“man giving woman oral _how to make a girl come fast”

Sexuality authorities also encourage couples to let go of the idea that women “should” have orgasms during intercourse. They encourage men to help women to orgasm using their fingers, hand, tongue, or a vibrator or other sex toys.

Some guys will jump head first off the high dive into her lap and start lapping her up like their lives depended on it. There’s a time and a place for that, but her experience will be way more pleasurable if you start out very, very slow.

Kiss, show love, touch, caress, massage, look in her eyes and melt. Start when she’s dressed. Undress her slowly, lovingly, kiss her breasts and feel that it’s the most amazing thing you’ve ever done. It should be. If it’s not, she’ll know.

If you do not orgasm during intercourse, it is not because you are not having a vaginal orgasm, but because like so many women, your clitoris does not get enough stimulation during intercourse. You need to godown a different path to solve that, and yes, you also need to solve the pain issues.

It always amazes me to read ‘how to’ sex advice by men on how to please the woman. This article is a typical example of how you totally miss the point. This article totally ignores the simple things that men can do to help sex be more satisfying for the woman. There is no mention of men having good hygiene and smelling good and looking good and having a good relationship with their partner. Men don’t listen to the women or take the time to actually ask them to tell them what they want in bed. Perhaps if you encouraged men to take better care of themselves and develop their relationships, the women would respond with more orgasms. The build up of the satisfaction of sex precedes the actual act of sexual intercourse. And there’s no mention in this article of allowing her to be on top, a no brainer I thought (I was wrong). Why does this not surprise me? Perhaps if the author actually talked to women and asked their opinion, he wouldn’t be so eager to suggest that men bring the vibrator out and just get it over with already. Sort of like saying, don’t bother, it won’t work anyway so just get the vibrator already. Perhaps he wouldn’t make as much money if he didn’t just repeat what most men want to hear already. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with vibrators, but I thought the whole point of this article was help on sex tips.

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But for women it’s usually quite different. Sometimes maintaining stimulation after orgasm can cause you to cruise right into another one. Or, you might be able to dial back stimulation for a few seconds and then ramp it right back up again to bring her to climax. I find this works relatively often.

I was with someone in this situation right around the time I turned 20. It took about a year of awesome sex for her to finally begin experiencing orgasms, and even then they were rare. It seemed to be very dependent on physical positioning, angle, direction of motion, etc. I suggest you just pursue the positions, etc that seem to work the best and keep trying at them.

As I guy, my advice is that if any other guy or girl tells you not to masturbate to just ignore them. It’s not cheating and it’s definitely easier for girls to orgasm if they masturbate and know their bodies well.

For men and women alike, the act of giving oral sex can actually create sensations throughout her body that will enhance and increase feelings of sexual pleasure. Some women report that they get more aroused from giving oral sex, than from any other kind of foreplay activity.

Get used to–femal orgasim serves no purpose whatsoever except to hurt people. If you don’t and can’t stand it-get with yourself. Its a mind game-mind over matter-if you don’t mind, it just don’t matter-got something productive.

Virginity is a social construct. Also the gspot is a lie. Penetration is painful for most women to some degree. Very delicate tissues. You should be critical of what society has brainwashed women into doing. Don’t let yourself be pressured into penetration. You don’t ever have to do it. In my opinion the risk are not worth the perceived pleasure.

Thanks for the great info Michael! Just want to add in a little bit of my opinion. If guys want to make your female partner orgasm during intercourse isn’t easy and you need to last at least 5minutes above to make your partner orgasm. If people who can’t last longer than 5 minutes of thrusting your female partner, you should get a mini time out. But do remember, you don’t want to entirely end on intimate contact. Otherwise, you’ll have to re-work harder to get to another higher state of arousal. So maintain the caressing until you feel that hypersensitivity lessen and the heat returning to your moan zone. Hope it helps! =D

The first question you always ask is whether she is able to get an orgasm at all, for example by masturbation. If the answer to this question is no, she must first learn how to get an orgasm. If the answer is yes, you can investigate how to get an orgasm when making love.

(1) Don’t expect her to have orgasms during intercourse. On TV and in movies and pornography, women always seem to have orgasms during intercourse. That’s much more fantasy than reality. In real sex, only about one-quarter of women are consistently orgasmic during intercourse. The old in-and-out can be great fun, but it brings only a minority of women to orgasm. Three-quarters of women need direct stimulation of the clitoris.

Some women come easily from any type of stimulation but prefer one orgasm to another. I love receiving oral sex but I find that I enjoy the orgasms I get from sex the best. So once again, it’s better to just ask her what she likes.

When it comes to a long-lasting, sensational bedroom session, foreplay is an absolute must.  This is why learning how to stimulate your woman down south with the hardest working muscle of the body—the tongue—is incredibly important.  After all, receiving oral is the sole way many ladies are actually able to achieve a leg-shaking climax.  Here, we outline a step-by-step guide on how to touch, rub, and lick her lady bits for a mind-blowing finish!

Some girls get aroused by seeing you lose yourself to desire. If she wants to go down on you, let her, but don’t dare force her to. If about to come in her mouth, tell her so, and if she’s ok with it, do it. Some girls get turned on by this. Some girls hate it. Some girls want you to come first because it turns them on. Some girls want to come together with you. Some want to come before you.

And of course, who wouldn’t enjoy the sight of a horny, moaning woman helpless at the mercy of your fingers? By making sure she’s horny, you easily play her like a piano. [Read: 25 sex questions to ask a girl and make her instantly wet]

This is the most common mistake I encounter: Don’t use so much saliva that it ruins all the friction on the clit. You want your tongue to move smoothly, but not slip around like its covered in vaseline. Also, compiling from experience and what me and my friends discuss after too many drinks; its safest to use circles (with your tongue) around the clit,while gently fingering if you’re with a new partner.

I would like to ADD, it would be great if there was more porn for women, like girl friendly stuff. Dont take the men out of porn but have hotter, younger guys with less body hair and obviously nice looking penises.

bullet vibes and the infamous pocket rocket are, imho, the best starter vibes out there. easy, convenient, and versatile. i eventually got fancier stuff–the even more infamous pearl vibes and the wand–but i don’t like them nearly as much, and i’m so glad i didn’t start with them, eek.

Don’t underestimate the power of relieving her mind of household concerns as a way to help her relax into the right frame of mind. As one writer pointed out, vacuuming, cleaning the sink, etc. will enable her to focus on you more.

Be okay with the fact she might not like it. I’ve had plenty of experience to definitely say I love to be on the giving end but not on the receiving one, and it doesn’t depend on skill, I just don’t enjoy it as much. If she tenses up a bit, you’re good, if you don’t hear or feel anything, stop.

When I met my wife, she was 27 and never had an orgasm. After a year and lots of experimentation, we found the solution for her was oral, with her on top bearing down hard for 5-10 minutes. After 20 years it’s still the only thing that works.

Have your girl lie on her back with a pillow under her pelvis. Being on her back allows the muscles in her body to relax so she can come easier while the pillow tilts her pelvis and makes her “orgasm zones” more accessible to you.

Think beyond the thrust. On average, men thrust for about 3-7min before it’s game over. However, research shows this isn’t enough time to arouse most women. Stretch out your performance with clever positioning

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  1. “I had a client who would regularly have 30 to 40 orgasms in a session with her man. She may be the extreme, but having one to five is totally normal and doable for any woman,” says holistic sex and relationship expert Kim Anami.
    #2 Be patient. Great oral sex starts well before your face find its way between her legs. Good foreplay, done right is key to getting her warmed up and ready. A guy is like a light switch, you’re either up *turned on* or down *turned off*. Women are more like a rocket launch, a complex set of systems activated in the right order, and eventually turned on.
    Don’t worry, bringing a woman to orgasm through intercourse is indeed possible. But, guys, you’ve got to work for it, and pay attention to some other important parts before even thinking about sex. I know I’ve already talked to you about the female orgasm – and even given some advice in the article on foreplay (because, hey, the best way to start off a hot evening is with a steamy build-up.)
    Try different motions to see which ones she likes best. Up and down, and circles around the clitoris work best. Some women also like a side-to-side motion. It’s okay to switch things up, just be sure to keep the rhythm.

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