好兴奋啊,水水特别多啊,好好享受吧!老公不肯,可以找网友啊,我给网友舔过,她们很喜欢,很舒服!结婚N年了,映象中好象老公给我舔过两次,第一次是我非常想要了,我就跨在他的头上,他看我非常兴奋了也就免为奇难地完成了我N年的心愿,第二次是他喝了酒又有一些醉了和有一些兴奋也那样了,这种感觉真的舒服.我天天都在想怎样又才能创造这种机会呢?






在进行性爱的时候,很多女性都无法感受高潮.对于男性来说,这也证明了自身的性技巧是存在缺陷的,因为女人能否高潮,男人起着决定性的作用.那么,男人如何帮助女人达到性高潮呢?一起来看看. 以最慢的节奏吻遍全身. 他一边帮我脱,我一边爱抚他,亲吻他,说情话.他第一次完整地吻遍了我的全身,他也第一次更加完美地享受到完整的性爱,也更加激发了我的性亢奋. 穿比较复杂的衣服,玩一场脱衣游戏. 丈夫洗浴后,赤条条地进来,他盼望着我赤条条地等着他.可是那天晚上我故意全副武装,而且穿了一件新买的衣服,让他帮我脱衣服.

养生知识 保健知识 生活保健 女性疾病 养生 食材大全 性爱 避孕话题 性生活 高血压 作用 经期 性高潮 糖尿病 怀孕 缩阴 保健 蛋白质 避孕方法 做爱 夫妻 美腿瘦腿 素食营养 疾病 皮肤过敏 避孕 节气养生 柠檬 高潮 乳房 按摩 避孕措施 功效与作用 老年人 玉米 阴道松弛 男性 阴道 香菇 西瓜 情感心绪 日常保健 木瓜 补肾 痛经 辣椒 妇科病 胶原蛋白 葡萄 妇科疾病 女性 羽绒服 莎娜琳 阴道炎 感冒 误区 乳腺癌 刺激 橘子 健康生活 爱情 南瓜 山药 大蒜 黄瓜 黄豆 罩杯 糖尿病人 伴侣 苦瓜 性欲 节气 卫生间 咳嗽 土豆 症状 枸杞 菠菜 地理标志 牛肉 桃子 韭菜 鱼 白菜 豆浆 男人 花生 鍔熸晥 避孕套 激情 失眠 丰满女人 柚子 恋爱小说 蘑菇 洋葱 子宫 鍏荤敓 猕猴桃 必须

必须 不同 陈学军 成为 冲突 传统 单身女性 得到 对方 发现 发展 方面 分娩 夫妇 夫妻 父母 父亲 改变 感到 感觉 感情 高昌 孩子 婚外情 婚姻关系 婚姻家庭 角色 结婚 进行 决定 开始 快乐 来自 离婚 母亲 男女 男人 男性 女人 女士 配偶 朋友 妻子 青春期 情感 认为 如果 如何 射精 甚至 生活 时候 时间 事情 事实 双方 虽然 她们 外遇 无法 希望 喜欢 现在 小孩 心理 行为 性别角色 性交 许多 选择 压力 一起 一切 一些 一样 一直 影响 再婚 丈夫 赵德发 照顾 这个 这些 真正 知道 只是 治疗 重要 周雪冰 自慰 自我 子女 做爱


^ Exton MS, Krüger TH, Koch M; 等. Coitus-induced orgasm stimulates prolactin secretion in subjects. Psychoneuroendocrinology. 2001-04, 26 (3): 287–94. PMID 11166491. doi:10.1016/S0306-4530(00)00053-6.

除了担心自己是否真的很喜欢性欲,是否“坏”之外,很多女性担心享受性行为是正确的。 他们担心他们的外表,嗅觉和味道。 他们担心,大腿上方的橘皮组织或腹部脂肪的轻微隆起可能没有吸引力地颤抖。 他们担心被“清理干净”。 他们担心达到高潮需要多长时间,他们需要多少时间抚摸,舔,爱抚帮助他们飞越高山。 所有这些想法都把他们从爱情中解脱出来。 为了帮助她留在身体的快乐中,用语言和声音告诉她,看着你崇拜她,爱用舌头吞噬她,你可以永远抚摸她,这是一个让你高兴的快乐。 也就是说,因为如果你没有学会如何享受愉快的伴侣,很快你就不会有一个!

^ 12.0 12.1 12.2 12.3 12.4 Mah, K.; Binik, Y. M. The nature of human orgasm: a critical review of major trends. Clinical Psychology Review. 2001-08, 21 (6): 823–56. PMID 11497209. doi:10.1016/S0272-7358(00)00069-6.



阴蒂跟阴茎属同源器官。换句话说,它们都是从相同的胚胎结构发育而来[50][51]。虽然诸如杰弗里·米勒(英语:Geoffrey Miller (psychologist))、 海伦·费舍尔(英语:Helen Fisher)、梅雷迪思·斯莫尔(英语:Meredith_Small)以及莎拉·布莱弗·赫尔迪(英语:Sarah Blaffer Hrdy)般的研究者把阴蒂高潮视为“一种适应方式,对女性性行为和性的演化有着重要的影响”[8],但是也有一些研究者声称阴蒂只是痕迹器官的一种,并对阴蒂是一项适应特征的说法予以否定,抱有此一观点的研究者包括唐纳德·西蒙斯(英语:Donald Symons)和史蒂芬·古尔德[8][70]。但古尔德承认“女性大多数的高潮源于阴蒂,而不是源自身体其他部位”,并指出他所持有的想法——“阴蒂不是一项适应特征”,很多时候都会遭误解成“否定女性性高潮的适应价值,甚至错误解读成他在宣称‘女性性高潮根本毫无意义可言’”虽然他承认“阴蒂高潮在女性性行为及从中带来的愉悦感中扮演着一个关键的角色,但是这些有利的特征一般是十分容易了解,及能明确地反映该生物适应的方式;阴蒂高潮是一种适应方式还是只是适应的副产品(英语:Spandrel (biology))这一点仍存有争议,对适应问题感到烦恼的男性生物学家很多都简单地认为男方射入阴道的精子愈深,愈接近受精区域,就代表愈好。在达尔文主义的影响下,他们会把繁殖成功视为生物的最高要旨。”[70]

这对男人来说并不总是容易的。 他们可能已经内在化了一种无意识的条件,使他们接受那种女性不能做到善良和纯洁的相当厌恶女性的信念,也是一个梦幻般的爱好者。 如果他们相信这一点,他们就处于非常不幸的境地。 这种信仰体系不可避免地导致男性为伴侣,配偶和母亲选择一个女性,而选择一个女性作为伴侣或情妇的另一个伴侣。 通奸是对拥有这种信仰体系的人的唯一选择。 由此产生的欺骗和谎言力量将夫妻关系分开,很快就会结束,例如分手或离婚。 在这种情况下,这个人是错误的,解决方案确实与他谎言。 只有改变他的信念才能解决这个问题。

之前男朋友谈了七年,后来跟他做爱三年。说真的,当年爱他爱到感觉可以牺牲生命来爱他,虽然那么爱他却并没有喜欢与他做爱(我以为我是性冷淡)遇到第二个之前,我从来都不知道我到底有没有真正高潮过,以前闺蜜问我高潮过吗?我说我真的不知道,我并不知道高潮是什么感觉,我又如何知道我是否高潮。遇到第二个我才知道,原来我从未高潮过!第一次高潮真是感觉打开新世界的大门,爽翻都不能来形容高潮的感觉,舒服,通畅。分享第一次高潮的姿势是他坐在床边,我坐在他腿上,面对面,腿自然张开(并没有夹紧他 我一直觉得是摩擦到内部上侧才会高潮)高潮很快来,次次中。他总说我里面太小他感觉来的太快,我也以为前男友 size 不如他,才没有达到高潮。现在看来,应该是因为我对于性爱有了更多的幻想,沉浸于其中,用心体会。才会找到高潮的真谛,感觉真的很好希望可以帮助到姐妹们!

^ 80.0 80.1 Butt, DS. The sexual response as exercise. A brief review and theoretical proposal.. Sports medicine (Auckland, N.Z.). 1990-06, 9 (6): 330–43. PMID 2192423. doi:10.2165/00007256-199009060-00002.

^ Haake P, Exton MS, Haverkamp J, 等. Absence of orgasm-induced prolactin secretion in a healthy multi-orgasmic male subject. International Journal of Impotence Research. 2002-04, 14 (2): 133–5. PMID 11979330. doi:10.1038/sj.ijir.3900823.

并且 不管 不能 不想 不行 采访 超女 晨报 成都 出来 床上 大良 到了 的话 电话 短信 发现 感到 孩子 好像 回来 记者 江川 今天 开始 梅艳芳 那个 那些 男人 女人 女士 朋友 其实 旗袍 企业 起来 亲爱 如果 时候 时间 手机 蔬菜 虽然 她们 王惠玲 为什么 武夷山 现在 香港 想到 想起 小于 心里 阳痿 也是 也许 一点 一会儿 一下 一样 医院 忧郁症 有点 再说 怎么 怎么办 这个 这里 这些 之后 知道 只好 中国 主任 做爱

一项2008年进行的实证研究为弗洛伊德的论点“无法达至阴道高潮和性心理防卫机制有关”提供了支持证据。在研究中研究者访问了一群女性,要她们回答在过去一个月中从事了多少次性活动、性活动的种类,以及从中达至了多少次高潮,并要求她们填写一份与各种精神病理相关的辩护样式调查表(Defense Style Questionnaire,缩写DSQ-40),最终得出结论“阴道高潮与躯体化、解离现象、转移、自闭性幻想、影响隔离这些心理防卫机制呈负相关……阴道无性反应之女性的调查表得分跟临床精神病确诊组(抑郁症、社交焦虑症、恐慌症和强迫症)的相当。”在此一研究中阴道高潮(与阴蒂高潮相反)仅定为阴茎 – 阴道交所引起的高潮[147]。根据威廉·赖希的说法,女性阴道高潮的能力缺乏是使其高潮的性机能缺乏所致,他认为这是当地文化压抑生殖器之间的性行为的后果[148]。


由于前面姿势半蹲位使男性补充了体力,降低了生物电槽,所以再第3个姿势。后背位使用时候,有了充足的体力,有了发力点,阴茎以80%长度进 入。坚持这种姿势2分半-4分钟,女性生物电可能由于快速的猛烈撞击,获得阴道内高潮。2分半-4分钟后,男性有效体力基本用完,需要马上补充,生物电积 累大概再40%左右。————换女性坐立位,男性躺下,女性面对面坐与上面。男性的体力槽开始恢复————生物电槽开始增长,而且是高速增长。