“how to get a great orgasim -best blow job tricks”

This is the most common mistake I encounter: Don’t use so much saliva that it ruins all the friction on the clit. You want your tongue to move smoothly, but not slip around like its covered in vaseline. Also, compiling from experience and what me and my friends discuss after too many drinks; its safest to use circles (with your tongue) around the clit,while gently fingering if you’re with a new partner.

Please help me, i have a friend who has been married for four months now and all the while her and her husband makes love, she doesn’t get to her orgasm. What should she do? Please help as it is tearing her hubby apart.

You or a partner can stimulate your clitoris in a number of different ways — by rubbing, sucking, body pressure,  or using a vibrator. Although some women touch the glans of the clitoris to become aroused, for others it can be so sensitive that direct touching hurts, even with lubrication. Also, focusing directly on the clitoris for a long time may cause the sensations to disappear. Your clitoris can also be stimulated during sexual intercourse, most often with the woman on top — this happens when the clitoris is rubbed against the man’s pubic bone. It can also be achieved when the man is on top if the man positions himself high enough so that his pubic bone presses against his partner’s clitoral area. You or your partner can also stimulate your clitoris with fingers during intercourse to help bring you to orgasm.

But there are other possibilities, says Prof Frederick, including that women may take longer to become aroused than men, or that men desire orgasm more frequently than women. “So another question worth investigating is what percentage of women are happy with the frequency with which they orgasm,” he said.

And if you don’t warm her up, and penetrate her properly, it probably WILL take her 15 – 20 minutes to get off… and most men don’t know what the hell they’re doing when they’re in the bedroom, so either 1) the girl naturally has quick/easy orgasms, or 2) she’s putting on a performance to please her man’s ego.

If you do not orgasm during intercourse, it is not because you are not having a vaginal orgasm, but because like so many women, your clitoris does not get enough stimulation during intercourse. You need to godown a different path to solve that, and yes, you also need to solve the pain issues.

Just as important as it is for men, it’s also important for women to reach climax during lovemaking and experience the peak of pleasure. Even if a woman is adequately aroused, the onus is still on her partner to help her get there. And if you’ve got what it takes, then why stop at one. When it comes to the female orgasm, two are three are in fact better than one, and what better way is there to express your love, improve intimacy and boost that male ego! It’s not difficult to achieve it; here are few tips that can help you give her those epic orgasms that every man likes to think he can and every woman wishes her man could:

Whether you are thinking about having oral sex for the first time or just want some more information – read on for tips on how to have oral sex safely and pleasurably, and answers to some of the most common questions.

Kiss, show love, touch, caress, massage, look in her eyes and melt. Start when she’s dressed. Undress her slowly, lovingly, kiss her breasts and feel that it’s the most amazing thing you’ve ever done. It should be. If it’s not, she’ll know.

1) Please communicate. The advice I had doesn’t work on all girls, and there’s nothing but lovely fuzzy sexy orgasms to be had if you just check with your lady-friend about what they like. Do they like very gentle touching? Do they like more insistent touching? Do they like being teased for ages? Do they want your tongue on their clit? Just ask and incorporate (Please don’t have an actual conversation while eating her out, do it before sexytimes. If you don’t want to ruin the sexiness of it all, make it clear to her that she should tell you if she wants you to change anything you’re doing, and start on the gentler side.)

While she’s orgasming, keep the stimulation the same for the first four seconds, then reduce dramatically and continuously, but don’t stop unless she pushes your hand away or motions for you to do so, which means you just have to slow down sooner next time.

Published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, a team of US researchers analysed data collected through an online survey, hosted on the NBC News website, based on responses from more than 52,000 participants aged between 18 and 65 who were in a relationship with one person.

Give her the same type of orgasm multiple times. For example, you can give her multiple clitoral orgasms one after another. Keep in mind that when a woman has a clitoral orgasm, her clit will get so sensitive that if you keep touching it, it can start to hurt.

You said she feels like she has to pee? Good! That means you’re hitting the right spot. You just have to keep it up. Make sure she knows that this sensation is perfectly normal, and that she needs to relaxy down there, instead of tighten up – I know I get too tense to vaginally orgasm!

“如何让女性拥有高潮 如何给她口头好”

女人 爱情 表现 别人 不能 不同 不要 参与型 产生 成功 成为 得到 对方 对于 发现 发展 方面 夫妻 感到 感觉 感情 感性 个人 公司 关系 孩子 很多 婚姻 机会 即使 家庭 减肥 健康 结果 具有 开始 快乐 了解 理财 恋爱 每天 美国 美丽 魅力 纳赛尔 男人 男性 男友 能力 女人传感器 女性 朋友 苹果 婆婆 妻子 其实 情感 情绪 认为 任何 容易 如果 身体 甚至 生活 时候 时间 世界 事情 是否 她们 投资 往往 为了 温柔 希望 喜欢 现在 心理 幸福 幸福的女人 性爱 性格 也是 也许 一定 一起 一些 一样 应该 约翰逊 丈夫 这个 这些 知道 直觉 只是 只要 重要 追求 自我

必须 不同 陈学军 成为 冲突 传统 单身女性 得到 对方 发现 发展 方面 分娩 夫妇 夫妻 父母 父亲 改变 感到 感觉 感情 高昌 孩子 婚外情 婚姻关系 婚姻家庭 角色 结婚 进行 决定 开始 快乐 来自 离婚 母亲 男女 男人 男性 女人 女士 配偶 朋友 妻子 青春期 情感 认为 如果 如何 射精 甚至 生活 时候 时间 事情 事实 双方 虽然 她们 外遇 无法 希望 喜欢 现在 小孩 心理 行为 性别角色 性交 许多 选择 压力 一起 一切 一些 一样 一直 影响 再婚 丈夫 赵德发 照顾 这个 这些 真正 知道 只是 治疗 重要 周雪冰 自慰 自我 子女 做爱


对于怎样达到性高潮,我更倾向于分享发现达到性高潮方法的方法,那就是多和不同的男人做爱,让他们在和你互动的过程中帮你开发,教你开发。当你选择了一个经验丰富的性伴侣的时候,对方可以在一次性爱中给你全新的体验。这种比一对一教学要效率的多。而且有很多大家都说好的经验并不适合每个人,有些人就是乳头不敏感,有些人就是阴蒂会疼,那怎么办呢?所以这是一个很个人化的事情,我们看完这本书是要让自己更 high 的,不是学了一千种方法去在趴踢上展示知识的渊博的。当你在这个男人身上学了一个姿势,那个男人身上学了一个苏格兰情调,最后攒起来幸福的是自己。

  然后我们转移战场到了床上。正好来了个电话,她就爬起来去接,正好摆出了传统的小狗姿势,我就从后面又把手指插进去了,还是在那个位置,只用了几下, 她就受不了了,腿又开始抖。可是电话里面还不能让朋友听出来,我看着她享受着快感的冲击,还要努力保持自己的声音不变,脸上露出古怪的表情,开心死我了。 她终于受不了了,匆匆挂了电话开始呻吟。我继续用我最大的力量,最高的频率刺激G点。更加明显的,她的阴道开始收缩,肌肉向我的手指压过来,我开始活动困 难了。这时我也不知道是为什么,可能是看A片多了,我一边继续不停的刺激,一边开始数数。1,2,3,4,5。。。然后猛地把手指抽了出来。And, guess what? She squirt!!!!天哪,她喷了!!一股乳白色的液体像小瀑布一样,“哗”得喷了出来。她倒在了床上,开始没有规律的抽搐,四肢僵硬。。。。。。持续了 大概半分钟,半分钟以后,我再轻轻的压她的小腹,又会引发几下抽搐。太爽了!

两性养生:揭秘让男人最销魂的3种女人味(组图)[提要] 导语:女人给予男人身体的气味,是身体固有的带一点甜的奶香,奶香的程度和人体的热度有关,当男人躺在女人怀里,能嗅到更浓一点的味道,这种味道带有男人熟悉的母亲的气味,让很多男人忘情和缠绵。一个女人,其女人味注定有独有的感觉或特色,或淡或浓,或热烈或优雅,有些女人的女人味道大多数男人可以欣赏,这种女人有很强的杀伤力。男人嗅到女人的体味,会兴奋,晕眩。

许多男女网友热议女人阴部被舔的感觉,引起了快乐田园的好奇和关注,下面引用部分网友的对话: 每次来这里看到大家说下体被舔的感觉是怎么的好,说的那么详细,看的我下面都湿润了,感觉出了好多的水,我也好想有人给我舔下面,好想尝尝那是一种什么样的感觉?叫你老公或男朋友给你舔啊,我经常给老婆舔,她好兴奋啊,水水特别多啊,好好享受吧,这是你的权利啊!我也好想试试,可是男朋友却不愿意为我舔。我想舔 ,我朋友不让我舔 ,是不是让我女朋友来这论坛啊 ?滋味一定是不错的哟,我每次给女人舔的时候,她都兴奋得不得了,周身扭动,叫声不断,呵呵。呵呵。说的我都受不了了啊,有谁要我帮忙吗?呵呵 !反差真大 ! 女的想被舔 ,男的不给舔 ,男的想舔, 女的不让舔 ,郁闷 !多数男人不喜欢给女人口交的原因都是认为女性的私处不干净。要打消男人这个疑虑。第一,需要你的私处真的干净,没异味,没炎症。第二,就是对男友的辅导和引导了,一是可以多看点片片,先从心理上接受。再是口头告诉他,自己真的想试试或是想要这种感觉。还有一点,你也必须心甘情愿的帮他口交。现在ml都没意思了 ,一点激情都没有,每次都是跟走程序似的。我也是啊,女友不喜欢,我很想舔舔看!你从来都没舔过吗?却是很爽的!你男朋友不为你舔,这说明他不是真心爱你嘛!是的,我没有被舔过 。KF是相互的,你得先去打动他。我女朋友就是先打动我的。我经常给她舔penshui做之前可以让你老公给你舔呀 ,我就每次给我老婆舔, 很爽 !我也好想让老公添我下边啊,可是他不肯。唉,差距这么大呀,我喜欢给人舔,但人家不肯舔我。我只想说, 被舔真的很爽。想,就大胆说出你的需求啊,性爱是两个人之间的交流,如果连自己的需求都不好意思提出来,怎么能够提高呢?一种观念,一种疑虑,相互引导,祝幸福一生!我也想试试被添的感觉,真的很舒服吗?叫你老公或男朋友给你舔啊,我经常给女友舔,她好兴奋啊,水水特别多啊,好好享受吧!老公不肯,可以找网友啊,我给网友舔过,她们很喜欢,很舒服!结婚N年了,映象中好象老公给我舔过两次,第一次是我非常想要了,我就跨在他的头上,他看我非常兴奋了也就免为奇难地完成了我N年的心愿,第二次是他喝了酒又有一些醉了和有一些兴奋也那样了,这种感觉真的舒服.我天天都在想怎样又才能创造这种机会呢?


^ Exton MS, Krüger TH, Koch M; 等. Coitus-induced orgasm stimulates prolactin secretion in healthy subjects. Psychoneuroendocrinology. 2001-04, 26 (3): 287–94. PMID 11166491. doi:10.1016/S0306-4530(00)00053-6.


诸如伊丽莎白·劳埃德般的适应假设反对者则指出女性相对较难以阴道交的方式来达至高潮,“女性高潮会使繁殖能力增加”此一论点的证据亦十分有限,女性达至高潮的能力和她将更乐于从事性交的可能性之间亦缺乏统计学上的关系[47][139]。加拿大性学家梅雷迪思·奇弗斯(英语:Meredith Chivers)认为“劳埃德绝不是反对进化心理学,恰恰相反,在她所用的思考方法和著述当中,处处都流露出应在人类行为研究中谨慎地应用进化理论的诺言及主张……劳埃德有把每个假说的理论和经验基础都认真考虑一遍,但最终结论依然是没有证据支持‘女性性高潮是一种适应方式’……劳埃德反把女性性高潮视为个体发育时的残留事物,认为女性有高潮的原因在于——男性泌尿生殖系统中与高潮有关的神经在天择此一现象下获得优势,其后在女性中,这种发育‘蓝图’以一种不影响身体健康的方式表达出来,正如男性拥有跟身体健康无关的乳头一样。”[139]

在夫妻俩进行两性生活时,男人除了在乎自己的性感觉之外,往往更加注意的是自己女人的性爱感受.因为男人认为女人的性高潮就预示着自己在性方面的成功,如果女人没有性高潮的话,男人就会怀疑,是不是自己不行.那么,今天就让小编来告诉你,到底女人快要性高潮的时候都有哪些表现呢? 抓闹哭喊 预示性高潮 一些女人尖叫着,长长的指甲留下痕迹在你的后背,抓你的头发,哭喊着,以一种前所未有的方式告诉你她在性爱的最高潮. 不知你是否感觉得到她yin道的肌肉有些紧缩?如果有的话,那就太好了.你的性伴侣正享受着偷情做爱才会有


性交在两性生活里,的确是享受的.幸福的,性高潮的来临对于男人来说是很容易的,但是对于女性来说,往往就不那么有效了.想满足女人,要给她性高潮,男性在性交时可能刺激不到女性最敏感的阴蒂,或者可能刺激不到让女性达到高潮的G点(阴道前壁距阴道口2―3厘米处,受压力刺激后易产生性高潮的强烈快感区),这就大大降低了女性的性快感. 想满足女人就给她性高潮吧 性交对于生殖来讲,的确是有效行为;但对于女性的性满足来说,往往就不那么有效了.首先,男性在性交时可能刺激不到女性最敏感的阴蒂,或者可能刺激不到让女性达到高

其实很多夫妻在性爱的时候,女人都不能达到性高潮的,这虽然让男人满足了欲望,但是女人由于没有达到性高潮,长期下去就会让女人厌烦性爱生活,进而造成女人性冷淡的,那么如何让女人也达到性高潮呢?这些妙招可以让女人完美性高潮,让性爱达到双赢的效果. 1.内衣一定要精致 不要认为一丝不挂就是最好的性爱方式,其实不然,在床上的时候,有的时候也是需要一种修饰的.有位女子晚上,她早早就上床休息,以为值夜班的老公不会有”性”致,便没洗澡就上了床.更令她后悔的是当时竟穿着一条破了几个洞的内裤–当丈夫掌灯想




爱爱是两性之间表达爱意的最深刻的方式,但是有很多的夫妻男女朋友表示,由于爱人的性爱技巧问题,他们不能充分的从中获取快感,那么如何使两性在爱爱中找到快感,有哪些技巧可以供人们学习呢,以下是两性专家针对快速把女人带入高潮绝境的小技巧向大家做出简单的介绍,下面跟随小编一起来了解一下,希望能给大家带去帮助. 1.女士优先:在性行为中关注女性感受,让女性率先达到性高潮是基本原则.这不仅能保证女性得到更多高潮体验,还利于有心因性勃起障碍的男性获得有效的性刺激,达到充分的唤起.国外临爱情研究表明,率先达到高潮




^ Rosenbaum, TY. Pelvic floor involvement in male and female sexual dysfunction and the role of pelvic floor rehabilitation in treatment: a literature review.. The journal of sexual medicine. 2007-01, 4 (1): 4–13. PMID 17233772. doi:10.1111/j.1743-6109.2006.00393.x.


大家都知道爱爱是男女之间表达感情的一种直接的途径,在爱爱中男女都能够从中获得相应的快感,但是两性专家表示男女之间在爱爱时要掌握一定的技巧,使爱爱更能激发雌雄双方的爱欲,以下就是专家就女人用嘴达到性高潮的性爱绝技向大家做出的简单的介绍,下面跟随小编一起来了解一下,希望能给大家带去帮助. 两颗小豆豆 试着回想一下,当他百般爱抚你那饱满紧挺的双峰时,内心所激起排山倒海的爱欲狂潮,有他轻轻啃啮.挑弄,轻舔你那敏感乳头的欲仙欲死快感,何不也用同样的关注在他胸前的两颗小豆豆上. 耳朵与颈项 你可能不知道,对


^ Rod Plotnik; Haig Kouyoumdjian. Introduction to Psychology. Cengage Learning. 2010: 344. ISBN 0495903442. Inhibited female orgasm refers to a persistent or absence of orgasm after becoming aroused and excited. About 10% of women never reach orgasm…

在两性的世界里是丰富多彩的,因为有两性我们多了很多美好的东西,性高潮身在两性中的我们都渴望的,但这是在这方面来说,女性性高潮是比较难的,虽然有很多次的性爱经历却没有得到过性高潮,那么在这里我们就说一说女性性高潮的感受,和如何达到性高潮. 两性生理 :女人达到高潮时三个阶段的感受 性高潮,是指性刺激之后,身体与心理对于性愉悦的反应.通常会有射精.脸红.抽搐等生理表现.以下就是女人达到房事高潮时的三个阶段的感受. 高潮感受的模糊性和多变性也许就是女人难以把握高潮的原因吧. 高潮第一阶段:悬吊 飘浮


男女面对面站立着做,可能对于相当一部分人来说是很困难的姿势,但我觉得一旦掌握了技巧,也是非常受用的。这个姿势我记得在一个朋友的帖子里探讨过,当时我写过具体的要领,这里就再总结一下。 对面站立着做,我是从野战里学会的,后来引申到室内做同样爽,甚至在床上也可以用到。一般来说,这种姿势两个人身高差距不大要容易一些,但就算差距大一点,也可以通过垫高女方脚底来弥补,比如站在台阶上、大抱枕上等等,关键是要站得稳当,以免影响后面的动作甚至出现意外。基本姿势是:男方的两腿分开在女方的身体两侧,与她站在同一水平线上,双膝微微弯曲下蹲,男女双方都要向前送胯,以便阴部结合。由于上体后倾,为了保持身体平衡,女方双手抓紧男方的肩膀,或者一手抓他肩膀一手扶墙;而男方则双手抱住女人的髋部,或者腾出一手抚摸她乳房。

^ Kammerer-Doak, Dorothy; Rogers, Rebecca G. Female Sexual Function and Dysfunction. Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinics of North America. 2008-06, 35 (2): 169–183. PMID 18486835. doi:10.1016/j.ogc.2008.03.006. Most women report the inability to achieve orgasm with vaginal intercourse and require direct clitoral stimulation … About 20% have coital climaxes…

你知道男性一生中有多少个小时的性高潮吗?相信大多数人都未必知道这些知识,据最新消息报道称,男人一生只有16个小时的性高潮.接下来,我们就跟随专家一起去了解性方面的相关知识吧! 男人一生亟亟寻求的,不外乎钱.权和性,而钱和权很大程度上也是为了性,所以夸张的话,就可以说男人一生的最大追求是性. 可以说,只有性才能让男人真正有兴趣,也只有性才能调动起男人战斗欲与征服欲,真正激发男人的聪明才智,性得到了满足,男人会很开心,意气风发,如果性得不到满足,男人就会压抑.他日夜想着,只为了获得那一刻的欢愉,他为

性爱时如何爱抚对方?两性生活是夫妻生活中绝对不能够缺少的,因为性生活的和谐与否直接会影响到夫妻之间的感情,但是性爱的炽热期过了之后,人们总会感觉到枯燥乏味,所以这个时候你需要学会一些闺房的爱抚技巧. 一.男性对女性的爱抚技巧 男性对女性的爱抚,有以下数种方法. 1.手指+阴核型 这是以手指轻柔阴核的方法.秘诀是绝不可用力过猛,如果阴核没受到充份的剌激,就不会分泌润滑液,反而导致她的痛楚.阴核受到剌激时,她会飘飘欲死的现象.这就是女孩达到兴奋阶段的证据.千万不可一味地用力猛搓.您所要做的,只是继续


男性朋友们在一开始进行性生活的时候,往往都是比较积极和主动地,可是时间久了之后,有些男性就会对性生活产生一定的抗拒感,那么在男性如此抗拒性生活的时候,我们应该怎么做才能够创造男性的性高潮呢? 彻底了解他的生理时钟 知己知彼,才能百战不殆.若想帮他创造最难忘的5秒钟,我们就要对他有个彻底的了解.当然,了解也要分清楚,要了解什么.首先,我们要了解他的生理时钟,这需要我们花些时间,找出他忍耐的极限.要知道,每个男人都有自己的”个性”,一般当他暂时停止呼吸.冲刺的动作显得更为急促,并开始发出喊

“how to get woman orgasim how to have safe oral with a woman”

What’s the difference between a vaginal and clitoral orgasm? Is it only possible to have a vaginal orgasm during intercourse? If you can have a clitoral orgasm through other activity, but not intercourse, why is that? If your clitoris is stimulated during intercourse, will that give you a clitoral orgasm during sex? So how do you have a vaginal one? Can you have both at the same time?

To really make her explode with pleasure and to give her the grand finale that she is looking for, you want to perform oral sex on her. There is no better combination of sensations than your fingers stimulating the g-spot and your mouth on her clitoris. By doing this, you will make her orgasm in no time at all and best of all, you will make her climax that much stronger and powerful. She will be helpless under your stimulation and control and she won’t be able to help herself.More — http://tinyurl.com/pqqctq4

Don’t ignore your hands while going down on your girl—always keep them moving. A variety of textures and pressures is important since there’s only so much your tongue can do on its own. Since we’ve already established that it’s not your tongue’s job to do any penetration during oral sex, try saving this task for your fingers. While performing the above techniques on her clitoris, use your hands to either apply pressure to her inner thighs in a massaging motion, which also helps hold her legs apart, or use them to thrust a few fingers into the vagina, providing her with more complete stimulation.

A great lover is a very good thing to be. Your partner will be more giving, and you’ll have more confidence meeting a new woman knowing that you can make her come. Giving great oral sex is the key to being a great lover, so get out there and try out these 8 tips and techniques. She’ll be glad you did, and so will you!

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Oral sex is often a topic of much interest because so many women enjoy it greatly, and so many men are curious as to how to use oral sex to please their female partner. Although there is quite a bit of variation from woman to woman as to what they like and what their preferences are, there are some guidelines that a person can follow to maximize the oral sex experience for their partner.

But many couple wish the woman could come during intercourse. The good news is that there are easy, loving ways to boost women’s chance of orgasm during intercourse. The easiest ways involve the woman-on-top and rear entry (doggie) positions. Orgasm is more challenging in the man-on-top (missionary) position, but a minor adjustment makes it considerably more likely.

And if you’re feeling shy about it, the expert says a great way to build your sexual confidence and test the waters is by sexting your partner. Setting up a scenario via text like, “When you get home tonight (fill in the blank)” is a surefire way to fan the flames.

For reference, this seems to be a tl;dr of one chapter of “She Comes First”, aka “Cunnilingus for Dummies.” It’s fairly enlightening and, for lack of a better word, educational – basic technique, mindset, it goes over the basics and then some. If anything, it’ll give you ideas. Would recommend.

In one study, researchers worked with 36 women who could not have orgasms in the missionary position. Half the women were encouraged to masturbate to become more comfortable with their genitals and their sexual responsiveness, a standard approach in sex therapy. The others were taught the CAT. Based on diaries kept during the 21-day period after this training, the masturbation group reported a 27 percent increase in orgasms during missionary-position intercourse, while the CAT group reported twice the increase, 56 percent.

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I mean, we were all pretty ignorant as to how to get the job done at the time. So, to all those teenage guys and girls reading this thread, you can thank us "old" folk for inventing the Interwebs and giving you valuable educational resources like /r/sex! Personally, it's a very rare climax where I don't touch clitoris or have my partner rub it. And by rare, I mean I have to be insanely turned on and not have had sex in a month or so (I go on the road for work). Several years ago I was surprised to read a column in Bottom Line written by a sex therapist that suggested to focus on your own pleasure rather your partner's, which may sound selfish or evil but if you both are focusing on the partner's pleasure you're kind of distracted from your own so in the end no one gets off (heh). And now the grand finale! Once her whole body starts to tremble and you feel like she’s coming to the edge, place your mouth to cover her “hot spot” (the clitoris) and suck it gently while stimulating it with your tongue. That should make her come like never before! Once your partner has been satisfied, it’s your turn! Try it once, satisfaction guaranteed – yours AND hers! Push your tongue gently against the bottom of the ellipse, just above the perineum. Keeping light pressure against her, slowly run your tongue up to the top, making sure to stop before you reach the clitoris. Do the same from top to bottom, letting your tongue linger at the points, pushing against them with minimal pressure. Repeat, mixing in a few kisses, and a few more sucks on the sides of her lips. anonymous - I haven't been in that situation but I do know that orgasm is about letting it go and letting it happen, which I imagine is very difficult if you've never done it. I remember the first time I had an orgasm with someone other than myself I had to consciously relax and let it happen, as I was quite tense with the whole occasion... how to persuade your lady to do this, I don't know. She may like being touched in the butt. She may hate it. Ask her if you don't know. Or, if you have a good connection, try touching it, very gently, very carefully, while going down on her and notice how she reacts. If she pulls away or says no stop immediately. If she moans, keep doing it super gently, just from the outside, slowly and carefully. If she still enjoys it try inserting just a tiny tip of your finger inside. If she doesn't like it stop immediately. If she does keep going. Eventually you may have two fingers inside different parts of her. Some girls love it and can come like this. Some girls absolutely won't. This is the best advice for anything when it comes to pleasing a woman. The trick to making her orgasm? There is no trick. You're going to have to learn her body language and figure out what works and doesn't. Hopefully she will open up with you and communicate what she likes to make it easier over time. Do not fondle the genital area until she is ready (use lubricating gel, which you can buy in a drug store). You need to have patience. She may not get an orgasm until after 20 minutes or more. And sometimes it will not work, even if you do everything right. You need to love her anyway. Another way to increase the chances of orgasm during sex is to incorporate toys, like vibrators, into play. We-Vibe is a couple's vibrator that is designed to be worn while making love. It conforms to a woman's shape and provides dual stimulation of the clitoris and gspot while leaving room for the man to enter. Hands-free and with 9 modes of vibration, many women find this product to be the perfect way to achieve during intercourse. More info on: http://www.we-vibe.com The materials in this web site are in no way intended to replace the professional medical care, advice, diagnosis or treatment of a doctor. The web site does not have answers to all problems. Answers to specific problems may not apply to everyone. If you notice medical symptoms or feel ill, you should consult your doctor - for further information see our Terms and conditions. If I don’t orgasm within a few minutes, my fiance gets soft and falls asleep. He has implied that it’s too hard to do and takes too long. He loses “steam”. He has a window of opportunity to have sex or he loses interest and his erection. Pressure much? yes. I am a very affectionate and passionate woman and I’m attractive. He says I need more hair down there (no, I don’t shave the main stuff, just what creeps onto the legs). He also says I don’t have a smell…I’m “too clean”. I shower once a day and refuse to let my hygeine go. No fishy smells for me. 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“going down on a girl +how to have oral with a woman”

So in the first paragraph, you state that regardless of position, only about 25% of women can orgasm during intercourse. The rest of your article blithely ignores that and suggests helpful positions. Really? Yet more helpful advice from a dude about how to make their women orgasm with “real” sex. It makes me so thankful that I’m a lesbian.

One mistake many guys make time and time again is that they often assume oral sex is virtually the same thing as standard intercourse. DO NOT simply thrust your tongue in and out of the vagina as you would with your penis. The tongue does not provide enough friction and is not long or thick enough to make this pleasurable. In general, stick to areas that are easier to access—like the clitoris. The clitoris is a woman’s most sensitive erogenous zone and, when stimulated correctly, leads to mind-blowing orgasms. Tease her for a while by lightly circling it with your tongue. Then try taking it into your mouth and gently sucking on it while softly flicking your tongue over the area—almost like a French kiss.

If only. The majority of men have no idea and don’t care. If what they are doing is feeling good enough for you to gasp, breather a little harder or move into it-they just freaking assume you just orgasimed and stop and finish themselves off.

As sexual stimulation muscle tension increases throughout a woman’s body: this will be released at the moment of climax. Her rate of breathing increases, her blood pressure goes up, and her heart beats faster. As she becomes aroused, the man will also find his arousal mirroring hers. If he is aiming to manufacture her coming, he may have to control his own increasing arousal while she catches up with him.

Aside from using your hands and tongue, there are some tricks you can use to make oral sex even more exciting. For example, using mentholated mints or mouthwash before performing oral sex can heighten the pleasure. When your breath is fresh and tingly from a strong mint, your partner will feel the tingling sensation along her vaginal lips and clitoris. You could also try using warming or cooling lubricants or scented massage oils to arouse your girl and amp up the excitement.

First consider your quarry. Whether it be a night at The Beaumont or simply remembering to pay the bloody parking metre – do it. But if it’s too late for such niceties and you are mid-way through, suddenly realising your trajectories may no longer be in sync, what then?

While she’s orgasming, keep the stimulation the same for the first four seconds, then reduce dramatically and continuously, but don’t stop unless she pushes your hand away or motions for you to do so, which means you just have to slow down sooner next time.

Many women have trouble having orgasms, particularly women under 35 or so. In addition, many women who are orgasmic solo by hand or vibrator have problems getting there during couple sex. I suggest your friend and her husband check out the Info Library on my site, GreatSexAfter40.com. (It focuses on sex in the second half of life, but has tons of information for lovers of all ages.) The Info Library contains 100 articles, several of which relate to women’s orgasm difficulties and how men can help women have them. Articles can be purchased individually, or people can buy all of them (a much better deal). If the articles don’t provide sufficient relieve, then I’d suggest sex therapy. Your friend can find a therapist at the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists: aasect.org. Please tell your friend that her issue is quite common and that it CAN be resolved.

– The clitoris. The holy grail of the whole bunch, the clitoris is a tiny knob of flesh you find just below from the beginning of the vulvar slit. The clitoris is home to thousands of nerve receptors making it very sensitive to touch. There are lots of ways to stimulate the clitoris which elicit different responses for every girl. [Read: Clitoris stimulation – 10 sexy ways to please the clitoris]

DON’T slobber your whole mouth/face over my vulva. The worst is when men have beard stubbles and do this. It hurts and isn’t pleasurable in the least! Don’t suck my clit (although some women like this). Use the tip of your tongue and only use very little pressure at the beginning (maybe increase the pressure when she is properly aroused). The most common mistake is being too rough and putting too on much pressure.

For her, this really does everything to do with being comfortable, relaxed, and free of anxiety. Every woman has to learn to have orgasms at some point…some of us figured it out independently at a young age, others may have had hangups or negative experiences with sexuality that made them feel they shouldn’t explore it. She has some learning to do, but it’s nothing the rest of us haven’t done (and continue to do…amazing how we can always surprise ourselves). It will probably be easier, at least at first, for her to learn this on her own and probably in private in conjunction with whatever she does with you.

The unfortunate truth is that some people aren’t comfortable with words like clitoris, so for the purposes of this post I’ll refrain from the use of the word and call it “ringing her bell” after that ’70s song “Ring My Bell,” which I hope was referring to precisely what we’re talking about.

Fingering a girl into a satisfying climax may seem easy. Once you find yourself in the critical moment, you discover it can be as challenging as defusing a bomb with all red wires. And if you think gunning your fingers in like a jackhammer does the job, you’re very much mistaken. Here’s a guide on how to finger a girl for beginners.

Honestly, I think dudes (or all folks who go down on people with vaginas) are in a better position to give advice on this. I know what feels good on me, but I can only give limited information on how to do that, y’know?

(1) Don’t expect her to have orgasms during intercourse. On TV and in movies and pornography, women always seem to have orgasms during intercourse. That’s much more fantasy than reality. In real sex, only about one-quarter of women are consistently orgasmic during intercourse. The old in-and-out can be great fun, but it brings only a minority of women to orgasm. Three-quarters of women need direct stimulation of the clitoris.

However, there are times when your woman will feel that she’s in the perfect position to get there, and that you’re doing things just right. You need to recognize when this happens, or ask her to tell you. You then need to not change what you’re doing and continue doing exactly the same thing for her.

Um, no offense, but you do know that most porn isn’t sex trafficking victims right? It’s a CHOICE to be a porn star. Those women CHOSE to exploit themselves whether in their own home or on a bogus set. Yes there are some who are forced into it, but they’re not porn stars, sex trafficking is the dirtiest kind of prostitution, not porn.

About 10% of women have never had an orgasm — either with a partner or during masturbation. And quite a few of them have found their way into my therapy practice. That’s when I tell these women the good news: It is possible to learn to be orgasmic.

Advice from a guy, thank you! Will remember this for the future, though I’ve finally got my guy to understand don’t stop means do exactly as I’m saying, if I mean faster/slower/harder/gentler I’ll say faster/slower/harder/gentler.

Back in the late ‘80s, the CAT made headlines, but it proved to be just a blip on America’s sexual radar. By the 1990’s, it was largely forgotten. But quietly, research has continued, and most results affirm the CAT’s benefit.

It is at this point that the G-spot changes in texture from rough to smooth, a change which some people believe is caused by swelling of part of the clitoris, causing it to lie more closely on top of the vaginal wall.

If she isn’t a fan of the whirlwind technique and favors gentle care, just lick. That’s right. If you get a little antsy or bored, maybe try to spell out different letters of the alphabet to change things up a bit. But otherwise, it’s pure and simple: Just lick until she finishes.

Try a variety of sex positionswhere your clitoris might be further stimulated. For example, the woman-on-top position has more potential for clitoral stimulation than the missionary position. On top, you can have more control over the amount of stimulation, rhythm, and pacing. You can move your hips to reach his pubic bone, or he can change the angle of his hips. He can also enter you from behind and reach around to caress your clitoris. If you like deep penetration and pressure on your cervix, then choose positions that make this more possible. Get creative! Certain sex positions may feel more exciting to you than others, and this may differ each time you have sex.

Kiss, show love, touch, caress, massage, look in her eyes and melt. Start when she’s dressed. Undress her slowly, lovingly, kiss her breasts and feel that it’s the most amazing thing you’ve ever done. It should be. If it’s not, she’ll know.

Do not pretend to f*** her with your tongue when you’re going down on her. Look at your tongue and then look at your penis. Do they look like they could be good substitutes for each other? Probably not. It’s fine if you want to explore the opening a little during oral, but try to avoid straight up tongue f****ng – I’ve never met a woman who enjoyed that!

Once you are doing that trick with your tongue. DO NOT STOP. In some cases, you will have to use you fingers to spread her “lips” to find her clit. And some girls like it if you finger them at the same time when you play with them with your tongue but I suggest you only do that once you feel them getting wet (around the hole of their vagina.)

When you’re with a partner and you feel like the big O just isn’t going to happen, don’t resort to faking it. First of all, if he finds out, he’ll be really hurt. Second of all, that’s not going to help you in the future – if a guy thinks he’s doing the right thing (but he’s actually not), he’s just going to do it again. Instead, instruct him on what to do. Believe it or not, guys love the advice.

“[Going down on a woman] is awesome. Especially when the sexual, physical and spiritual connection is there, it’s like two bodies connecting and expanding into a universe of sensation. It’s just all around awesome.” — Alan*, 33

All of these contractions are accompanied by a great sensation of pleasure and, in some women, the emission of a small amount of fluid from the vagina – a sort of female ejaculation, a process captured on video many times, and is a real phenomenon.

“如何给予阴毛 +如何给她口腔好”



及后的研究一般都是再度证实了金赛对于女性性高潮的发现,比如麦斯特与强生就着女性性反应周期所进行的生理学研究,以及雪儿·海特的性社会学研究[59][68][71][72]。麦斯特与强生的研究发表于第二波女性主义运动起始之时,并对一些女性主义者起了一定的启发,例如《阴道高潮的迷思(英语:The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm)》的著者安妮·科德(英语:Anne Koedt),她在书中指出阴蒂和阴道高潮的区分是“一种错误”,并认为“生物学上的女性”还没剖析得彻底[73]。

金赛报告是人类史上第一份全国性的性行为调查报告[37]。该份报告的主编阿尔弗雷德·金赛是第一位强烈地批评弗洛伊德就着女性性取向和性高潮所提出的观点的研究者——他的批评基于自身对成千上万名女性所进行的访谈[37],他在当中发现他调查的大多数女性都不能通过刺激阴道来达至高潮[68]。他“对弗洛伊德和其他理论家展开了批评,认为他们不应将男性的性构造投射至女性的身上”,并“认为阴蒂才是性反应的核心”,还指出“阴道对于性满足而言,相对不重要……只有少部分女性在自慰时会把手指或物件插入阴道。”他“最后得出结论,插入阴道时女方的满足感主要是心理作用,或只是传导异感(referred sensation)此一现象所引起的结果。”[68]



罗格斯大学在2011年发表了一项研究,当中测量了当女性生殖器受到刺激时,她们大脑感觉区会出现的变化[16];是项研究给予了G点独立存在的支持证据。该研究要求一些女性在功能性磁共振成像机中对自己进行性刺激:研究小组因此发现在独立刺激阴蒂、子宫颈以及阴道(据称是G点)时,感觉皮质的活化区域各有不同,这意味著在分别刺激以上三个区域时,大脑所流露出来的感受会有所不同[16][52]。研究的负责人巴里·柯米沙鲁克(Barry Komisaruk)表示:“我认为大部分证据都在显示G点不是一样独特的事物……这不像说‘甲状腺是什么?’。G点更像是纽约市这样的地区,一样是由许多组织结合而成。”[25],意大利阿奎拉大学内分泌学教授埃马努埃莱·杨尼尼(Emmanuele Jannini)则在2012年3月的《性医学杂志》中发表一篇评论柯米沙鲁克的研究的文章,当中为“阴道和阴蒂高潮是激活大脑不同区域时所出现的现象”此一论点提供了证明,并指出此一现象可能在显示女性之间的心理差异[52]。

据研究者观察所得,女性更容易在排卵时达至高潮,这也暗示其与增加繁殖能力有关[137]。《精子战争(英语:Sperm Wars)》一书的著者罗宾·贝克(Robin Baker)认为,高潮的频率和达至高潮所需的时间都是女性身体无意识的演化策略,使自身更容易从男性中获得精子,及更有效地保留它们。他认为在性交过程中,高潮就像一个分流按钮,该“按钮”会使宫颈成为一个天然过滤器:过滤病原体,以及容许精子进入[138]:40-44。在性交之前所达至的性高潮亦能加强过滤功能[138]:254-312。

^ 62.0 62.1 62.2 Rathus, Spencer A.; Nevid, Jeffrey S.; Fichner-Rathus, Lois; Herold, Edward S.; McKenzie, Sue Wicks. Human Sexuality In A World Of Diversity Second. New Jersey, USA: Pearson Education. 2005.

少女懵懂时期,很少达到高潮,但是体验过性的愉悦,无非是因为对对方有感情,所以我认为有感情基础很重要,性会变得美妙。后来为了高潮而高潮,时常也能达到,并且对象不重要,长短粗细不重要,只要前戏做的好,自己凭借幻想就能高潮。但是这件事就会慢慢变得猥琐起来,失去了那点微妙的美妙。直到找到目前这位小心眼先生,几乎我们每次都会同时到达高潮,前戏不多,感情满分,通往天堂的路很多,我选择真爱这一条。我高潮也是很费体力那种,阴道高潮,从点到面,全身轻飘飘的,古希腊人所说最接近神的时刻,所以没有尝过两次以上高潮的感觉,基本一次就已经娇无力了。当然自己 DIY 是不同的,只刺激阴蒂就可以达到,也可以反复两次以上,但过后只剩下无尽的空虚,并略带负罪感,所以已基本戒除。略带遗憾的说,和几任大小不一的做过无数尝试,从没到达潮吹,高潮会很湿,但并不会喷水。

人类性高潮从健康的效应上有着各式各样的探讨。在性事当中有许多生理学反应,包括由促乳素令其缓和放松的状态,如同在中枢神经系统之中的若干变化(像是当边缘系统的代谢活动没有增加变化的时候,大脑皮质的代谢活动在很大部分的区域也会跟着暂时降低)[7]。在种类繁杂的性功能障碍当中,高潮障碍(英语:Anorgasmia)(anorgasmia)是其中之一。这些效应除了影响了关于性高潮在生物学与进化的功能的理论[8][9]之外,也冲击到人们文化上看待性高潮的各种观点,比如在性生活满意度上抱持的信念,认为性高潮是重要或不重要,是不是很在意频次多少、质量程度多寡[10] 等等。


^ Graber, B; Rohrbaugh, JW; Newlin, DB; Varner, JL; Ellingson, RJ. EEG during masturbation and ejaculation. Archives of Sexual Behavior (Springer Netherlands). 1985-12, 14 (6): 491–503. PMID 4084049. doi:10.1007/BF01541750. …Examination of the literature shows little agreement among reported results of studies of EEG changes during orgasm.

《性医学杂志(英语:The Journal of Medicine)》于2011年7月发布一项史上首次利用功能性磁共振成像机去测量男女高潮时脑区有何变化的研究,该项研究的其中一项结论就是刺激乳头的感觉与刺激阴道、阴蒂和子宫颈的感觉,都是来自相同的脑区。罗格斯大学的研究员巴里·柯米沙鲁克(Barry Komisaruk)指出“四条主要神经把信号从女性的生殖器发送至她们的大脑……阴部神经用以连接阴蒂,骨盆神经负责携带来自阴道的信号,下腹神经负责把子宫颈和子宫连接,迷走神经则把大脑与子宫颈和子宫连接,且不经脊髓(使得一些女性即使脊髓受损,亦能达至高潮)。”柯米沙鲁克认为此一情况的可能原因在于催产素的释放。在分娩时,催产素亦会于体内分泌,引发子宫剧烈的收缩。刺激乳头亦会引起宫缩,然后在“大脑的生殖区”产生性方面的感觉。然而柯米沙鲁克指出,初步数据表明乳头神经可能直接跟大脑的相关区域联系,且当中没有与子宫有关的影响。他还承认研究中的男性受试者仍有相同的大脑激活反应[16]。


不论男女,皆可以透过诸如肛交般的性活动来刺激肛门及其周圉的神经末梢,以获得愉悦感。前列腺位于直肠旁边,故一些男性会以自行插入肛门的方式,去刺激前列腺,来达至高潮[3][15][18] 。比起男性前列腺较不发达的女性同源器官——斯基恩氏腺,则据信跟G点此一区域连接[22]。刺激前列腺可产生“更使人愉悦的”性高潮,一些男性认为由此一方式引起的高潮“更弥漫全身,更强更持久,并且比起仅由刺激阴茎引起的性高潮更为使人欢快[3][15]。”然而虽感觉不尽相同,但透过刺激阴茎引起的男性性高潮亦以前列腺为核心[23]。据Wibowo和Wassersug的说法,为刺激前列腺而设的性玩具可帮助男性实现多重性高潮[18]。假阴茎肛交(即女方佩戴捆绑式假阴茎后以此对男方的肛门进行刺激)亦能刺激男性前列腺。作为被插入的一方,不能只透过肛交达至高潮的男性亦十分普遍;“被插入的男性”的伴侣亦可能发生此一情况[24]。

爱情 拔河 伴侣 必须 不断 不能 不要 部分 才能 产生 成功 成为 的话 对方 对象 对于 发生 发展 方式 分手 父母 父亲 感到 感情 更加 关系 过去 孩子 很多 怀孕 婚姻 获得 即使 家人 家庭 交往 进行 精神 精子 竞争 具有 开始 离婚 恋爱 恋爱游戏 美国 母亲 男女 男人 男性 能力 年轻 女权运动 朋友 妻子 青春期 情况 人生 认为 如果 儒家 商业媒体 射精 身体 生活 时代 时候 时间 实力 世界 事情 是否 受到 虽然 所有 通过 同时 为了 无法 喜欢 现代女性 现在 享受 想法 消费 幸福 性爱 性欲 许多 选择 压力 一定 一起 一样 依然 遗传基因 以及 拥有 由于 欲望 约会 丈夫 这个 正在 支配 只有 中国 重要 最终

诸如伊丽莎白·劳埃德般的适应假设反对者则指出女性相对较难以阴道交的方式来达至高潮,“女性高潮会使繁殖能力增加”此一论点的证据亦十分有限,女性达至高潮的能力和她将更乐于从事性交的可能性之间亦缺乏统计学上的关系[47][139]。加拿大性学家梅雷迪思·奇弗斯(英语:Meredith Chivers)认为“劳埃德绝不是反对进化心理学,恰恰相反,在她所用的思考方法和著述当中,处处都流露出应在人类行为研究中谨慎地应用进化理论的诺言及主张……劳埃德有把每个假说的理论和经验基础都认真考虑一遍,但最终结论依然是没有证据支持‘女性性高潮是一种适应方式’……劳埃德反把女性性高潮视为个体发育时的残留事物,认为女性有高潮的原因在于——男性泌尿生殖系统中与高潮有关的神经在天择此一现象下获得优势,其后在女性中,这种发育‘蓝图’以一种不影响身体健康的方式表达出来,正如男性拥有跟身体健康无关的乳头一样。”[139]

【注3】脱氢表雄酮(dehydroepiandrosterone ,DHEA):是一中内源性的甾体激素,其主要由肾上腺分泌,同时也由性腺和大脑分泌。它是人体外周循环中的最常见的甾体激素。体内性黄金水平升高,可反馈性调节下丘脑垂体性腺轴的分泌功能,促使体内性激素增加,使体内雌雄激素水平升高,性功能增强。近年来,关于服用DHEA是否有益健康的争论一直未休。许多医药厂商称服用它有益长寿,一些专家也认为,适量服用DHEA不但有助于美容,而且能够延缓衰老。

不過跟是不是真愛沒啥關係吧 我認識很多男生 會聊到他們本身就很喜歡幫女生口交 而且可以口交很久 不過我認識的都是西方人 我只覺得除了是個人喜好以外 另外也比較不自私的人比較願意做這件事 女生都肯把你那東西放嘴裡了 你還在意什麼? 我一個西方男友以前也不願意幫女生口交 因為他的前女友們都沒幫他口交過 只有我有 所以他也願意嘗試 光是衝著他的一番心意 即使他技巧再不好 我都可以高潮 感覺還比一堆亂舔的男生強

在两性生活中,高潮,是男女性生活最想达到的一种状态.而男人射精就表示他的高潮到来,但是女人的高潮呢?现实是,很多女人并不能感受到赶超的感觉.那么,在爱爱的时候,男人怎样才可以让女人高潮呢? 一.提高下腹部位置 骨盆倾斜的角度会影响做爱时,男方抽送间撞击阴道壁的位置. 适当地调整你的体位,让他可以碰触到你身体正面阴道壁较上方的位置,达到体内高潮的机率也会提高.虽然每个女人的情况都不一样,背部垫枕头可以加强对上 阴道壁的刺激,如果一开始这个方法没有用,不妨尽量试验各种不同角度,所刺激到的部位也会不尽

^ 19.00 19.01 19.02 19.03 19.04 19.05 19.06 19.07 19.08 19.09 19.10 Dunn ME, Trost JE; Trost. Male multiple orgasms: a descriptive study. Archives of Sexual Behavior. 1989-10, 18 (5): 377–87. PMID 2818169. doi:10.1007/BF01541970.


一般来说,女性通过阴蒂刺激最容易达到性高潮。 阴蒂对各种触感极为敏感。 通常,阴蒂的头部,尖端,对于直接的压力过于敏感,所以将注意力集中在两侧。 触摸阴蒂周围,而不是正确的,至少直到她的兴奋程度增加。 你的手指皮肤组织几乎不像她的阴蒂周围的组织敏感。 但是,你的嘴和舌头的组织是一个几乎完美的灵敏度匹配。 除非你使用手指的技巧更高,否则用口腔刺激阴蒂是一种更安全的方法。 尝试不同的压力,冲程和速度。 问问她最喜欢哪一个。 做一个好的方法是尝试两个不同的方法,然后询问她是否更喜欢“a”或“b”。



抱怨 彼此 变化 表达 别人 不能 不同 不想 常常 吵架 冲突 到了 对方 鳄鱼 发生 发现 方式 愤怒 夫妻 感觉 感受 告诉 个人 孩子 海市蜃楼 很多 婚姻 记录 交流 结婚 觉察 开始 渴望 快乐 老公 了解 冷战 离婚 理解 刘易阳 满足 每天 美女与野兽 那个 男人 内心 能力 女人 妻子 期待 其实 亲密关系 情绪 如果 如何 如同 生活 生命 生气 时候 时间 思考与尝试 通过 痛苦 外遇 委屈 为了 为什么 无法 现在 想法 行为 幸福 性欲 也许 一次 一起 一切 一下 一直 抑郁症 意识 意味 应该 原本 怎么 丈夫 这个 这么 这些 真正 争吵 正念 之后 知道 只是 指责 状态 咨询 自慰 自我 做爱

其实国外更多做的还是阴唇整形术,根据整形外科医生的报告, 前来医院要求进行阴唇整形术的女性往往出于提高功能或审美的原因, 或两种原因都有。许多患者主诉过长的小阴唇会导致她们在运动时或长时间久坐时的疼痛,大概有2/3的女性是因为这一原因要求手术的。也有人指出小阴唇太长会导致性交插入过程中被卷入带来的疼痛。有些模特、舞蹈演员、演员需要穿泳衣等特别贴身的容易显现身体线条的服装,小阴唇过长时阴唇和中缝会“凸显”得一清二楚,当然会让她们感到难为情。另外,她们也会羞于面对自己的性伴侣。一般而言,80%以上的女性对手术结果感到满意。

“guide to cunnilingus |how to do oral on a guy”

Another vote for the vibrator. It’s not going to desensitize her unless she’s using it 24 hours a day for days on end. Even if she does feel a little desensitized at first, this will go away within a few hours, a day or two at the most. I would rather feel a little dull down there for a day than never have felt an orgasm in my life.

#9 Experiment with different finger movements. As mentioned, there are many ways to finger a woman. Finding the right type of stimulation sometimes requires you to try various techniques and movements to find out which one makes her moan louder.

Push your tongue gently against the bottom of the ellipse, just above the perineum. Keeping light pressure against her, slowly run your tongue up to the top, making sure to stop before you reach the clitoris. Do the same from top to bottom, letting your tongue linger at the points, pushing against them with minimal pressure. Repeat, mixing in a few kisses, and a few more sucks on the sides of her lips.

Published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, a team of US researchers analysed data collected through an online survey, hosted on the NBC News website, based on responses from more than 52,000 participants aged between 18 and 65 who were in a relationship with one person.

bullet vibes and the infamous pocket rocket are, imho, the best starter vibes out there. easy, convenient, and versatile. i eventually got fancier stuff–the even more infamous pearl vibes and the wand–but i don’t like them nearly as much, and i’m so glad i didn’t start with them, eek.

12. “Please don’t do the alphabet. We can tell when you’re doing that, and it’s really fucking weird, and awkward. Sometimes I feel like they’re trying to spell out something in code. Just weird. Don’t do it.” —April, 28

Variety is the spice of life and no more so than when it comes to romance and sex. During intercourse, change positions and mix things up to help make the sexual experience more pleasurable and successfully bring your woman to climax.

im not sure about this explaination, but i think its important for girls to know that the inside of their vagina, the hole,, the part where there cervix hangs down and connects does get simulateed seperatly from the clitoris. NOT only does it get simulated seperatly, but when engorgered with blood, ridges inside become more pronouce and provide a greater feeling for the penis. this provides great feeling and much different oragasmic feeling from the outside of the clitoris. NOT all women may experience, i had not until i was in my 30’s. For those that do, it is well worth it. I perfer this to a clitorial stimulation. SEX is quicker, faster, and this is one thing I cant give myself.

As mentioned above, with additional stimulation a woman will move from the plateau phase into orgasm.  It’s often the transition from the plateau phase to the orgasm which presents most difficulties for a woman when she is trying to have an orgasm.

When this tender technique gets a teensy bit repetitive/bland, that’s when you should amp things up a bit. Experiment with how much pressure she enjoys, without taking it too far. How do you know if you’ve taken it too far? She’ll have kneed your head out her sanctuary by then. But for the most part, slowly rev things up and see how she reacts via her moans and hip movements.

How to “train” your penis to stay hard and that are able to control when you will cum? It’s actually quite simple. All you have to do is train your PC (Pubococcygeus muscle) which you can do by doing kegel excercises. My favourite method is to masturbate and hold my orgasm for as long as I can. If you can masturbate for 30min without releasing your orgasm you will be able to perform in bed for about the same amount of time.

As we previously reported, the Girls creator underwent a total hysterectomy in an effort to end her longtime battle with endometriosis. While the decision to have her cervix and uterus removed was one she had to make for medical reasons, she’s still struggling with “a broken heart.”

The type of tension that helps women reach orgasm is muscle tension (myotonia). Many women have the mistaken impression that they should relax and “just lie there” because they’ve heard that relaxation during sex is important. But it turns out that muscle tension is often necessary for an orgasm. In my experience, the majority of women learn to have their first orgasm by incorporating a fair amount of leg, abdominal, and buttock tension.

The real value, though, is in the “touchable” videos that let you practice the techniques. They used thousands of images of each woman’s vagina to create incredibly realistic simulations that respond to the speed, pressure, location and rhythm of your fingers on a touchscreen device. As you follow the instructions and perform the techniques correctly, you’re rewarded with (again, pretty hot) audio feedback.

Now you need to get co-ordinated. Each time you kiss her neck, remove another item of her clothes. Not only is this an important time-saver in your 15-minute window, but it lets you combat any body-confidence issues. A study by the University of Cincinnati revealed that if your girl feels good when she’s naked, she’ll come sooner. “Compliment your partner on each part of her body as you undress it,” says psychotherapist Christine Webber. “Your approval will dramatically reduce her selfconsciousness.” And in just 180 seconds, you’ll have an animal on your hands.

Once you have found the right spot, women need repeated stimulation in the same area in order to reach orgasm. Remember that orgasm alone should not be the only focus of oral sex. Heightened arousal, lubrication, and pleasurable sensations are all important whether or not she reaches orgasm. Because good oral sex means spending a little time downstairs, make sure to find yourself a comfortable position that you can maintain for at least ten minutes. Don’t just lick for one minute then move on. If the position she prefers is too hard on your neck, try lifting her hips up by placing a pillow underneath them, or by having her on her side and resting your head on the inside of her thigh. Also, you do not have to tolerate being suffocated or having your head squeezed by her legs, so use your hands on the inside of her thighs to remind her if needed.

Also known as the Venus Mound, the soft patch of skin above the vulva is the key to orgasm for many women, as sucking, stroking and rubbing this region also massages the shaft of her inner clitoris. While you’re going down on her, use three fingers to gently press upward on the bottom section of her Venus Mound while using her hip movements and breath patterns to guide your rhythm.

What you should do on your way down, however, is gently kiss her chest, stomach, and inner thighs—throw in some light nibbles, too. Do this until you reach the final point of destination, and then slowly and softly dig in with your tongue. Also, the slower the better – the wait will kill her with anticipation.

Scientists put her in an MRI like a machine, studying her brain waves, and they were, in fact, identical to the overwhelming hurricane of brain activity that occurs during orgasm. She was having an orgasm just from thought.

Gently start to use your mouth on his penis or her vagina. Remember that oral sex is all about using both your tongue and your lips. If you are willing to explore the idea of the expansive nature of oral pleasure, then dive in with all parts of your mouth!

Communicate your likes and dislikes, experiment to see what feels best for both of you. And for some ideas of well-known positions that many women find ideal, read the best sex positions for women to have orgasms.

This one is particularly important for a few of reasons: (1) it has to do with giving a woman oral sex, (2) the advice comes directly from a female, and (3) that expert is an award-winner in her field named Dr. Jess O’Reilly, who dispensed this advice in a recent Reddit AMA.

The first time I vaginally orgasmed was last year, which is sad cause I’m 28. The pee feeling came. A secret: Pee BEFORE foreplay so in your mind, you know its not pee even if it feels like you might. In fact, it’s kinda hot, but you will see, it’s not pee. Also, I get pain with deep penetration so for me, the only angle I can come vaginally is if I ride on top, and kind of grind back and forth on my lover. You’ll then feel a gush, or flood. It’s totally different than a clitoral orgasm (which I’ve also learned how to squirt….again, let go of fears) which throws women off.

EDIT: Holy fuck, was NOT expecting this kind of response. Read through the comments and thought I’d summarize the additions etc. people had to make. (including edits to my original post). Thanks all you lovely people for your additional advice!

Some feminists reject the idea that men “give” women an orgasm. They claim that equality requires that each is responsible for their own orgasm. Other people see love making as a mutual activity of giving and taking.

Get hold of Kamasutra and surprise her with a new move. A woman’s body is a treasure trove of hidden pleasure points. And if our ancestors swore by the century-old sex guide, it could definitely show your lady love stars in the daylight!

Turns out, quite a lot. The reality is most women don’t reach orgasm — at least through sex alone — says Emily Morse.  sexologist, host of the Sex With Emily podcast and Hustler Hollywood Contributor. “Between 70-80% of women do not achieve orgasm from vaginal intercourse alone,” says Morse.

On a related note, back when I was a wee teenage boy, I thought it was all about getting the tongue as deep into her as possible — like licking the last of the pudding out of a jello pudding cup. I’d strain to get my tongue as far inside as I could — to the point where it actually hurt, and I’d practically asphyxiate myself. I was digging for gold not knowing that the treasure was right there, hidden just below the surface!

hey… actually im here to find out whats wrong with me : ))… well i can get clitoral orgasm about 10 times during one act, but cant get vaginal orgasm at all, but even reaching clitoral orgasm is hard for me without deep penetration… my partner cant have fingers on my clitoris everytime we do this, neither can i… what can i do? can you give me a good advice? maybe i dont know my vagina very well or dont know whats wrong….ufff

Appreciate her body for what it can and can’t do right now, and validate every bit of pleasure she feels. You have to make her comfortable. And, without getting into too much detail about “tricks” you should ensure the following:

I’m not interested so much in crazy sex tricks (I realize there has been a question on that) as much as I am in hearing from women who have been in a similar situation and got over it–ie, those who were sexually active for a while without ever having had an orgasm, until one day, everything changed. What did it take? How common is it, actually, for women to be unable to have an orgasm?

For best results, you’ll want to get her totally relaxed, comfortable, and in her body. Make sure she can lie back and let every muscle go. Set her up with a few pillows if she wants to be propped up for comfort, or get a better view if that’s what turns her on. If she’s a squirter, put down a sex blanket so that she can let go without worrying about leaving a wet spot on the sheets.

In fact, the worst thing a man can say to a woman is: ‘Haven’t you come yet?’ This is likely to make her feel extremely inadequate and will ruin any build-up of sexual pleasure and tension that might have been taking place.

“female orgasim techniques +best way to make a girl climax”

What’s the difference between a vaginal and clitoral orgasm? Is it only possible to have a vaginal orgasm during intercourse? If you can have a clitoral orgasm through other activity, but not intercourse, why is that? If your clitoris is stimulated during intercourse, will that give you a clitoral orgasm during sex? So how do you have a vaginal one? Can you have both at the same time?

A great lover is a very good thing to be. Your partner will be more giving, and you’ll have more confidence meeting a new woman knowing that you can make her come. Giving great oral sex is the key to being a great lover, so get out there and try out these 8 tips and techniques. She’ll be glad you did, and so will you!

According to statistics from sleep company Zeo, getting seven or more hours of sleep per night increases youthfulness and physical vigor, while a sleepless night reduces attractiveness by 4 percent and elevates a stress hormone called cortisol by 37 percent, leading more frustration, irritability and unhappiness. Sex is a great stress reducer and sleep aid, but the irony is that in order to really enjoy it, you need to be well rested. Setting the stage for sex means setting the stage for sleep, so don’t be ashamed to make sleep a priority for both you and your partner. Better sex will surely follow. (See some other ways to lay proper groundwork in 8 New Year’s Resolutions for the Best Sex Ever.)

By contrast, women who said that they had done these things during their last sexual encounter were about 20 per cent more likely to also tell the researchers that they “usually” or “always” orgasmed.

Wow. I’ve got news for you fella, I don’t know what planet you’re from, but on Earth anyone born with a vagina IS in FACT a girl/woman. Anyone who would tell you otherwise apparently failed Junior High School biology class or they value pseudo “political- correctness” over cold, hard facts. Also, “shutting down entire avenues of self-identity” isn’t damaging anyone any more than they’ve already been damaged by being born freaks who don’t even know whether or not they are male or female! And aside from that, nobody gives a shit whether or not sex workers are being sexually fulfilled through cunnilingus or anything else. And in case you were unaware, prostitution is stigmatized because it’s not only illegitimate but also illegal in most countries on Earth. God didn’t give us the gift of lovemaking so we could sell our asses on a street corner or to the highest bidder, but so that a man and women can express their love for each other. Also I doubt if you’re really that busy if you had enough time to write all that nonsense.

Women can have ten different kinds of orgasms, so while a man might think his penis is the most fun tool he has, he can probably challenge himself by learning the 9 other types of orgasms he can stimulate.

Finish her off – If you don’t know where the clit is, LEARN! While the entire area qualifies as an erogenous zone for a woman, pay special attention to her clit. Massage it with your tongue and pay attention to her verbal and non-verbal languages. Do whatever gets the best reaction!

All of these contractions are accompanied by a great sensation of pleasure and, in some women, the emission of a small amount of fluid from the vagina – a sort of female ejaculation, a process captured on video many times, and is a real phenomenon.

Sometimes you’re in the mood to get some action but don’t actually feel like having anything inside you. Whether you’re on your period, have a UTI or just plain aren’t in the mood for it, the good news is, there are plenty of other ways for you and your partner to get off together without having old-fashioned intercourse.

…consult a sex therapist. Sex therapists have an excellent track record helping couples in your situation. To find one near you, visit any of these organizations online: The American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists; the Society for Sex Therapy and Research, or the American Board of Sexology.

#1 Hygiene – His and hers. It’s no secret that there’s sometimes a smell down there. By design, the body has scent glands in the genitals just like in the armpits. Your balls have the same thing. But society has a lot more jokes about smelly pussy than about sweaty balls, so don’t be surprised if she feels somewhat self-conscious when you go down on her.

In contrast, the vaginal walls contain relatively few nerve endings. Only the lower third of the vagina has enough nerve endings to feel stimulation from a penis, finger, sex toy, or other penetrative object. This can make intense sexual stimulation, pleasure, and orgasm from vaginal-only penetration unlikely. In reality, the clitoris is perfectly placed. You might consider the clitoris to be “inaccessible” because in-and-out intercourse does not touch your button of joy. The challenge is for you and your partner to find and cultivate its potential.

The large disparities seen for women of different sexualities, the authors say, could at least in part be down to other women being more likely to take turns at inducing orgasms, and having a better understanding than men that female orgasms are not primarily associated with vaginal sex.

Sometimes encourage her to ‘boss’ your sex sessions. You can learn a lot by watching how she stimulates herself, or by really listening to her when she tells you she wants a particular sex position, or a particular caress.

You’re doing it wrong. You don’t want them to give advice here in this website, you want to LISTEN to their body and their moans, how they move, how they breathe. If you can learn to listen to what the body is telling you, you know what you’re doing is right.

However, I also feel an extremely strong, desperate need to get him to immediately start intercouse. The orgasms I have during intercouse after oral sex are very, very different from the orgasms I have during oral sex. They are some how warmer, more radiant, longer lasting, evoke greater feelings of love for my partner, and do not cause the intense, almost painful sensitivity caused by oral sex. As a result, I can have multiple orgasms during intercouse after oral sex.

12. “Please don’t do the alphabet. We can tell when you’re doing that, and it’s really fucking weird, and awkward. Sometimes I feel like they’re trying to spell out something in code. Just weird. Don’t do it.” —April, 28

Please, please, please…. buy her a vibrator… or get her a gift certificate for some place like Good Vibrations. It doesn’t have to be a mega-scary machine… they make small cute ones that are adjustable so she can get a speed she likes which won’t hurt or make her feel numb.

As sexual stimulation continues, muscle tension increases throughout a woman’s body: this will be released at the moment of climax. Her rate of breathing increases, her blood pressure goes up, and her heart beats faster. As she becomes aroused, the man will also find his arousal mirroring hers. If he is aiming to manufacture her coming, he may have to control his own increasing arousal while she catches up with him.

“I think part of it is getting some vicarious pleasure through my partner. Knowing that it’s hot for them turns me on, and eventually just the act itself turns me on. I like to imagine what it must feel like.” — Alec*, 24

If you’re in the right position, you can simultaneously caress her body with your hands while your tongue is busy. The breasts, inner thighs and backs of the knees are all erogenous zones, so stroking them will make her feel great.

Or let her get herself off on top! If she just follows her instincts, and she’s hot and horny enough, she’ll ride herself off into orgasm in just a couple of minutes, and you can get off simultaneously, or right after her, in the position you choose!

Let it hang completely loose and flick your tongue independently of any jaw tension. If you cramp up easily, you may have a lot of stored jaw tension that you need to release. To help open that up, check out tip #3 in my article 7 Stretches For Better Sex.

If you are already penetrating correctly, or she’s on top, then sucking, pulling, spanking her “sexy parts”, preferably a few of them simultaneously (ask her what she likes; I’m sure she’ll point you in the right direction), combined with some dirty talk, and she’ll be tightening up, gyrating and vibrating into orgasm in no time.

Start slow, start up top. Kiss her, slowly, then firmly – but like you have all the time in the world. Trail kisses from her mouth along her jaw to her ear, maybe take her earlobe in between your teeth. Make your way along her neck, kissing and licking at the sensitive spots – behind her ear, her pulse points, in between her collarbones. Move down slowly, take your time at her breasts, suck at her nipples, touch and caress her boobs. You can squeeze them (gently, unless she’s into otherwise) or gently bite her nipples if she’s into that stuff (but check first). Detour back up to her lips and kiss her, you want to get her aroused before you even get anywhere close to her lower lips.

Don’t forget that by taking a little time with foreplay, women can have an orgasm before the intercourse has even begun. This then takes some of the pressure off how long the man needs to last for because we’re already satisfied.

Push your tongue gently against the bottom of the ellipse, just above the perineum. Keeping light pressure against her, slowly run your tongue up to the top, making sure to stop before you reach the clitoris. Do the same from top to bottom, letting your tongue linger at the points, pushing against them with minimal Repeat, mixing in a few kisses, and a few more sucks on the sides of her lips.

Allow her to take the lead: If you really want her to get more epic orgasms, then don’t call all the shots. Allow her to take the lead as well and control the rhythm of things. Give her a chance when you have aroused her enough to get into the act. This will really help her be her best in bed and you should find the experience to be a lot more satisfying than you could possibly imagine.

I have been able to have that “pee” sensation before and have let go and “ejaculated” but it felt about as good as actually releasing pee (meaning it was DEFINITELY not an orgasm or orgasmic feeling. Just a neat little party trick that does nothing for me. I have heard some women don’t feel that great with them but I would really love for this “need to pee” sensation to be more then just feeling like I actually just DID pee and that was all.

Start with a long, slow lick from her opening up to her clit. Go exploring – you want to mix up small, light strokes made with the tip of your tongue with broader, flat strokes. Don’t just lick up all her wetness, move it around with your mouth – especially to her clitoris! Try thrusting in with your tongue, and/or get a finger inside and curl it upwards, crooking it towards yourself in a “come hither” motion (don’t try and get both fingers and tongue inside at the same time, I don’t think its possible. If you’re getting your fingers inside, play with her clitoris with your tongue). Lick at her clitoris, play with it (with your fingers and your tongue). Some girls like it if you suck on it. Some like it if you move the hood back and touch the bead (veryyyy lightly). Some like it if you just lick with varying amounts of pressure. Some are too sensitive to be touched there at all. You’ll figure it out. Establish a rhythm. Dive into her like you’ve never tasted something as good in your life. Thrust your fingers in and out, with the curl motion if you can manage but establish a rhythm. Listen to her cues – and if she says “don’t stop”, do not stop. Do exactly what you were doing – not faster, not slower. Don’t mix it up too much if she seems into it. After she has climaxed, kiss her thighs, her stomach, maybe try and draw out her pleasure a bit (I’ll lay off the clit though, it becomes too sensitive sometimes).

You can also use her hands to spread her labia, giving you better access. Or try pushing up the hood of the clitoris to let you reach the more sensitive part with your tongue (this is a move for later in the game, not right at the beginning).

I tested every trick and technique I learned on many different types of women.From young rich college co-eds to more mature and experienced women.From women who were shy and inexperienced to the erotically liberated freaks.I took note of the stuff that worked and dropped the shit that didnt and ended up with the list of 67 techniques that make women come.67 techniques that I used to be 100% positive my clients were satisfied every single time.”

“给女孩口腔的最佳方式 |女人可以拥有不同的高潮”


随着社会的不断进步,人们的思想观念也在不断的更新,拥有性福生活是每个现代男女梦寐以求的事情,但是专家提醒爱爱要讲求一定的方式方法,才能让对方充分的沐浴爱河,以下就是专家针对简单两妙招 延长女人的性爱快感向大家做出的简单的介绍,下面跟随小编一起来了解一下,希望能给大家的性福生活带去一定的帮助. 放松心情 很多女性获得比较满足的性高潮时间后,想要获得最大的性快乐,于是不切实际的追求更长的高潮时间.这种愿望虽然没有错,但是要做到这一点,就必须把其它事情全都抛开,但是难免会有一些杂念会影响到她们的注意力

对 婚后性高潮频率作用最重大的,莫过于婚前性活动中达到高潮是多还是少。我们调查的女性中,有大约36%婚前从来没有达到过高潮。不论是在自慰、性梦、亲昵、爱抚、婚前性交合中,还是在婚前同性性行为中,她们都从未有过这种经历。在这样的女人中,婚后第一年里无法达到性高潮的人占44%。那些即使婚前只有过次 数有限的性高潮的女人中,这一比例却只占19%。那些婚前至少经历过25次性高潮的女人中,这一比例只占13%。



阴蒂跟阴茎属同源器官。换句话说,它们都是从相同的胚胎结构发育而来[50][51]。虽然诸如杰弗里·米勒(英语:Geoffrey Miller (psychologist))、 海伦·费舍尔(英语:Helen Fisher)、梅雷迪思·斯莫尔(英语:Meredith_Small)以及莎拉·布莱弗·赫尔迪(英语:Sarah Blaffer Hrdy)般的研究者把阴蒂高潮视为“一种适应方式,对女性性行为和性的演化有着重要的影响”[8],但是也有一些研究者声称阴蒂只是痕迹器官的一种,并对阴蒂是一项适应特征的说法予以否定,抱有此一观点的研究者包括唐纳德·西蒙斯(英语:Donald (biology))这一点仍存有争议,对适应问题感到烦恼的男性生物学家很多都简单地认为男方射入阴道的精子愈深,愈接近受精区域,就代表愈好。在达尔文主义的影响下,他们会把繁殖成功视为生物的最高要旨。”[70]

首先要搞清楚话题讨论的对象。性高潮的机制相当复杂,难以精确描述,于是诞生了五彩斑斓的各种定义。随便举一例:性高潮是一种变化的,短暂的,伴随强烈快感的感觉,可以引起个体意识的变化。常常开始于自然的骨骼肌肉收缩,伴随子宫及肛门括约肌收缩进而导致肌肉强直。这种肌肉强直同时还伴随安宁和满足的感觉。(Meston, Levin, 2004. The Sexual Psychophysiology Laboratory)。


这个非常重要。 如果你的女人在责怪你,而且你也可能因为没有性高潮而责备自己,那么很有可能,甚至可能你都在错误的地方去解决问题。 请注意,一个不熟练的,自私的,或不敏感的男性爱人可能是一个真正的问题,至少是一个沉闷的无聊。 说一个女人对自己的性满足负责,并不意味着你回到了“砰砰砰砰的太太”的性行为方式,让她为自己谋生。 毕竟,一个情人越熟练和细心,他自己就越感到高兴,尽管你不能给她高潮,但你肯定能帮助她拥有一个,甚至是很多。 所以即使这不完全取决于你,也有一些事情可以帮助你。

麦斯特与强生的研究发现,男性在与伴侣进行性爱时,每位平均花约4分钟便达至高潮;但在同样情况之下,女性却要花10-20分钟才能达至高潮。相比下,女性以自慰达至高潮的时间就短很多:每位平均约花4分钟[5]。学者们指出:“许多伴侣都拘泥于‘只应以性交(阴道交)来达至高潮’此一无谓的想法上……以至‘前戏’此一用词都在暗示它只是一项‘事前准备’……因为女性在阴道交之中较难高潮的关系,所以她们更有可能会假装高潮。[5]”性爱顾问伊恩·克纳(英语:Ian Kerner)指出:“‘取悦女性的最好方式是插入阴茎’——这真是一项令人费解的迷思。”他随后以一项研究的结论作例证:“阴道交时,只有约25%的女性能达至高潮,但有81%的女性能在口交(舔阴)时达至高潮。”[78]

^ Brody S, Weiss P. Vaginal orgasm is associated with vaginal (not clitoral) sex education, focusing mental attention on vaginal sensations, intercourse duration, and a preference for a longer penis. The Journal of Sexual Medicine. 2010-08, 7 (8): 2774–81. PMID 19732304. doi:10.1111/j.1743-6109.2009.01469.x.

^ Cohen, Harvey D.; Rosen, Raymond C.; Goldstein, Leonide. Electroencephalographic laterality changes during human sexual orgasm. Archives of Sexual Behavior (Springer Netherlands). 1976-05, 5 (3): 189–99. PMID 952604. doi:10.1007/BF01541370. Left and right parietal EEGs were recorded while seven subjects experienced sexual climax through self-stimulation

^ 82.0 82.1 82.2 82.3 Herbenick, Debby; Fortenberry, J. Dennis. Exercise-induced orgasm and pleasure among women. Sexual and Relationship Therapy. 2012-03, 26 (4): 373–388. doi:10.1080/14681994.2011.647902.


在两性的世界里是丰富多彩的,因为有两性我们多了很多美好的东西,性高潮身在两性中的我们都渴望的,但这是在这方面来说,女性性高潮是比较难的,虽然有很多次的性爱经历却没有得到过性高潮,那么在这里我们就说一说女性性高潮的感受,和如何达到性高潮. 两性生理 :女人达到高潮时三个阶段的感受 性高潮,是指性刺激之后,身体与心理对于性愉悦的反应.通常会有射精.脸红.抽搐等生理表现.以下就是女人达到房事高潮时的三个阶段的感受. 高潮感受的模糊性和多变性也许就是女人难以把握高潮的原因吧. 高潮第一阶段:悬吊 飘浮

“最好的方式是让她下去 +最好的方式”



首先正常位插入(男上女下)约1分半钟后换位(这种姿势可以高速引导女性心理走向性交, 类似提速快的马达,但是男性获得生理电槽增长非常快,而且比较耗费体力)————换半蹲位(男上女下,男性半蹲在床上):这种姿势男性生物电槽会开始剧烈 减少,以免早泻,同时,半蹲状态可以恢复一些体力,但是这种姿势会降低女性生物电槽,所以只能持续1分左右,马上换位————后背式:这种姿势能够让女性 阴道以80%长度吸入阴茎,获得快感比较强烈,而且男性容易找到发力点,以女性臀部为支点,开始前后运动。

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  然后我们转移战场到了床上。正好来了个电话,她就爬起来去接,正好摆出了传统的小狗姿势,我就从后面又把手指插进去了,还是在那个位置,只用了几下, 她就受不了了,腿又开始抖。可是电话里面还不能让朋友听出来,我看着她享受着快感的冲击,还要努力保持自己的声音不变,脸上露出古怪的表情,开心死我了。 她终于受不了了,匆匆挂了电话开始呻吟。我继续用我最大的力量,最高的频率刺激G点。更加明显的,她的阴道开始收缩,肌肉向我的手指压过来,我开始活动困 难了。这时我也不知道是为什么,可能是看A片多了,我一边继续不停的刺激,一边开始数数。1,2,3,4,5。。。然后猛地把手指抽了出来。And, guess what? She squirt!!!!天哪,她喷了!!一股乳白色的液体像小瀑布一样,“哗”得喷了出来。她倒在了床上,开始没有规律的抽搐,四肢僵硬。。。。。。持续了 大概半分钟,半分钟以后,我再轻轻的压她的小腹,又会引发几下抽搐。太爽了!

身体最灵活的部位之一是嘴,不过只有懂得用嘴的女人才知道其中的滋味. 男人喜欢女人灵巧的嘴.有情趣的嘴,能说出音符的嘴,能与他们在感官沟通的嘴.有男人说,女人的嘴的灵巧程度可以表明这个女人有多少情趣.没有灵动的嘴的女人,没有灵性,而有灵动的嘴的女人,可以多打动男人一些. 很多女人不在意嘴的细节,不知道嘴会给异性什么样的感觉和刺激.有品位的男人,对嘴的要求总是苛刻的.建议女人可以学些广播学院播音系的练习操,来提高自己口舌的灵巧度.男人说,看着有一张灵巧的嘴的女人说话是幸福的,和这样的女人亲吻,更是一




虽然经验浅薄,但我根据以前看过的大量的耽美H文*,我会在他进来出去的时候,配合着他的节奏,故意扩张和缩紧相关肌肉。至于他进来的时候我是收缩还是扩张(“挤”)的我已经记得不是很清楚了。短消息君是渐渐发现有区别的,并且中途为了确认发生了什么事情还速度慢下来过。虽然他并没有评价,但从后来他开始狂加速的行为来看,我猜他应该是爽到了。虽然没有再跟短消息君有联系了,但从他开始,我就不再相信尺寸的重要性了,就算之前我还嫌弃过我另外一个男友直径不大 :)

“how to achieve female orgasam _giving wife oral”

It was once assumed that women didn’t have orgasms, or at least that they were very different from what men experienced. Thankfully, nowadays we know that women have all the equipment required to produce sexual pleasure – and that there’s nothing wrong with enjoying it. Still, most statistics estimate that about 30 percent of women have trouble achieving orgasm. 

Also she says that if the environment was right maybe it would be possible for her to achieve a female orgasm which I do agree to a certain extent but truthfully I believe something is wrong with her vagina. She loves me to death and says sex doesn’t really bother her but to me it does and the fact that I can’t give her an orgasm makes me feel like I am a total disgrace.

And when I say firm strokes, I mean firm. When you’re more than a few minutes into stimulating her, it’s nearly impossible to go too hard with a few fingers. Think about it: babies come out of there. It can handle a lot of stress. Some of the best orgasms I’ve given women were when I was giving it every ounce of strength I had.

Infections can be passed on through oral sex even if there are no obvious signs or symptoms of the infection (such as sores). You should definitely avoid having oral sex if either of you has sores around your mouth, vagina, penis or anus. These could be a sign of an infection, so get them checked out by a healthcare professional.

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A vaginal orgasm is a dissolving in a vague, dark generalized sensation like being swirled in a warm whirlpool. There are several different sorts of clitoral orgasms, and they are more powerful than the vaginal orgasm.Read more to know the difference between vaginal orgasm and clitoral orgasm at: http://bit.ly/1y0BoFm

Please bear in mind that – contrary to what many men think – sexual intercourse by itself is not likely to produce an orgasm. This is because intercourse alone is not very good at stimulating the woman’s clitoris.

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a vibrator is not the solution cause then your woman experience an clitoral orgasm and not an orgasm through intercourse. order the dvd program penetration orgasm mastery and learn the secrets of penetration orgasm without vibrators but through intercourse. 100% money back guaranteed if you are not satisfied.

Every pussy is different. Let me repeat : EVERY PUSSY IS DIFFERENT. One style of tongue or the same place on the pussy or place on the clit is no guarantee that an orgasm will occur for every woman. Our pussies are not coke machines where you put in a quarter and an orgasm falls out. You need to explore confidently, enthusiastically, and pay attention to her requests, breathing, noises etc. Asking is good when you aren’t finding your way.

Building arousal and experiencing multiple Os in one go is definitely about physical technique (don’t worry, we’ll get there), but first step is setting your thoughts and emotions straight. “Becoming a multiorgasmic woman is a mindset more than anything,” Rose says. (And avoid these 5 Common Libido-Crushers.)

Not only is the tongue the strongest muscle in the human body, but guys, you also have a lot more control over your tongue than you do over your penis, allowing you to apply direct pressure to specific parts of the vagina. It’s crucial to vary the pressure of your tongue once you finally move toward your target. Use a broad, flat tongue to fully cover the vagina—this will apply gentle titillating pressure and will help lube up the area with saliva. For more intense pressure of specific arousal spots, like the clitoris, use a firm pointed tongue to circle and flick.

If your wife has experienced orgasm, it’s unlikely that she wouldn’t know. Ask her to help you understand how she’s feeling about your sex life together. Encourage her to talk in detail about what feels good and what does not, and try to be a non-judgmental listener. Since most genital nerve endings are concentrated on the clitoris, women need direct or semi-direct clitoral stimulation in order to achieve orgasm. So, during intercourse, wise to provide clitoral stimulation as well.

Most women will not achieve orgasm through an ordinary genital sexual intercourse. And men often are tired after their orgasm. Because of this, it may be best to ensure that the woman has an orgasm before the man. She will still be excited afterwards, and will enjoy his orgasm.

We just like you doing something for us that feels good. The fact you want to do it is awesome. Some women don’t expect an orgasm but you’re going to have to assume we want you to try your hardest for as long as you can. 3 licks and 1 minute is pretty lame. I have kicked guys out of bed for that “are you ready?” after 30 seconds of pussy play. What a stupid question!

When you have found something that works well, keep on doing it! Take a break if you need one, but avoid stopping suddenly because it can be very frustrating for the woman. Ask if she wants you to use your fingers as well. If she says ‘yes’, make sure they are wet before you start moving them around on her clit or inside her.

You should take pleasure in feeling her body tense up, in hearing her moan, and even in her taste and smell. And why not? She’s getting hot, and it’s because of what you’re doing to her. That’s very sexy. [Read: 11 hot and easy ways for men to get way better in bed!]

Honestly Breve you are thinking way too hard about the situation at hand. Women that can cum vaginally are rare. It just isnt something that all women can due. Try having her stimulate her clit while you are pumping and she will eventually reach her climax. Another thing that is rare but can be achieved is for your women to have multiple orgasms. you simply repeat the process that i just explained. if you can beat my record i would love to hear about. My record is giving my gf 6 orgasms in one 45 minute- 1 hour session. with her playing with her clit each time of course. good luck!!

Some men won’t even give it at all, but even of those who do, it is often a quick formality before sex. This is the wrong way to approach going down on her. Get in there, get comfortable, and enjoy it.

Do not fondle the genital area until she is ready (use lubricating gel, which you can buy in a drug store). You need to have patience. She may not get an orgasm until after 20 minutes or more. And sometimes it will not work, even if you do everything right. You need to love her anyway.

Give your girl this style of multiples and you’ll notice they start happening much quicker. You can actually get to the point where one orgasm starts before the last is completely done. They start blending together and seem like one giant, never ending orgasm.

The best feeling in the world is when a guy takes his time down there and knows how to tease And eventually gets to the good part which is the fast flick of his tongue against a girl’s clit. Gosh… that feels so damn good And remember… if you can’t find her clit… you can just ask

We have to get a lot more going in our sex equation. “Adding in extra clitoral stimulation either with hands, mouth or toys can certainly help women climax while with a partner either while having intercourse or through foreplay,” says Morse. Oral sex is also a winner, so is nipple stimulation.  “Women’s brains process nipple and genital stimulation in the same region of the brain. So this can lead many women to experience nipple orgasms, as well,” says Morse.

And I have to add, I freaking hate vibrators and cold hard lifeless objects in general….I do not enjoy them, they seem too intense. And I’ve tried a few, including the Thunder Bunny which has adjustable speeds. … MUCH MUCH prefer the real thing.

(4) Use a lubricant. Wetter is better. In just seconds, lubricant makes women’s (and men’s) genitals more erotically sensitive, so it helps women have orgasms. In addition, for women experiencing post-menopausal vaginal dryness, sex may feel uncomfortable without a lubricant.

We already know that variety is the spice of life, and this couldn’t ring truer than when it comes to oral sex. In other words, always keep her guessing, and she’s likely to do you the same favor in return. “Different strokes may work better on different days. If you find something she likes, come back to it repeatedly, with pauses in between,” Janet Lieberman, CTO at Dame Products, says, “Much like the trick of making a pool feel warmer by getting out and getting back in, taking a quick break and coming back to it provides a boost in intensity. It also helps you avoid overstimulating a specific cluster of nerves.”

Maybe if you pulled that stick out of your ass and stopped trying to beat peoples freedom to post helpful information if they feel like it then maybe you might actually get people to listen to what you have to say, regardless of how biased or backwards your statements are.

Virginity is a social construct. Also the gspot is a lie. Penetration is painful for most women to some degree. Very delicate tissues. You should be critical of what society has brainwashed women into doing. Don’t let yourself be pressured into penetration. You don’t ever have to do it. In my opinion the risk are not worth the perceived pleasure.

Aside from using your hands and tongue, there are some tricks you can use to make oral sex even more exciting. For example, using mentholated mints or mouthwash before performing oral sex can heighten the pleasure. When your breath is fresh and tingly from a strong mint, your partner will feel the tingling sensation along her vaginal lips and clitoris. You could also try using warming or cooling lubricants or scented massage oils to arouse your girl and amp up the excitement.

Pleasing a woman is difficult according to most men! No one really knows what a woman wants or likes, do they? And what makes it complicated is what she wants once, she may not want the second time ar