“how a woman get orgasim -oral sec”

Kiss, show love, touch, caress, massage, look in her eyes and melt. Start when she’s dressed. Undress her slowly, lovingly, kiss her breasts and feel that it’s the most amazing thing you’ve ever done. It should be. If it’s not, she’ll know.

You can increase the oral intensity once in a while by flexing your tongue and leaning into her while you lick. When you’re doing this in the heat of the moment, you can try pushing into her clit with a firm tongue and shaking your head vigorously from side to side, kind of like a paint shaker. Doing this for too long can rattle your brain a little bit, but it’s often very effective in short bursts.

I was able to oragsum with my partner for 9 months and haven’t been able to in the last three. It’s something we will work through because we love each other. I understand how you feel in how’s your fault but it’s not. Iv cried many times thinking it was my fault. But it’s not, if you continue to think your burden you will never get past your mental hurtle. Don’t let these guys blame you or make you feel worse, iv been in relationships like that and it’s no fun. The female oragsum can be really enjoyable if with the right person.. It doesn’t always have to hurt.

This leaves room for you to build the intensity and experience, much like a musician. A piece of music rarely starts with the crescendo. Otherwise there would be no payoff. All my favourite songs build slowly, rising and falling, adding more elements along the way, until they finally explode in flourishing sonic orgasm.

Slowly and gently begin to run your fingers over your partner’s genitalia. If your partner is a man, you might try gliding your fingers over the shaft, treating it like a delicate and treasured item. If your partner is a woman, you may begin by gently stroking her thighs and softly moving to the outer labia.

Have you ever touched the tip of your nose? It has a unique spring-like texture that offers the perfect balance between firm and flexible. Apply a drop of lube and run your nose down the center of her vulva — roll it around in large circle around the edges or slide it right inside as you nod your head up and down and back and forth. Breathe deeply and let your natural sounds flow freely to let her know just how much you love it.

I can only remember one time having an orgasm from intercouse alone. When my partner brings me to orgasm by orally stimulating my clitoris, I usually have an orgasm that is very strong, does not last long, and causes such sensitivity that I cannot have him continue orally.

Also there is Yogasm, where you girl can reach orgasm without touching her clitoris or stimulating. There is video of girl getting orgasm without touching herself on http://www.fapon.me (care its NSFW)

We have to get a lot more going in our sex equation. “Adding in extra clitoral stimulation either with hands, mouth or toys can certainly help women climax while with a partner either while having intercourse or through foreplay,” says Morse. Oral sex is also a winner, so is nipple stimulation.  “Women’s brains process nipple and genital stimulation in the same region of the brain. So this can lead many women to experience nipple orgasms, as well,” says Morse.

#10 Learn to sustain fingering at the right moment. A common mistake for most is to stop right at the moment when she’s building up for an orgasm. This is frustrating for her and probably asks for a longer fingering session than normal.

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  1. Stare with fiery intention into her eyes while you keep your hand going. If you’re comfortable doing so, talk dirty to her. Ask her in a whisper if she wants anything to change. That gives her permission to communicate in the heat of the moment. Keep your technique steady. If it feels incredible to her, don’t change anything even if she says she’s going to come.
    For best results, you’ll want to get her totally relaxed, comfortable, and in her body. Make sure she can lie back and let every muscle go. Set her up with a few pillows if she wants to be propped up for comfort, or get a better view if that’s what turns her on. If she’s a squirter, put down a sex blanket so that she can really let go without worrying about leaving a wet spot on the sheets.
    It appears that the general consensus is that it depends on the woman, and it’s probably best to communicate directly with your partner about her wants and needs. This will require building up a level of trust. Being able to relax in your presence will greatly improve your chances of helping her orgasm.
    Now head back to her clit and edge her to the brink of orgasm with your favorite oral technique. Then return to g-spot stimulation but this time give it to her through penetration. Place her legs up over your shoulders and thrust back and forth. Because of the angle created by the pillow, you’ll be thrusting directly into her g-spot.
    But first I recommend that, with her permission, you jointly explore her responses. Create a romantic environment and touch her sensually all over, starting with non-genital areas. Using some lubricant or massage oil, try a variety of strokes. Ask her to give you feedback with a number from one to 10, with 10 being the most pleasurable.

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