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I was able to oragsum with my partner for 9 months and haven’t been able to in the last three. It’s something we will work through because we love each other. I understand how you feel in how’s your fault but it’s not. Iv cried many times thinking it was my fault. But it’s not, if you continue to think it’s your burden you will never get past your mental hurtle. Don’t let these guys blame you or make you feel worse, iv been in relationships like that and it’s no fun. The female oragsum can be really enjoyable if with the right person.. It doesn’t always have to hurt.

Women should be having an orgasm (or more) every single time they have sex. If they’re not, the man she’s having sex with needs to learn how to do it. Every woman is capable of having the orgasm, but it’ll never happen if he doesn’t know how to give it to her. Women always climax when they masturbate, the only difference is the person giving the stimulation. Learn how to have sex, start here with 3 tricks you can use to become a sex god: http://ia69.co/sexgod/

Swallow – You know what I’m talking about! If you’re doing it right, it will be inevitable that she will urinate in your mouth. Don’t be afraid. Encourage her. And when she does, give her the same courtesy you’d expect and swallow every drop.

And don’t worry, if it’s way too intense, she’ll stop you. Again, listening and paying attention to her response throughout is key. But as a rule of thumb: it’s better to lean slightly over the edge of too much stimulation into the land of potentially-another-orgasm than it is to delicately handle her like a fragile soufflé and give her an underwhelming/frustrating almost-orgasm.

Sexuality authorities also encourage couples to let go of the idea that women “should” have orgasms during intercourse. They encourage men to help women to orgasm using their fingers, hand, tongue, or a vibrator or other sex toys.

Move your tongue in an up and down motion, or side to side. But keep up a rhythm, slow at first then building up. The clitoris is sensitive at the beginning, so going straight at it hard and fast with the tip of your tongue is likely to turn her off.

Woman-on-Top. The woman kneels over the man’s hips. The man makes a fist and places it at the junction of the lovers’ pelvises. The woman leans forward, presses her clitoris against the fist and moves in any way that erotically excites her. Or the woman or man presses a vibrator into her clitoris.

Sometimes, couples start with foreplay and manual or oral stimulation, then switch to intercourse with the woman on top until the woman gets her orgasm, then switch to the man on top until the man gets an orgasm. But this is something each couple will have to try out what they prefer.

Let’s get this out of the way right off the bat: Health problems can get in the way of an orgasm. So, if something more than your sex life feels off, you should visit a doctor. In absence of a medical problem, however, a woman’s orgasms, or the lack of them, go way beyond what’s going on with her body. That means the main secret to a woman’s orgasms is that they’re as individual as the woman herself. Learning to bring yourself or your female partner to a climax, therefore, can be a learning process, where’s there’s always room for improvement. Here are three common things that can boost a woman’s orgasmic potential – and that couples tend to overlook. 

There’s a chance that she may come on to you first and no man in his right mind would wait to respond. But wait, don’t give in! Tease her a little, play a little hard to get. The game of cat and mouse won’t just make things hotter but also give her a feeling of control – something a lot of women just love!

Sex toys have come a long way since your dildo (sorry, not a sexy image). Marin suggests trying a couples’ toy like the We-Vibe or, if you prefer going at it alone, the Eva by DAME products, which is an actual hands-free vibrator that stimulates the clitoris with zero effort — yay for that!

Do not pretend to f*** her with your tongue when you’re going down on her. Look at your tongue and then look at your penis. Do they look like they could be good substitutes for each other? Probably not. It’s fine if you want to explore the opening a little during oral, but try to avoid straight up tongue f****ng – I’ve never met a woman who enjoyed that!

Turns out, quite a lot. The reality is most women don’t reach orgasm — at least through sex alone — says Emily Morse.  sexologist, host of the Sex With Emily podcast and Hustler Hollywood Contributor. “Between 70-80% of women do not achieve orgasm from vaginal intercourse alone,” says Morse.

Great tips, and as a woman I totally agree with what’s said here. I hate it when a guy goes too quick from the get-go and will just find a way to stop him. Take your time guys and don’t use the tip of your tongue as much as the flat, soft top of the tongue. Em

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  1. WARNING: this one is not safe for work… there is one section below where words do not suffice, and graphics simply are needed. So make sure there’s nobody around you can get in trouble with for looking at clitoris pictures before you proceed (and if there is… what are you doing reading an article about oral sex at work, anyway).
    And once you reach your second, the doors are wide open: “if you can have two, you can have three, four, or more! There is no limit on how many orgasms a woman can experience,” Rose says. If it doesn’t happen the first time, don’t worry—practicing is something you and your partner can both enjoy.
    Wow. I’ve got news for you fella, I don’t know what planet you’re from, but on Earth anyone born with a vagina IS in FACT a girl/woman. Anyone who would tell you otherwise apparently failed Junior High School biology class or they value pseudo “political- correctness” over cold, hard facts. Also, “shutting down entire avenues of self-identity” isn’t damaging anyone any more than they’ve already been damaged by being born freaks who don’t even know whether or not they are male or female! And aside from that, nobody gives a shit whether or not sex workers are being sexually fulfilled through cunnilingus or anything else. And in case you were unaware, prostitution is stigmatized because it’s not only illegitimate but also illegal in most countries on Earth. God didn’t give us the gift of lovemaking so we could sell our asses on a street corner or to the highest bidder, but so that a man and women can express their love for each other. Also I doubt if you’re really that busy if you had enough time to write all that nonsense.

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