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Do not fondle the genital area until she is ready (use lubricating gel, which you can buy in a drug store). You need to have patience. She may not get an orgasm until after 20 minutes or more. And sometimes it will not work, even if you do everything right. You need to love her anyway.

This is the most common mistake I encounter: Don’t use so much saliva that it ruins all the friction on the clit. You want your tongue to move smoothly, but not slip around like its covered in vaseline. Also, compiling from experience and what me and my friends discuss after too many drinks; its safest to use circles (with your tongue) around the clit,while gently fingering if you’re with a new partner.

“There’s a noticeable difference in the quality of sex if the order is rip off clothes and go down. I feel like women get so used to dudes just lying back and expecting head that it becomes routine and a little boring, despite it being inherently new and exciting.” — Martin

Clitoral orgasms are usually the easiest for women to achieve so whenever I’m edging multiple orgasms, I usually let her have a clitoral orgasm first. Remember, once she has that first orgasm, the next become MUCH easier and take a lot less time to achieve.

Even if you decide to give a man oral sex, it doesn’t mean that you have to let him ejaculate (or cum) in your mouth – the choice is yours. Of course, if he’s wearing a condom this won’t be such an issue, and it means you will both be protected against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). It’s also entirely up to you how long you continue for.

For almost all girls, foreplay is massively important. If you think you can spread her legs, stick it in and have her screaming in fifteen seconds, you’re wrong. That doesn’t depend on the girl. No woman can come like that.

Again, using your sense of touch, soak it all in. Feel it in every possible way you can and notice every sensation beneath your fingertips. Stroke around the whole area: include his/her belly and thighs here, too. Notice what is happening. Is your partner showing signs of pleasure through breath or movement? And importantly, what is it like for you to notice these things? Does it turn you on?

The real value, though, is in the “touchable” videos that let you practice the techniques. They used thousands of images of each woman’s vagina to create incredibly realistic simulations that respond to the speed, pressure, location and rhythm of your fingers on a touchscreen device. As you follow the instructions and perform the techniques correctly, you’re rewarded with (again, pretty hot) audio feedback.

The first time I vaginally orgasmed was last year, which is sad cause I’m 28. The pee feeling came. A secret: Pee BEFORE foreplay so in your mind, you know its not pee even if it feels like you might. In fact, it’s kinda hot, but you will see, it’s not pee. Also, I get pain with deep penetration so for me, the only angle I can come vaginally is if I ride on top, and kind of grind back and forth on my lover. You’ll then feel a gush, or flood. It’s totally different than a clitoral orgasm (which I’ve also learned how to squirt….again, let go of fears) which throws women off.

However other STIs such as herpes, gonorrhoea and syphilis can still be passed on through oral sex. And some infections caused by bacteria or viruses can be passed on through oral–anal sex, such as hepatitis A or E.coli.

You can bring her to the brink of orgasm and then stop touching her “orgasm zone” completely (so if you’re giving her a clitoral orgasm using your fingers, you would completely remove your hand and stop all contact with her clit while you stimulate her breasts or kiss her).

Sometimes I think I’m alone in this. I just don’t think it’s that fantastic. I like to be bodily manipulated instead. And fingering. I just don’t cum at all from oral. It’s nice but it’s just not that exciting ever.

While it’s certainly true there is a point where a woman may need this additional stimulation to reach orgasm, it has to be timed to perfection, otherwise a woman is likely to her climax slipping away from her.

The type of tension that helps women reach is muscle tension (myotonia). Many women have the mistaken impression that they should relax and “just lie there” because they’ve heard that relaxation during sex is important. But it turns out that muscle tension is often necessary for an orgasm. In my experience, the majority of women learn to have their first orgasm by incorporating a fair amount of leg, abdominal, and buttock tension.

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“the best way to make a woman climax |going down on wife”

It may be hidden, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stimulate it if you know what you’re doing. While still tonguing her clitoris, push one finger slowly into her vagina. Leave it until she seems comfortable. Add a second finger, but note that for some women this might be uncomfortable.

Alternatively, you can penetrate her with your fingers. If you’re going the penetration route, there are a couple of options. Insert your fingers all the way in and make a “come hither” motion to try and stimulate her G spot.

There’s only one rule about anal stimulation and it’s “No surprises!” If your woman is up for some experimenting, then use your pinky finger to LIGHTLY penetrate her anus. Make sure your hand is sideways and, just to be safe, keep fingering her vagina at the same time you slip it in.

Also she says that if the environment was right maybe it would be possible for her to achieve a female orgasm which I do agree to a certain extent but truthfully I believe something is wrong with her vagina. She loves me to death and says sex doesn’t really bother her but me it does and the fact that I can’t give her an orgasm makes me feel like I am a total disgrace.

And how does he find out what she wants and what turns her on? Well, a wise man will ask her. What he should not do is to assume that his technique is flawless and that if his partner does not come, it’s her fault.

The first step in learning to get an orgasm is that the woman learns to get an orgasm by masturbation. She can then teach her male partner how to do, and knows when it feels right and wrong. Listen to her, ask her what feels good and not good, try out the best technique together with her. So certainly she is responsible for telling her partner how to make her satisfied.

Today I’m going to give you a series of basic techniques designed to give your beloved woman the very best in erotic, physical pleasure. In my experience, the clitoris is the most consistent source of orgasm for the majority of women. There are other ways to bring a woman to orgasm, of course, but this is where I encourage you to start.

Let’s get this out of the way right off the bat: Health problems can get in the way of an orgasm. So, if something more than your sex life feels off, you should visit a doctor. In absence of a medical problem, however, a woman’s orgasms, or the lack of them, go way beyond what’s going on with her body. That means the main secret to a woman’s orgasms is that they’re as individual as the woman herself. Learning to bring yourself or your female partner to a climax, therefore, can be a learning process, where’s there’s always room for improvement. Here are three common things that can boost a woman’s orgasmic potential – and that couples tend to overlook. 

For almost all girls, foreplay is massively important. If you think you can spread her legs, stick it in and have her screaming in fifteen seconds, you’re wrong. That doesn’t depend on the girl. No woman can come like that.

For men and women alike, the act of giving oral sex can actually create sensations throughout her body that will enhance and increase feelings of sexual pleasure. Some women report that they get more aroused from giving oral sex, than from any other kind of foreplay activity.

#9 Experiment with different finger movements. As mentioned, there are many ways to finger a woman. Finding the right type of stimulation sometimes requires you to try various techniques and movements to find out which one makes her moan louder.

One of the best “you on top” positions to get a woman off is a missionary while putting pressure on the clitoris with the lower pelvis/area right above the base of your penis. Rub hard into it on the in- and out-stroke.

What people get off on sexually can vary as much as love songs on the radio. While some women may prefer to perform oral sex on the ladies they love, there are likely just as many who prefer to receive it. And while one can’t claim to know for sure why people get off on the things they do, here are some reasons a woman might prefer to giving over receiving:

Dang, I was readin the comments, and, realized im not gonna sound near as smart as the rest. All I got to say is, THANX GUYS! I always wondered if I was doin it right. My girl would lie to spare my feelins. Guess she AINT been fakin!! Hooray! I appreciate yall takin the time to write this!!

Now head back to her clit and edge her to the brink of orgasm with your favorite oral technique. Then return to g-spot stimulation but this time give it to her through penetration. Place her legs up over your shoulders and thrust back and forth. Because of the angle created by the pillow, you’ll be thrusting directly into her g-spot.

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Yet again, another question about intercourse and (female) orgasms. I am 25 and have been having intercourse for about 1 1/2 years and have never experienced even the remotest possibility of climaxing from intercourse. Intercourse does NOTHING for me. I’ve read the Hite Report, I know it claims that only 30% of women orgasm from intercourse alone; however, most women who say they don’t orgasm from intercourse say that they at least receive some arousal or stimulation or pleasure from the sensation–it just doesn’t lead them to orgasm. However, I have never received the SLIGHTEST sexual pleasure from intercourse–and it’s making me so unhappy and desperate that I feel I’m going insane.

From another perspective, the adage that the mind is the most important erogenous organ is totally true. Seduce her imagination, and let her little fantasies and scripts just start doing all that work for you. If she feels turned on and safe with you, she’ll probably start telling you how to get her off.

But remember to work gently at first! Just a flick of the tongue, or a chaste kiss in the beginning could intensify your partner’s sensations. And for your own benefit, remember to be present to taste, texture, smells, sensations. By now your partner is likely very aroused, and it is highly possible that you are, too. Once you have your mouth on your partner’s genitalia, just explore. Try different approaches such as varying pressure or speed of sucking or licking. Remain aware of his/her responses and use your intuition to keep the “conversation” ongoing.

“best way to make a woman climax +how to satisfy a woman”

At this point, your vacuum of a tongue might feel a little tired. It’s expected. Combat this by throwing in some side-to-side flicks instead of up-and-down ones, as they tend to be less strenuous on the muscle.

This one is particularly important for a few of reasons: (1) it has to do with giving a woman oral sex, (2) the advice comes directly from a female, and (3) that expert is an award-winner in her field named Dr. Jess O’Reilly, who dispensed this advice in a recent Reddit AMA.

Make sure your fingers are wet, and then, start by going down the side of the clitoris all the way into her vagina and then back out again. This common maneuver of the tongue can also work with fingers, as long as you keep the pressure light and the area very wet.

Some men won’t even give it at all, but even of those who do, it is often a quick formality before sex. This is the wrong way to approach going down on her. Get in there, get comfortable, and enjoy it.

#9 Experiment with different finger movements. As mentioned, there are many ways to finger a woman. Finding the right type of stimulation sometimes requires you to try various techniques and movements to find out which one makes her moan louder.

#3 Know how and where she likes to be touched. Girls who touch themselves would know the perfect formula on reaching an orgasm in the most enjoyable way they can. This is an important clue to understanding how to finger a girl that most people overlook!

In fact, let’s be real. There’s a huge number of us out there who can’t even reach an orgasm from penetration alone, not to mention the fact that there are also a ton of us who have partners who weren’t born with the equipment to have hetero sex. But all that doesn’t matter.

I didn’t orgasm in the presence of a partner (or maybe it was just during intercourse? not sure) until I was 19 years old. For me I needed someone I DIDN’T care about to remove that fear of loss causing me to care what he thought. Admittedly I felt comfortable with this person because he was very inexperienced (later he told me he lost his virginity to me which upset me because I had no idea and it certainly wasn’t “special”!), thus making me feel more confident that I wouldn’t be compared to someone else, or whatever. This one “step” made me feel more sexually confident in subsequent relationships. This person wasn’t just any stranger, I had known him for a few years and we were sort of kind of “dating” (if you want to call it that).

We’ll tell you what gives. While tons of people like to brag that they are gifted when it comes to pleasuring a woman with oral sex, they probably aren’t. And to make matters worse, a lot of us are too embarrassed to call the shots and guide someone when they are down there. Nope, we grin and bear it and most of the time even give the person a pat on the back for their efforts. Awkward.

Unless the clitoris is stimulated during sex, a woman is unlikely to climax during sexual intercourse. That is true whether she is stimulating herself or a man is trying to make her come during partnered sexual activity.

The right setting for an orgasm Description of orgasm problems Incidence of orgasm problems Causes of orgasm problems Treatment of orgasm problems Can a woman have multiple orgasms during intercourse? More articles about sexual disorders

According to sexologists at the Masters & Johnson Institute, cunnilingus is the most reliable route to orgasm for 80% of women. Lou Paget, author of The Big O (Piatkus), recommends the Kivin Method as the fastest way of getting there. “With one hand, pull up her clitoral hood,” he says. “Then lick from side to side across its base, just above her clitoris.” Place one finger of the other hand on her perineum (the area directly below the opening of her vagina). When you can feel her pre-orgasmic contractions, you’ll know you’re in the right place.

The first question you always ask is whether she is able to get an orgasm at all, for example by masturbation. If the answer to this question is no, she must first learn how to get an orgasm. If the answer is yes, you can investigate how to get an orgasm when making love.

You see, most males will ejaculate quite quickly if they have their penises rubbed. This applies even if the circumstances aren’t very romantic – or even if they don’t particularly like the person who’s doing the rubbing.

Woman-on-Top. The woman kneels over the man’s hips. The man makes a fist and places it at the junction of the lovers’ pelvises. The woman leans forward, presses her clitoris against the fist and moves in any way that erotically excites her. Or the woman or man presses a vibrator into her clitoris.

“In a long-term relationship, the sight of your dad bod, which she has seen literally thousands of times, is not going to be enough foreplay to make penetration enjoyable. Cunnilingus goes a long way in bridging the gap between a man’s ‘instant on’ and woman’s need to gradually build up to sex.” — Christian*, 26

This might sound weird, but I love the feeling of my spouse’s beard on my vaginal opening while he’s going to town on my clit. He’ll even press his chin hard against it because he knows it drives me wild. It just feels sooooooo good to me.

I can only remember one time having an orgasm from intercouse alone. When my partner brings me to orgasm by orally stimulating my clitoris, I usually have an orgasm that is very strong, does not last long, and causes such sensitivity that I cannot have him continue orally.

The realities for women vary, says Garcia. “There are some women who never experience orgasm. There are some women who experience orgasm during masturbation but not with a partner. There are some women who experience orgasm during sexual activity but not from penetration. There are some women who only experience orgasm with penetration. There are many women who vary, from one day to another and from one partner to another, depending on other physiological and psychological factors,” Garcia says.

Make sure you know the tricks to arouse her naturally. By using your index finger stimulate her clitoris. The movements should be gentle and in circular motions. Be receptive to feedback and be attuned to both her verbal and non-verbal cues. Her little moans and inviting body language will tell you that you are on the right track. Once you have stimulated the clitoris move to the G-spot. It is believed that this spot, located atop the vaginal cavity, gives a woman the greatest amount of pleasure. Once she is aroused, getting into the act would be more fun, intimate and satisfying for both of you. Also read about the six fun facts that you need to know about the vagina.                                  

In contrast, the vaginal walls contain relatively few nerve endings. Only the lower third of the vagina has enough nerve endings to feel stimulation from a penis, finger, sex toy, or other penetrative object. This can make intense sexual stimulation, pleasure, and orgasm from vaginal-only penetration unlikely. In reality, the clitoris is perfectly placed. You might consider the clitoris to be “inaccessible” because in-and-out intercourse does not touch your button of joy. The challenge is for you and your partner to find and cultivate its potential.

Not only is the tongue the strongest muscle in the human body, but guys, you also have a lot more control over your tongue than you do over your penis, allowing you to apply direct pressure to specific parts of the vagina. It’s crucial to vary the pressure of your tongue once you finally move toward your target. Use a broad, flat tongue to fully cover the vagina—this will apply gentle titillating pressure and will help lube up the area with saliva. For more intense pressure of specific arousal spots, like the clitoris, use a firm pointed tongue to circle and flick.

Okay, now you can masturbate. Exploring your own sexuality is one of the best ways to figure out how to orgasm. Masturbating is great for so many reasons – it’s healthy, it will make you feel good and it will teach you more about yourself, just to name a few. Don’t forget to relax and enjoy yourself – it may take a while before you get into the right groove.

Aside from using your hands and tongue, there are some tricks you can use to make oral sex even more exciting. For example, using mentholated mints or mouthwash before performing oral sex can heighten the pleasure. When your breath is fresh and tingly from a strong mint, your partner will feel the tingling sensation along her vaginal lips and clitoris. You could also try using warming or cooling lubricants or scented massage oils to arouse your girl and amp up the excitement.

Every woman wants to feel and look sexy for her man and she’ll go to great lengths to please him. But how about making her look great for a change? Ditch the stuffed bear and buy her some sultry lingerie instead and ask her strut her stuff in front of you. Not only is it a definite turn on for you, but for her too. Time to make your move!

1) Please communicate. The advice I had doesn’t work on all girls, and there’s nothing but lovely fuzzy sexy orgasms to be had if you just check with your lady-friend about what they like. Do they like very gentle touching? Do they like more insistent touching? Do they like being teased for ages? Do they want your tongue on their Just ask and incorporate (Please don’t have an actual conversation while eating her out, do it before sexytimes. If you don’t want to ruin the sexiness of it all, make it clear to her that she should tell you if she wants you to change anything you’re doing, and start on the gentler side.)

The clitoris is, unfortunately, the victim of censorship. Mainstream media often has a hard time embracing the word and wants to censor or remove it from their dialogue, which suppresses the discussion about the specific realities of female sexual pleasure. This angers me.

If you don’t have the staying power to keep going with penetrative sex, one answer lies in becoming amazing at oral sex. And you can also spend lots more time on foreplay and focus on finding the best position and movement for your partner so that you can bring that time down.

For a woman, it’s often more important to connect emotionally before establishing a physical connect. Start off with something that you know will touch her heart. Plan a romantic evening – dinner, soft lights, music and wine – the works. Start with the wine to get her relaxed. Pull her close and let the wine and the music do the trick! Before you know it, it’ll be she who unleashes her moves on you!

#5 Turn her on and make her wet. Turning her on with foreplay before fingering is a useful trick to make the experience more enjoyable for both. If she’s really turned on, she lubricates freely and she responds better to stimulation.

Just remember, the slower you build, the more intense her orgasms will be. And just like it is for men, the more the person giving oral is truly into it, the hotter it is and the faster the recipient will likely hit climax. So if you’re going to go down, simultaneously act like you’ve got all the time in the world, and unleash yourself and go all the way.

Give your girl this style of multiples and you’ll notice they start happening much quicker. You can actually get to the point where one orgasm starts before the last is completely done. They start blending together and seem like one giant, never ending orgasm.

a vibrator is not the solution cause then your woman experience an clitoral orgasm and not an orgasm through intercourse. order the dvd program penetration orgasm mastery and learn the secrets of penetration orgasm without vibrators but through intercourse. 100% money back guaranteed if you are not satisfied.

“cómo dar un buen oral a un chico |formas de tener un mejor orgasmo”

10. Déle sexo oral. La mejor manera para ayudar a una mujer a alcanzar el orgasmo, incluso múltiples orgasmos, es practicándole sexo oral (cunnilingus). Si bien al no lo creía, numerosos estudios han probado esto como un hecho. El sexo oral es más fácil y mucho más satisfactorio para las mujeres que el coito.

Las siguientes recomendaciones te servirán, ya sea que quieras excitar a una chica que estas conociendo, o quieras aprender cómo exitar a tu novia, esposa, amiga o cualquier mujer con la que tengas sexo.

4. Buscar estímulos específicos. La mujer debe conocer cuáles son esos puntos de su cuerpo que la excitan. El clítoris es el órgano del orgasmo por excelencia. Vale la pena analizarlo y activarlo primero de manera individual, a solas, y luego se le puede indicar a la pareja. Los hombres no tienen por qué saberlo todo, una pequeña guía puede resultar muy útil.

Soy casi nuevo en este foro, y pues queria que me ayudaran en esto, veran, yo y mi novia comenzamos a tener relaciones, pero ella nunca lo hiso antes y pues no sabe como se siente un orgasmo y pues ami me gustaria mucho que lo sintiera, pero veran que yo no se como hacerlo.nesecito su ayuda, no lo se, de las mujeres seria mucho mas bienbenidas pero de los varones con experiencia tambien., espero sus respuestas

Un hombre siempre se siente más seguro cuando sabe lo que se lleva entre manos. Con la práctica podrá convertirse en un artesano, experto y capaz de hacer cosas maravillosas. Cuando usted consiga dar el mejor placer a una mujer, toda su vida cambiará. Cuando se mejora en algo, también se gana confianza en otros aspectos de la vida. Si usted sabe que la noche anterior erizó los dedos de los pies de su mujer y lo convirtió en gemido, retorciéndose en un gran orgasmo usando nada más su lengua, su autoestima a la mañana siguiente habrá aumentado un poco más.

Ahora te voy a enseñar la forma secreta de excitar a una mujer, cualquier mujer, sin tocarla. He estudiado la atracción y la sexualidad desde hace mucho tiempo y encontré muchos secretos para seducir a cualquier mujer.

Comenzó como modelo y fue novia de Grego Rosello (un standapero con un millón de seguidores). Hoy con 26 años maneja las redes sociales como pocas, marca tendencia y es seguida por más de 635 mil fans,aunque “No todo es color de rosas”. Nos recibió en su casa y allí nos reveló sus miedos, cómo se prepara para el futuro y los pros y los contras de vivir tan expuesta.

Existen mil y un sitios de discusión en los que mujeres y hombres comparten trucos y tips para hacer que las chicas tengan un orgasmo. No es para menos: muchos hombres desconocemos el verdadero sexo y lo reducimos a lo que hemos visto en la porno o en nuestras experiencias previas. He aquí una respuesta verdadera, y es que no todas las mujeres son iguales, ni se vienen de la misma forma. Te compartimos un resumen con lo que las chicas han respondido con más firmeza. Sí, son respuestas de mujeres. Entérate de cómo hacerlas acabar de lo lindo.

Los reyes son los que tienen formas que dan placer simultáneo al clítoris y la vagina ya que permiten una estimulación interna y externa a la vez. También se puede tratar de frotar y excitar la zona paralelamente a la penetración, pero está claro que conseguir la misma vibración no está al alcance de tu mano, nunca mejor dicho. Nadie dice que el ente masculino sobre en la cama, pero contar con un divertido y estimulante juguete puede ayudar a batir récords de tiempo orgásmicos.

No existen fórmulas mágicas: Lo más importate a la hora de querér saber que es lo que le da placer es comunicarte con tu pareja.No importa la experiencia que tengas con otras mujeres, cada mujer es diferente y la “jugada” que vuelve loca a una, puede ser incómoda para otra. Preguntale directamente, pedí instrucciones y aprendé a escuchar su cuerpo y lo que le gusta.

– Debes estar atento, fíjate en lo que ella hace cuando tu lengua está en los distintos puntos de su vagina. Hay lugares que generan más placer y de seguro ella te lo hará saber con gemidos, palabras o espasmos más intensos. Cuando los encuentres dedícales la atención que merecen.

Incluso a la hora de usar tu boca para la estimulación, pensá en un beso suave. La vulva tiene labios y el clítoris es una lengua pequeña, dale un beso suave, lento, usando poca presión. Podés entonces atrapar el clitoris entre tus labios y chuparlo suavemente, pero cuidado con morder (a menos que ella lo pida explicitamente), puede ser muy doloroso.

Y aunque decir que prestes atención puede sonar demasiado obvio, la gran mayoría de las mujeres te dirán que son muchos los hombres que simplemente no entienden la importancia de los detalles para una mujer. 

Hombre, ni siquiera terminé de leer el libro, y ya aprendí cosas que equivalen a una vida entera. Solamente tus secciones sobre la ansiedad de desempeño y tu concepto de la eyaculación precoz ya valen 100 veces más que el costo que pagué. Hombre, desearía que alguien me hubiese contado estas cosas cuando era adolescente. Quizás entonces hubiese tenido las bolas para acercarme a más mujeres.

Conocer tu cuerpo y el de tu pareja son dos factores importantísimos en una relación. Muchas veces nos dejamos llevar por la pasión y el deseo pero nuestra torpeza en la cama, o la de nuestra pareja, hace que no disfrutemos demasiado de la relación. Por eso vamos a explicar cómo hacer buen sexo oral, tanto de una chica a un chico como al revés…

El clítoris es la zona erógena más sensible del cuerpo femenino, reúne una gran cantidad de nervios, por lo que bien estimulada es placer puro. La lengua y el clítoris se llevan realmente bien, pero hay que saber como hacerlo. Usa en un principio la punta de la lengua para comenzar a lamer, ve desde abajo, desde los labios, hasta el clítoris, como una pequeña introducción. Cuando ella esté caliente es momento de aumentar las sensaciones y la intensidad: usar toda tu lengua para abarcar el clítoris por completo y lamer toda la vagina. Puedes hacer círculos con tu lengua, dar lamidas largas, cortas, ir variando y probando que es lo que más le gusta a tu chica.

Es sobre la estimulacion del punto G o el punto de Gräfenberg (llamado así en honor de su descubridor, el ginecólogo alemán Ernst Gräfenberg) es una pequeña zona del área genital de las mujeres localizada detrás del hueso púbico y alrededor de la uretra; esto es, en la pared frontal o anterior de la vagina y a medio camino entre el hueso del pubis y el cuello uterino. Es parte de la esponja uretral, donde se encuentran las glándulas de Skene. Si imaginamos la esfera de un reloj con centro en el orificio vaginal, teniendo las 12 en dirección al ombligo, esta zona se sitúa entre la una y las once.

Una buena idea es empezar recorriendo el camino hacia la vulva, besando, acariciando, enviando el mensaje de que deseas dar sexo oral, pero dejando que tu pareja se vaya abriendo lentamente a la posibilidad. Al llegar a la vulva, no vayás directamente al punto. La idea es explorar el area circundante e ir acercándote lentamente hasta llegar al clítoris.

Tampoco es que, como parece insinuar la autora, las mujeres estemos en la parra mientras practicamos sexo, pero la idea de que se mantenga la atención en el acto, en el placer que se está sintiendo, en los sabores y olores que rodean la situación y en si se está yendo o no por el buen camino para que ambos alcancen el orgasmo, puede ser la clave de que éste sea de los memorables.

9. Pero tienes que prometerme que lo vas a tratar ¡estamisma noche! Toma nota, estos son los cuatro pasos:1 – Domina el arte de los juegos previos. Tienes queconseguir llevarla al punto en que, literalmente, te rueguepara que la penetres. Sin embargo, no debes hacerlotodavía. Tener relaciones sexuales antes de alcanzar este“momento mágico” disminuirá las posibilidades de darleun orgasmo sustancialmente fabuloso.2 – Utilizar lo que yo llamo la “técnica de penetraciónparcial”. Significa que una vez que está muy caliente y teeste mendigando por sexo, empiezas a penetrarlalentamente, pero sólo parcialmente, y luego te detienesdurante unos segundos. No hagas una “penetracióncompleta o total” debes de hacer intervalos de 3 a 5minutos. En forma lenta y parcial, hasta que ella te pida,incluso clame por más…3- Ahora que está completamente “encendida”, indúcela a“tocarse”.Mientras que tú la estas penetrando. Toma su mano ysuavemente llévala a su clítoris. La estimulación delclítoris, mientras que tienen relaciones sexuales aumentarásus posibilidades de alcanzar uno o varios orgasmos. Esahora cuando haces la “penetración completa o total”…más rápido …y más rápido.4 – Por último, para llevar las cosas al siguiente nivel.Utiliza suavemente la “estimulación anal” para aumentar la

La felación y el cunnilingus son, probablemente, los preliminares estrella. A pesar de que hace un tiempo era una práctica tabú, hoy en día es algo tan habitual que todo el mundo da por hecho que se produce dentro de una relación sexual de pareja. Aunque es algo casi imprescindible en las prácticas gays y lésbicas, en la relaciones heterosexuales ya nadie se escapa: ¡tanto hacerlo como recibirlo causa un inmenso placer! Si tu chico quiere hacer un buen cunnilingus o tú una buena felación, estas son las claves que tenéis que tener en cuenta.

A veces es difícil encontrar el tipo, la presión y el ritmo de estimulación que la mujer necesita. En éste caso, es mejor que ella tome el control. Una posición que permite éste tipo de control por parte de la mujer es con la mujer de rodillas sobre la boca de su pareja. Esto le permite a ella bajar o subir para mayor o menor presión, moverse más o menos rápido según lo requiera, mover las caderas para cambiar el punto de estimulación. En ésta posición la pareja tiene un papel bastante pasivo, más bien la idea es que dejés que ella busque la estimulación que le funciona, casi como un oso que se rasca la espalda contra un árbol, aunque si ella lo pide, podés variar las formas en que usás tu lengua o tus labios.

Tu libro me dio algunas nuevas ideas excelentes en el arte de hacer el amor. Tengo una novia adorable y nuestra vida sexual es aún mejor desde que usé algunas de las habilidades de tu libro, especialmente la técnica A-Z. Le encanta.

Estos ejercicios no solo sirven para estimular los órganos sexuales, y obtener orgasmos más intensos, también los puede realizar durante la penetración para darle mayor placer al hombre. Ojo, el papel de la pareja es fundamental, los hombres no pueden desconocer su labor de coequiperos. “Hay que estar abiertos a lo dicen las mujeres, sin caer en el ‘yo lo sé todo y nadie me debe dar instrucciones’. Se debe tener una actitud de exploración, y entender que cada mujer tiene su mapa erógeno particular y evitar ser mecánicos, lo que funciona para una no funciona para otra”, afirma el sexólogo.

Cómo sabemos, la estimulación previa a la penetración es muy importante para que la relación sexual sea más placentera. Bien dicen que para dar hay que saber recibir (¿o para recibir hay que saber dar?)… no importa, porque al final del día esta es una situación de dos, donde ser recíproco es importante, porque no hay nada peor que dar sexo oral y no recibirlo de regreso (¡échenle ganitas muchachos!).

Respecto al sexo, toma tú la iniciativa para que se sienta deseado y recupere la confianza. Aunque no tenga problemas de autoestima, no hay hombre al que no le guste que le digan que él es el mejor en la cama.

También hay trucos para que ellas ayuden a sus parejas. Tan sencillo como acariciar los testículos. Dependiendo de la postura pueden estar más a desmano, pero si tienes acceso libre, cogerlos suavemente con la mano y estimularlos ayudará a un orgasmo rápido y, en la mayoría de los casos, especialmente placentero. “Especialmente cuando se está practicando sexo oral y él está tardando demasiado en eyacular, la mejor manera de facilitar la liberación es haciendo partícipes sus testículos”, aconseja la sexóloga, quien sugiere utilizar la lengua para estimularlos –e incluso introducirlos por completo en la boca– mejor que la mano.

Es paradójico, mientras muchos hombres buscan retener el orgasmo o retardarlo, las mujeres lo que quieren es alcanzarlo y, ojalá, rápido. Para lograrlo hay que entender, primero, que existen dos tipos de orgasmo: el que se produce por la estimulación del clítoris y el vaginal. Cada uno de estos activa una zona diferente del cerebro. El primero se siente más localizado en el área genital, y el que se consigue por penetración es más general y produce sensaciones en todo el cuerpo. Por eso suele ser más placentero.

Bueno es la misma vaina, solo que cuando hagas de tijeras con tu novia con una de tus manos expon el clitoris mientras frotas tu vagina contra la de ella, de esa forma le daras mucho placer con esa posicion

Mejor respuesta:  cuando quiere que una mujer llegue a su orgasmo simplemente deves de olvidarte que es un trabajo hacer llegar al climax, 1 deves cerrar tus ojos dejar que tus sentidos se enloquescan con cada espacio de su ser, oidos, nariz, repiracion mirala su rostro tacale su rostro, baja a su sintura, apreta un poco sus ponpas, hazla sentir que es bella, que la deceas haste tambien deceado, dejala tocar tu parte haganlo paso a paso para que sea exitante, cuando esten desnudos no la pebetres besale el cuepo deja que ella se estremesca de impaseincia al querete tener, juguetea un poco con sus pechos y su clitoris :$ , luego deja penetrarla poco a poco hasta el puento que ella no aguante tanto placer y tranquilidad habeces la bruquedad descontrolada provoca desconsentracion, veras como tu tambien estallas de lijuria tranquilla que es mejor, no dejes que tu termines prmero asegurate que ella too, asi que si tiene la comfianza hasle un poco de sexo oral, eso ara que sus membranas despierten esten mas antentas pues lo que pasa con la mujer que tanto movimiento repititivo adormecen las partes y crean anestecia por eso deves hacer varios estimulos y veras como ella llega asu orgasmo…espero no aver sido muy expresiva y no haber dejado nada a la imaginacion pero tu tienes la culpa con esas preguntas…..suerte y deja que el amor y el placer se una para hacer no sexo si no el amor…

10. intensidad de su orgasmo, incluso te pedirá que no parespor la tremenda sensación que esto le producirá.INTENTALO… Confía en mí… FUNCIONA.Si decides aprender las técnicas más avanzadas para darleun gran orgasmo cada noche.Visita:Orgasmofemenino.com

De acuerdo con Hara, aquí hay de dos: hay a quienes les gusta que las acaricien en toda la vulva, desde la vagina al punto V, incluidos los labios externos, internos y el clítoris. O lamer rítmicamente el clítoris con un movimiento de arriba abajo o de lado, dependiendo del gusto de la chica en cuestión.

Necesitas un pene gigante. ¡No es verdad en absoluto! La prueba de la realidad: tener un miembro grande seguro que no hace mal. PERO… la mayoría de los hombres con una tamaño promedio puede aprender a ser el MEJOR amante que ella haya tenido.

1. Conócete mejor usando tus manos. Es decir, dile sí a la masturbación. Si conoces tu cuerpo, conseguirás el control de tus orgasmos. Las mujeres que se auto-gratifican habitualmente tienen más posibilidades de alcanzar el éxtasis. Un buen tip es empezar a hacerlo delante de tu pareja, te aseguramos que no podrás terminar tu sola.

El secreto para que pueda disfrutar y vivir este orgasmo es aumentar la estimulación gradualmente. De esta forma se mantiene la tensión muscular en la zona sexual al mismo tiempo que su deseo sigue creciendo. Al final, tu chico llegará a un punto de no retorno y toda esa tensión que ha ido acumulando, mental y física, estallará. Es como si en ese momento se rompiera un dique y una corriente imparable de placer comenzara a fluir por todo el cuerpo. Suena bien, ¿verdad? Pues si quieres sorprenderlo y verlo disfrutar como no lo había hecho hasta ahora, lee el paso a paso de estas seis maniobras estimulantes. Nosotras te contamos la técnica, pero recuerda, ve despacio, muy, muy despacio.

“amazing oral +giving oral to a girl”

While she’s recuperating from her clitoral climax, give her a g-spot orgasm. It’ll take less and less time for her to come with every orgasm you give her until the point where one starts happening before the last is done.

Before we get hot and heavy, remember — a little lesson in anatomy can lead to huge results. A woman’s sexual pleasure, and ultimately orgasm, is much more likely to occur from stimulation to the clitoris. The clitoris is highly sensitive and full of nerve endings. In fact, there are as many nerve endings in the tip of the clitoris as there are in a man’s penis! Many of the clitoral nerve endings are subterranean, or below the surface; the visible part of the clitoris is just the tip of the iceberg. However, even “in hiding,” those 6,000 to 8,000 sensory nerve endings can be a mega source of incredible pleasure for many women. 

Building arousal and experiencing multiple Os in one go is definitely about physical technique (don’t worry, we’ll get there), but first step is setting your thoughts and emotions straight. “Becoming a multiorgasmic woman is a mindset more than anything,” Rose says. (And avoid these 5 Common Libido-Crushers.)

8. “If I say, ‘Oh yeah, just like that.’ Then keep doing it just like that. Don’t try to be creative and change it up, if you find something that is clearly working for me, stick with it until I tell you otherwise.” —Bri, 25

– The G-spot. The G-spot is a spongy part of the vagina located on the anterior part of the vagina or the upper part if the woman is lying down. If stimulated properly, it provides the most mind-blowing of all orgasms. However there is no uniform way to stimulate this, and it can vary per person. [Read: How to tingle her G-spot without using a flashlight]

#10 Learn to sustain fingering at the right moment. A common mistake for most is to stop right at the moment when she’s building up for an orgasm. This is frustrating for her and probably asks for a longer fingering session than normal.

Whether you want a long-lasting relationship or a friend-with-benefits that keeps on coming back, it’s important that you learn these skills… practice them, perfect them, and you’ll have a fundamental skill needed to keep women… and that most men are lacking.

By now, your girl should be clawing at the sheets, but don’t be mistaken in thinking you need one final trick to clinch the result. “Women hate too much chopping and changing of techniques,” says Dr Joni Frater, co-author of Love Her Right (Booksurge). “It distracts us, and takes our arousal back to the starting blocks.” You don’t really want to start over just before you reach the finish, do you? “When you start doing something that causes a positive response, keep doing it, at exactly the same speed and pressure.” Save your new technique for next time. Since you’ve just orchestrated a 15-minute orgasm with shuttle-launch precision, that’s something she’ll be demanding very soon. So grab a breather and prepare for take-off… again!

The tongue is more than capable of doing all the work itself, you can take a woman even further by using your fingers. A great technique is to lick her clit and then gently put your middle finger inside her vagina. You can then rest you index finger and ring finger on the outside of her vagina. If she seems comfortable you can use the come hither technique. Using you index and middle finger, put them inside her vagina and then with the fingers inside her pretend you are signalling for someone to come over to you.

Knowing how to finger a girl is important, guys, because you just never know when some woman is going to want a good fingering to orgasm. It could be anyone, from your friend’s mom or a hospital nurse; or, perhaps, even some movie star stuck in her trailer and bored out of her mind. Whatever the unbelievable situation, you have to be ready!

Reaching orgasm is one of the peaks of sexual experience, but surprisingly, this can be challenging for a lot of women. Apparently, one-third of women have never had an orgasm — and even fewer have ever experienced multiple orgasms.

The clitoris is the most powerful spot on a woman’s body, so get ready to use two fingers (the index and middle finger) to rub her clitoris in a soft and circular manner. By now she should be sufficiently aroused with foreplay, so her clitoris will be swelling and slightly enlarged.

Men, do not underestimate the amount of razor stubble on your face and how this feels. If a man has not had a shave in over 8 hours, his razor stubble could approximate the grain of 120 grit sandpaper, which is pretty abrasive. Sometimes a little pressure from the chin or upper lip can feel nice, but not if you’re exfoliating the top layer of musocal tissue. If you think back to the ice-cream example, it may help you remember: while eating an ice-cream cone, you wouldn’t stick your chin in it. So if you have razor stubble, make sure it’s only lips and tongue are contacting the area.

Keep her wanting more by starting with slow, deliberate movements. She’ll love the anticipation—and it will certainly pay off in the end. Women like to be teased, so make sure not to get carried away and keep it light and playful to start. Try running your tongue along the inside of her upper thigh right next to the vaginal area, without actually touching it. It will make her crave more action.

Do not have oral sex if either of you has sores in or around your mouth, vagina, penis or anus, or if the person giving oral sex has bleeding gums. These could be a sign of infection and put you at higher risk of passing on STIs including HIV.

You can’t simply read about a ‘special technique’ and repeatedly try it. Listen to your woman, observe her and pay attention to how she reacts to what you’re doing or not doing, and you’ll find out what you need to know soon enough.

A vaginal orgasm is a dissolving in a vague, dark generalized sensation like being swirled in a warm whirlpool. There are several different sorts of clitoral orgasms, and they are more powerful than the vaginal orgasm.Read more to know the difference between vaginal orgasm and clitoral orgasm at: http://bit.ly/1y0BoFm

For those feeling nervous about performing oral sex, it may help to send up a prayer — and try the praying position first. Eric Marlowe Garrison, clinical sexologist and bestselling author of Mastering Multiple Position Sex, says of his favorite hands-on oral technique, “Because I believe that perfect practice makes perfect, something I learned from my high school marching band director, it’s important that she help him with his technique. One of the ways that I’d recommend this happen is that she places her hands as though she’s praying, and she drops them down to where her vulva is. She can do this fully clothed, or she can do this partially clothed, or she can do this naked. With her thumb as the clitoris and the space between the two index fingers as the introitus, she can talk to him about how and where he needs to use his fingers, tongue or toys. She can also ask her partner to put his hands in the same position, and then show him how it can be done.”

2. “Make me feel like you’re enjoying it. I’m already thinking this is a chore for you, so if you make me know that you’re doing this because you want to, it’ll help in every way possible.” —Jordan, 27

I don’t usually cum from oral if it’s the first thing we do. But if we’ve already fucked I cum in seconds. If we did cunnilingus and then fellatio I’m usually turned on enough to cum from cunnilingus but not supper quickly. It can be speeded up by the addition of a dildo.

In my research for this article, it turns out that a lot of (i.e. the majority) women are used to bad oral sex. One woman I interviewed even said, “With a lot of guys, I’d rather them just not. Some men seem to be absolutely hopeless with oral sex.”

One of the best “you on top” positions to get a woman off is a missionary while putting pressure on the clitoris with the lower pelvis/area right above the base of your penis. Rub hard into it on the in- and out-stroke.

Don’t forget that by taking a little time with foreplay, women can have an orgasm before the intercourse has even begun. This then takes some of the pressure off how long the man needs to last for because we’re already satisfied.

Using a condom or dental dam (a thin, soft plastic that covers the vagina or anus) will protect you from most sexually transmitted infections. If you don’t have a dental dam you can also make an effective barrier by cutting a condom lengthways from bottom to top forming one piece of material that can be used like a dental dam.

I try to listen to my wife, other women willing to discuss sexuality, and I read the surveys of women, and what women sex experts write. I don’t claim to “get it” entirely—and have plenty of critics here telling me I don’t—but I try to listen to women and take them seriously.

“best way to go down on her +female orgaism”

We were doing a sex change operation, and the patient got a raging hard on; the doc had the erect penis in her hand and said “I cant work with this hard-on in the way” we gave a med that guarantees to get it down, and continued with our business.

I am 28 years old. I’ve had a problem for years now; well, I had this problem all my life and I was too ashamed to seek help. Here it goes: during sexual intercourse, I never feel any sensation or tingling feelings, I feel nothing. I can feel the penis, but that is all. This has been with every guy I’ve been with and I’ve been with about 15 guys. I’m currently dating this guy for five years. I love him, but during sex, I feel nothing. He turns me on, and I get aroused, but when it comes to actually having sex, I feel NOTHING. It’s like I have a disjunction in my vagina. Does it have something to do with my clitoris? What is wrong with me? Please, can you tell me? I will eventually see a doctor, but I just want to know, what is the problem with me? Please, I would really it, I’ve kinda learned to live with it. Sad, right? 🙂

One other thing – I’ve been with a couple girls who needed things to be more than a bit on the rough side. I’m not suggesting your girlfriend is in that category, but rather, try to keep in mind that orgasms can be brought on by stuff other than tender coaxing.

After foreplay by kissing and fondling (may have to continue for up to 20 minutes) the partner or the person herself stimulates the clitoris (the area below the labia or genital lips, and above the vagina opening) by rapidly flicking a finger or the tongue back and forward or up and down. Do not press hard. If you are using a finger, be sure to use lots of lubricating gel (can be bought at a drug store). If you are using the tongue, lubricating gel is usually not necessary, since lubrication comes from the mouth. Ask her to concentracte on sexy thoughts at the same time.

Your partner will soon be on the verge of orgasm. The you have two options: opt for penetration if you think you can last long enough for her to come (careful – you run the risk of leaving her frustrated if you can’t make it long enough), or continue with the method described above and start stimulating the third location, which will give her immense pleasure. Either way, don’t let the excitement stop building (unfortunately, this can happen very quickly).

Invest at least three minutes of your total 15 in kissing. Studies by Lafayette College in the US found that kissing reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol, quickening the time it takes to turn you both on. As you pay lip service, tilt your head to the right – scientists in Germany found this makes you seem more caring, flooding her system with the ‘connection’ chemical oxytocin, building trust and encouraging her to come quickly.

Sometimes encourage her to ‘boss’ your sex sessions. You can learn a lot by watching how she stimulates herself, or by really listening to her when she tells you she wants a particular sex position, or a particular caress.

Appreciate her performance: Tell her, literally tell her how good she is and how she makes you go weak in your knees every time you see her. Complimenting her performance in bed will make her more interested and keen on sustaining the act with vigor and passion. 

If she enjoys the extra ‘unf’ you’re putting in, it’s time to get creative. Channel a whirlwind and use your tongue to slap, swirl, and suck. Notice if she’s convulsing or suddenly silent – if so, stop right away, and revert to gentle licks. But if she’s totally down for the whirlwind method, press forward and mix it up with some circular motions, up-and-down flicks, and tongue/finger boning. Yeah, we really just said tongue/finger boning.

#8 Magic fingers. The above steps alone are often enough, but adding in fingers can help her, and enhance the orgasm. The clitoris is a bit like a small tree, with an immense underground root system. What you see is just a small part of it, the rest runs under the skin in a wishbone shape, down along both sides of the vagina, nearly to her anus.

I tested every trick and technique I learned on many different types of women.From young rich college co-eds to more mature and experienced women.From women who were shy and inexperienced to the erotically liberated freaks.I took note of the stuff that worked and dropped the shit that didnt and ended up with the list of 67 techniques that make women come.67 techniques that I used to be 100% positive my clients were satisfied every single time.”

Men’s reasons for loving a little tongue action are manifold, but they mostly stem from the same fundamental (and not totally shocking) truth: Women like being eaten out, making that in itself a worthwhile pursuit. For many especially enthusiastic men, though, cunnilingus is about way more. 

Time for you to take your tricks for a test drive. With all that attention, her skin will be flushed, her pupils dilated, parts of her shaking, and those she can steady, she’ll be pushing into you — until she’s done and can’t take anymore, that is. Now that’s how to make her orgasm for real and, trust us, you’ll be able to tell the difference.

Naturally, use fingertips and lips. If whole, moist smooches around the neck may get the juices in the vagina going – what do you think kissing her down there can make? Let’s go further. At the time you experience she’s completely ready, I would recommend to accelerate the pace and also to increase the tension. At this point feel free to be a little harder. Then simply consider using your hands just by slipping a pair of fingers in the woman’s vagina. Accomplish this little by little until your mouth accelerate. The fist should be faced palm-up and 2 fingers slightly curved (we’re aiming for the G spot right here, let’s wait and watch if it’s going to give good results). Slip the fingers in for an inch and after that get them out… repeat that a few times. Then move them a few inches… and so a few times. Once you sense it’s getting broader, then feel free to get further as well as rougher.

“When you start doing something that causes a positive response, keep doing it, at exactly the same speed and pressure.” Save your new technique for next time. Since you’ve just orchestrated a 15-minute orgasm with shuttle-launch precision, that’s something she’ll be demanding very soon.

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There is also a place inside the vagina, which can be stimulated to give an orgasm. This point is named the g-point. It is, however, difficult to find this point and stimulate it in the right way. Women who succeed in getting orgasm this way usually use the intercourse position with the woman on top of the man. The reason for this is that this position gives the woman the largest options to control the movements so as to stimulate the g-point.

Surveys show that without any intervention, only about 25% of women are consistently orgasmic during vaginal intercourse. But with the interventions discussed in the blog post, that percentage increases. Now, there are plenty of marvelously erotic ways for women to have orgasms without intercourse. But for those who want to come during intercourse but have difficulty, the approaches I suggest have been shown to improve their chances.

“what is oral sec how to have the best orgasim of your life”

Give her the same type of orgasm multiple times. For example, you can give her multiple clitoral orgasms one after another. Keep in mind that when a woman has a clitoral orgasm, her clit will get so sensitive that if you keep touching it, it can start to hurt.

Again, using your sense of touch, soak it all in. Feel it in every possible way you can and notice every sensation beneath your fingertips. Stroke around the whole area: include his/her belly and thighs here, too. Notice what is happening. Is your partner showing signs of pleasure through breath or movement? And importantly, what is it like for you to notice these things? Does it turn you on?

Some women need to concentrate on erotic fantasies to get an orgasm. The fantasies which work for some women can be weird and contain actions they would never do in real life. Thinking “maybe I cannot get an orgasm” may destroy the ability to get an orgasm.

But even if you are the queen of masturbatory techniques, you might still find it tough to climax during full sex, and this will almost certainly be because your clitoris is not getting sufficient attention.

I’m not necessarily suggesting that. I think it feels more wholesome to share sex with someone you love, and I think it can be kind of damaging to have sexual encounters void of intimacy, especially at a young age where you are impressionable. I think it can mess with your expectations of relationships, making them unrealistic or your beliefs about the opposite sex (or sex you’re attracted to) a little skewed…..

For reference, this seems to be a tl;dr of one chapter of “She Comes First”, aka “Cunnilingus for Dummies.” It’s fairly enlightening and, for lack of a better word, educational – basic technique, mindset, it goes over the basics and then some. If anything, it’ll give you ideas. Would recommend.

To get her in the mood, put in some effort. When it comes to a woman, the importance of conversation cannot be understated, so make it a point to talk to her and reassure her about your feelings for her. Take her in your arms and ask about her day. Hold her by the waist and bring her close; look deep into her eyes and talk. But don’t forget that just because you are in the mood doesn’t necessarily mean that she is too. Don’t try to patronise her; it’s not going to work. Instead tell her that she needs a much deserved break and lead her towards the bedroom. Candle lights, aromatic fragrances, dim lights, all can help you to create a light, stress free, romantic mood for the night. If you can offer her a relaxing massage just for a few minutes, even better. While this may seem like too much effort, relationships are built on the premise of unconditional love – giving without expectation of returns, besides the returns can be quite amazing! Also read how casual sex can improve overall well-being.

It’s down to the hormones we produce – after she’s had an orgasm during sex a woman is much more likely to want a period of cuddling and interaction; after his orgasm, a man is likely to want to sleep.

While 95 per cent of heterosexual men reporting that they usually or always orgasmed during sexually intimate moments, just 65 per cent of heterosexual women did. By contrast, the figure was 89 per cent for gay men, 86 per cent for lesbian women, 88 per cent for bisexual men and 66 per cent for bisexual women.

A study from a team of US researchers suggests that a combination of genital stimulation, deep kissing and oral sex is the “golden trio” for women when it comes to increasing their likelihood of reaching orgasm with a sexual partner.

Some positions will achieve orgasm quicker than others, so enjoy experimenting to see what works best for you both. You might be surprised to find that women love being on top and being made to feel in charge and in control.

Lastly, if you’re aiming to go all the way to the climactic end, note that some girls achieve orgasm later than others. By that time, her natural juices might have dried out which makes a quick squirt of lube very handy. [Read: The best lubricants for sex – 15 winners from the kitchen cupboard]

Scientists put her in an MRI like a machine, studying her brain waves, and they were, in fact, identical to the overwhelming hurricane of brain activity that occurs during orgasm. She was having an orgasm just from thought.

The best feeling in the world is when a guy takes his time down there and knows how to tease And eventually gets the good part which is the fast flick of his tongue against a girl’s clit. Gosh… that feels so damn good And remember… if you can’t find her clit… you can just ask

The most widely used lube is saliva. It’s wet, free, and always available, but saliva dries quickly and it’s not very slippery. Vegetable oil is another possibility, but it can be messy and stain linens. Try commercial lubricants. They’re safe, inexpensive, and slippery. If they dry out, they can be refreshed with a few drops of water, or just apply a bit more. But don’t squirt lubricants directly on women’s genitals. That can feel cold and jarring. Squeeze some into your hand, rub it with your fingers to warm it, then touch her. Lubricants are available at pharmacies, near the condoms.

“una mujer alcanzando el orgasmo +cómo realizar una prueba oral en una niña”

Aprende esta técnica única, sencilla y fácil para que la use cualquier hombre, y el sexo no sólo será más placentero para ti, sino que instantáneamente te convertirás en un mejor amante que el 90% del resto de los tipos en el planeta. (Página 82)

http://orgasmofemenino.npint.info/ Tecnicas para que tu mujer tenga un orgasmo En este archivo encontras mucha informacion valiosa que te ayudara a provocarles orgasmos a tu pareja,tomalos encuenta y veras que tu pareja te lo agradecera,visita mi blog donde encontraras mas informacion y mas Tecnicas para que tu mujer tenga un orgasmo: http://orgasmofemenino.npint.info/

Las zonas más sensibles del pene son, sobre todo, alrededor del extremo superior, la unión del frenillo con el glande y el orificio externo de la uretra. Debes tenerlo en cuenta a la hora de practicar sexo oral, ya que te guiarán por dónde debes ir. Besos suaves y caricias con la lengua en esas regiones son ideales para acrecentar el placer del varón.

La excitación. El clítoris es básico para la excitación de la mujer, ya que contiene la mayor parte de los tejidos con carga sexual del cuerpo. A algunas les parece excesiva la estimulación directa, por eso es mejor crear una situación avanzando de a poco y la sensación de excitación puede ir aumentando progresivamente lamiendo alrededor del glande clitoriano. Una vez seguro de la excitación, deslícese hasta el clítoris. Cuando llegue a esa etapa utilice los dedos índices y el centro de la mano, ejerza presión por dentro de los labios vaginales mayores y empuje toda la zona hacia arriba. Pruebe moviendo la punta de la lengua de un lado a otro sobre el clítoris. Durante el punto de excitación más alto pruebe mordisquearlo suavemente. Muchas mujeres gustan de tener al mismo tiempo los dedos metidos en el interior de su vagina mientras su clítoris es estimulado con la boca.

Estábamos en la habitación y había música de fondo, pero recuerdo bien que la canción que más sonó fue la de Ricardo Arjona que dice… “También es mi primera tuve sexo mil veces, pero nunca hice el amor…”

Recuerda que el “sexo oral” es el mejor lubricante para la mujer y la mayor fuente de excitación para el hombre. Deja de lado posibles prejuicios y, si es tu deseo, comienza a practicarlo más a menudo.

Dicho esto, concluimos que la mayoría de las mujeres no pueden venirse por la sola estimulación del Punto G, de ahí que es muy difícil para algunas mujeres llegar al clímax durante las relaciones sexuales sin la estimulación simultánea del clítoris.  

El estudio afirma que, cuando el clítoris entra en escena, más de un 40% de las mujeres afirmaba llegar al orgasmo en más del 75% de las ocasiones. Tan solo un 18% reconocía poder llegar al clímax únicamente con la penetración vaginal. “Las mujeres que nunca han llegado al orgasmo por lo general conocen poco su cuerpo y las sensaciones erógenas que de él provienen, además nunca se han masturbado”, agregó Ghedin.

Si quieres despertar el deseo sexual de una mujer debes comenzar con saber cómo darle un buen orgasmo. Existen varios tipos de ellos…así que mira este video para aprender las diferencias y cómo lograrlos:

El orgasmo es uno de los ingredientes principales del sexo. Y aunque éste no determina qué tan buena fue una experiencia sexual, si determina qué tan comprometida está la pareja y qué tanto conoce el cuerpo del otro.

Crear tensión sexual consiste en lograr que la mente de la mujer esté receptiva a los avances sexuales que realices. Esto se logra tocándola suavemente,  mirándola de cierta manera, diciéndole cosas tiernas al oído, haciéndola sentir sexy, con el coqueteo y mucho más.

“give a woman good orgasms -oral ladies”

Give her the same type of orgasm multiple times. For example, you can give her multiple clitoral orgasms one after another. Keep in mind that when a woman has a clitoral orgasm, her clit will get so sensitive that if you keep touching it, it can start to hurt.

Once you begin using your tongue on her vagina, don’t be afraid to tease her. Gently lick her clitoris and vagina and then begin kissing her body again. Every time you do this, extend the length you do it for. After a while begin licking her out properly. Start by gently kissing her clit and the outsides of her vagina.

Stare with fiery intention into her eyes while you keep your hand going. If you’re comfortable doing so, talk dirty to her. Ask her in a whisper if she wants anything to change. That gives her permission to communicate in the heat of the moment. Keep your technique steady. If it feels incredible to her, don’t change anything even if she says she’s going to come.

I am glad students feel free to talk about sexuality openly and honestly in our paper (this wouldn’t happen at all universities), and I hope that readers gain insight from this focused, yet broadly applicable discussion.

#5 Under the hood. Give a few more slow licks from above the perineum to just under the clitoris. Finally, give another lick, but don’t stop at the top – keep it going up and it will lightly graze her clitoris. Do this six times, then again but on the seventh, pull your tongue back before it reaches the clitoris.

a vibrator is not the solution cause then your woman experience an clitoral orgasm and not an orgasm through intercourse. order the dvd program penetration orgasm mastery and learn the secrets of penetration orgasm without vibrators but through intercourse. 100% money back guaranteed if you are not satisfied.

Building arousal and experiencing multiple Os in one go is definitely about physical technique (don’t worry, we’ll get there), but first step is setting your thoughts and emotions straight. “Becoming a multiorgasmic woman is a mindset more than anything,” Rose says. (And avoid these 5 Common Libido-Crushers.)

It appears that the general consensus is that it depends on the woman, and it’s probably best to communicate directly with your partner about her wants and needs. This will require building up a level of trust. Being able to relax in your presence will greatly improve your chances of helping her orgasm.

By clean, we mean having a daily shower and using unperfumed mild soap. A healthy vagina has a natural mild musky smell, but don’t let pathetic playground stories upset you. It doesn’t smell like rotting fish down there, so don’t feel self-conscious.

I don’t usually cum from oral if it’s the first thing we do. But if we’ve already fucked I cum in seconds. If we did cunnilingus and then fellatio I’m usually turned on enough to cum from cunnilingus but not supper quickly. It can be speeded up by the addition of a dildo.

Extra tip: finger her upper wall with two fingers, with a “come here” motion, at the same time as performing oral… this will put pressure on her g-spot, which in reality, is the internal part of the clitoral cluster.

The deeper vaginal orgasms are all about a very deep state of release and letting go. Feeling like you’re on the same wavelength as your partner can help. “Maintaining eye contact with him is intense, but this forces you to be more vulnerable and open, which is key to these deeper orgasmic experiences,” Anami explains.

And over the last 10 years or so, I’ve made somewhere between 20 and 30 women have multiple orgasms in just a few minutes… (I’m not a male gigolo; just a very horny man in Miami, a city with plenty of “resources” in the female department).

If you are expecting to give your woman an orgasm through penetration, then you must get her aroused first and foremost. Foreplay is crucial to the g-spot orgasm and this is what you have to focus on the most here. Although the clitoris does bring her satisfaction, you need to focus on the g-spot if you want to make her orgasm during intercourse. As you get her aroused during foreplay, this increases blood flow to the g-spot, making it bigger and more engorged. This makes it easier for you to hit during sex.MORE AT — http://tinyurl.com/j68s5dm

Men, when trying to make a woman come, and familiar with the way in which they stimulate their own penis during masturbation, will often apply much more vigorous and rapid stimulation to a woman’s clitoris at this point.

What works for one person does very little for another, and while the percentage of women who managed to orgasm while receiving anal sex might rave about its greatness, there are plenty of women who just don’t like it.

It’s not true that you “have to learn to love yourself”. I never EVER ever could, but would only get close to that annoying plateau. I thought it wouldn’t happen, until one day, with a really patient partner, I discovered the glory of being on top. This is after 7 years of having sex.

I enjoyed reading your post, however for me (as a woman) I would’ve made you start eating me out right away… I hate the kissing all around… I’m already turned on because I know you’re going down on me. I don’t need you to go around the world, just get to the point! 🙂

Eventually getting between her legs and hovering over her vulva. Letting her anticipate my tongue and feeling my breathe. And then I start kissing/licking/biting her inner thigh. When I pass over to her other thigh I will hover over her vagina and tease her. When I finally make it to eating her out I vary between light teasing strokes to making it very clear I cannot get enough of her.

If your wife has experienced orgasm, it’s unlikely that she wouldn’t know. Ask her to help you understand how she’s feeling about your sex life together. Encourage her to talk in detail about what feels good and what does not, and try to be a non-judgmental listener. Since most genital nerve endings are concentrated on the clitoris, women need direct or semi-direct clitoral stimulation in order to achieve orgasm. So, during intercourse, it’s wise to provide clitoral stimulation as well.

“Guys generally worry about their dick size or sex skills, and would probably err on the side of caution that they are less than average at both (though they would probably never publicly admit it). If you become good at [giving head], you generally don’t have to worry about lacking in the other departments.” — Curtis

In order to relax or get in the mood, you might need to change up some of your surroundings. If nice lingerie gets you in the mood, put some on. If you want a more romantic atmosphere, light some candles and put on some soft music. Want some serious alone time? Go in the bath. Until you can learn to tune out the distractions around you, make your environment super relaxing.

And remember, always first clarify what the woman wants. Many women enjoy sex even without an orgasm, and do not think that orgasm is necessary to be satisfied. Other women, however, are not satisfied unless they get an orgasm.

12. “Please do the alphabet. We can tell when you’re doing that, and it’s really fucking weird, and awkward. Sometimes I feel like they’re trying to spell out something in code. Just weird. Don’t do it.” —April, 28

You can get the best fingering advice from the owner of the vagina. In addition to that, this makes for a good, teasing foreplay. Snuggle up close and ask her to guide your hand in the right places or ask that naughty girl to “confess” how she touches herself when she’s thinking of you. [Read: 10 foreplay moves every guy needs to do to their ladies]

I mean, ruined orgasms are a thing, but generally you’re right. When someone climaxes, just keep doing what you’re doing until you can feel their whole body relax (or they tell you to stop, obviously).

If you do not orgasm during intercourse, it is not because you are not having a vaginal orgasm, but because like so many women, your clitoris does not get enough stimulation during intercourse. You need to godown a different path to solve that, and yes, you also need to solve the pain issues.