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In contrast, the vaginal walls contain relatively few nerve endings. Only the lower third of the vagina has enough nerve endings to feel stimulation from a penis, finger, sex toy, or other penetrative object. This can make intense sexual stimulation, pleasure, and orgasm from vaginal-only penetration unlikely. In reality, the clitoris is perfectly placed. You might consider the clitoris to be “inaccessible” because in-and-out intercourse does not touch your button of joy. The challenge is for you and your partner to find and cultivate its potential.

I want to say that if you’re ok with him putting his mouth on your vagina you should be ok with being honest about your needs, but I get sometimes it’s the how to say it that’s difficult. Try casually mentioning how you read this thing on Reddit that made you really horny at work/class/on the train and I guarantee he’ll ask you what it was. Then give it a bit of ‘some guy asked for tips on giving women good oral and the top comment was way more than I bargained for – here, I’ll show you’. Hopefully he’ll either take it on board, or you can use it as an opportunity to start the broader conversation about who likes what.

Practise patiently until you can bring her to orgasm manually, or at least provide enormous pleasure. You will eventually have the skill to give her great pleasure in a variety of ways, and her sexual interest will soar.

She’s almost naked now but keep her underwear on for another minute or so. “Stroke and caress her through the fabric rather than going for gold,” says sex therapist Paula Hall. “Focus on building anticipation rather than going straight for direct stimulation.” Feeling that time is short prevents a woman from reaching orgasm, adds Webber. Act like you’ve got forever, but then peel off her underwear and use Durex’s new strawberry-scented Intimate Lube (durex.com). This will get her excited, and make her more sensitive. Research at the US Association for Chemical Reception Sciences found the scent of strawberries alerts the senses. Move your fingers in slow, circular motions just inside her vagina. “Many women need attention focused on the outer third of the vaginal canal, where the G-spot, the clitoris, and the PS-spot (opposite the G-spot) can be reached,” says Emma Taylor of the sex blog emandlo.com. Women love a man who’s good with his hands…

Research at the US Association for Chemical Reception Sciences found the scent of strawberries alerts the senses. Move your fingers in slow, circular motions just inside her vagina. “Many women need attention focused on the outer third of the vaginal canal, where the G-spot, the clitoris, and the PS-spot (opposite the G-spot) can bereached,” says Emma Taylor of the sex blog emandlo.com.

Performing any sexual act is just as mental as it is physical. Women innately are good at multitasking, so clear your mind because that is going to be your greatest strength for this exercise. Find a comfortable position to do the act. It can be strenuous on the neck so try kneeling in front of him while he either stands or sits down with his legs open. If you’re a little advanced, have him lay flat and you kneel over him.

Stamina is the biggest key to great oral. One of the biggest secrets to being able to stick with it is to totally relax your jaw. The tendency most men have while licking is to clench up, which is what causes most guys to quickly burn out and not make it to the payoff.

This is all good news for you. Because if you put even a little bit of effort into sorting out your approach and technique, you’ll set yourself miles ahead of the pack. When you’re through, she’ll be blissed out, panting and doe-eyed, looking at you like you’re an absolute rock star.

Vaginal intercourse can feel wonderful: the physical closeness, the emotional intimacy, and for many, the belief that intercourse epitomizes sex. But for women’s orgasms, the old in-out is also problematic. The best evidence suggests that only 25 percent of women are consistently orgasmic during intercourse no matter how vigorous or prolonged it is, no matter how loving the relationship, no matter what position the lovers use, and no matter what the size of the man’s penis.

Not only is the tongue the strongest muscle in the human body, but guys, you also have a lot more control over your tongue than you do over your penis, allowing you to apply direct pressure to specific parts of the vagina. It’s crucial to vary the pressure of your tongue once you finally move toward your target. Use a broad, flat tongue to fully cover the vagina—this will apply gentle titillating pressure and will help lube up the area with saliva. For more intense pressure of specific arousal spots, like the clitoris, use a firm pointed tongue to circle and flick.

I’m not necessarily suggesting that. I think it feels more wholesome to share sex with someone you love, and I think it can be kind of damaging to have sexual encounters void of intimacy, especially at a young age where you are impressionable. I think it can mess with your expectations of relationships, making them unrealistic or your beliefs about the opposite sex (or sex you’re attracted to) a little skewed…..

Tease her and drive her crazy with anticipation – I like to kiss and lick my way to her pussy, gently breathe onto it, but then change course and work my way back up her leg. This can be done multiple times, as long as it’s funny. The best is when she can’t take it anymore and pulls your face between her legs.

– Use the index and middle finger for penetration. Start off with the middle finger as it is the longest and has the farther reach especially when stimulating the G-spot. Using both fingers is recommended for G-spot stimulation as it covers more surface area than one finger alone. [Read: How to finger yourself – A girl’s guide to fingering herself to ecstasy]

https://theeroticreviewblog.wordpress.com/2016/06/15/16-women-on-how-they-wish-guys-would-give-them-oral-thought-catalog/ 16 Women On How They Wish Guys Would Give Them Oral — Thought Catalog | The Erotic Review

While she’s orgasming, keep the stimulation the same for the first four seconds, then reduce dramatically and continuously, but don’t stop unless she pushes your hand away or motions for you to do so, which means you just have to slow down sooner next time.

Say you’re in an acrobatic position where the above are not possible, temper your pace. When she’s close, unless she’s into the female equivalent of the vinegar strokes – the super-sensory zone in which she’s writhing and begging and bucking beneath you, in which case change nothing – it may well be you can find a measured, deep tempo which you can maintain a while and yet will drive her wild.

In fact, contrary to stereotypes that most straight men hate going down on ladies, for many men giving oral sex is just as good as getting it. According to data from the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, a majority of millennial men reported having performed oral sex on their female partners in the past year — and it wasn’t just for reciprocity’s sake.

“Guys generally worry about their dick size or sex skills, and would probably err on the side of caution that they are less than average at both (though they would probably never publicly admit it). If you become good at [giving head], you generally don’t have to worry about lacking in the other departments.” — Curtis

Get hold of Kamasutra and surprise her with a new move. A woman’s body is a treasure trove of hidden pleasure points. And if our ancestors swore by the century-old sex guide, it could definitely show your lady love stars in the daylight!

but what should I do then? I sometimes give her a clitorical orgasm already, but then I dunno if that’s the right thing to do, cuz then when we have sex, she probably doens’t enjoy is at much cuz she “got it”

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The simplest, most on-point metaphor for this was given to me by an instructor of Tibetan Tantra. Imagine that your sexual arousal is a pot full of water. Men have a tiny saucepan, while women have giant stockpots. While a guy can happily hit a rolling boil in no time at all, a woman needs more time to heat up. Again, there are times where she’ll be down to ravenously jump right into it with zero foreplay, but this is a solid rule of thumb for a reason.

Foreplay can drive a woman wild, so make some proper time for kissing, massage, caressing and non-penetrative fun and games. All of this will help you in your ultimate goal of turning a woman on to the point where an orgasm is more likely to happen.

If I’m climaxing, I hope to all the gods you keep doing EXACTLY what you are doing and you do not stop. Imagine if you are receiving a blowjob and as soon as you start cumming, your partner starts kissing your thighs and stomach. A woman’s climax can last minutes. A climax is NOT the time so start switching it up and kissing thighs.

DON’T slobber your whole mouth/face over my vulva. The worst is when men have beard stubbles and do this. It hurts and isn’t pleasurable in the least! Don’t suck my clit (although some women like this). Use the tip of your tongue and only use very little pressure at the beginning (maybe increase the pressure when she is properly aroused). The most common mistake is being too rough and putting too on much pressure.

Let’s face it: it’s incredibly sexy to observe someone else experiencing sexual pleasure. But to get the most enjoyment from offering a oral sex to another person, one needs to be exceptionally mindful and present during the act. Whether or not we admit it, if you are giving your partner oral pleasure simply as a means to an end, then you probably won’t enjoy it as much.

In this case, a vibe would be great for helping her relax, have an orgasm, and get over the hump (yeah, yeah). Once those first few are out of the way, then she can start exploring other ways of having one.

Explore with foreplay. Sometimes you may feel ready for intercourse immediately, while other times you may want your partner to first touch, rub, kiss, or lick your vulva and clitoris, using his hands, mouth, or penis. Oral sex can be highly pleasurable to many women because of its direct focus on the clitoris. Women describe intense orgasms through oral sex.

From another perspective, the adage that the mind is the most important erogenous organ is totally true. Seduce her imagination, and let her little fantasies and scripts just start doing all that work for you. If she feels turned on and safe with you, she’ll probably start telling you how to get her off.

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