“oral licking |how can a woman achieve an orgasim”

Since we dont talk about it like guys, I do think its important to hear what works for other gurls. I dont have any problems now but when I first started I couldnt orgasm whenever I wanted but after learning a few techniques that worked and getting my mind on the right things I havent had a problem since. I agree with watching porn, it can be a big help but its not for everyone, and toys are the same but a dildo or a vibrator can rally make orgasming easier and better. Its not as hard as you think to get a vibrator so if you want one I would do it because of the sensations you can feel from them.

Some men won’t even give it at all, but even of those who do, it is often a quick formality before sex. This is the wrong way to approach going down on her. Get in there, get comfortable, and enjoy it.

If you want your man to go down on you, just ask him to. If you feel a bit shy, try getting into bed upside down – he’ll probably get the message. If he really isn’t in the mood, or the idea upsets him, just respect his decision and don’t try to force the issue. There is nothing wrong with having oral sex during a period, but a lot of men really don’t like doing it at that time of the month.

For the girl who I just want to wow, my go to move is to tell her that she’s not allowed to cum without permission. As she get’s closer, it turns into “don’t you dare fucking cum without asking first.” When she gets there, you deny her for a few minutes. It’s kind of amazing that a woman can hold her orgasm back independent of stimulation under the right mindset. Anyway, when you finally do let her cum, the orgasm is huge, and her pleasure is anchored to your voice. your voice will forever get her turned on. This also lends itself to advanced NLP and Hypnosis down the road, which will allow you to make her cum without any stimulation at all.

To really make her explode with pleasure and to give her the grand finale that she is looking for, you want to perform oral sex on her. There is no better combination of sensations than your fingers stimulating the g-spot and your mouth on her clitoris. By doing this, you will make her orgasm in no time at all and best of all, you will make her climax that much stronger and powerful. She will be helpless under your stimulation and control and she won’t be able to help herself.More — http://tinyurl.com/pqqctq4

Start off softly, using a relaxed tongue to make slow movements and work up to faster movements with a firmer, pointed tongue. You can experiment with making different patterns with your tongue and try different rhythms – taking cues from your partner as to what she enjoys most.

#8 Magic fingers. The above steps alone are often enough, but adding in fingers can help her, and enhance the orgasm. The clitoris is a bit like a small tree, with an immense underground root system. What you see is just a small part of it, the rest runs under the skin in a wishbone shape, down along both sides of the vagina, nearly to her anus.

And if you’re feeling shy about it, the expert says a great way to build your sexual confidence and test the waters is by sexting your partner. Setting up a scenario via text like, “When you get home tonight (fill in the blank)” is a surefire way to fan the flames.

Sometimes, couples start with foreplay and manual or oral stimulation, then switch to intercourse with the woman on top until the woman gets her orgasm, then switch to the man on top until the man gets an orgasm. But this is something each couple will have to try out what they prefer.

but what should I do then? I sometimes give her a clitorical orgasm already, but then I dunno if that’s the right thing to do, cuz then when we have sex, she probably doens’t enjoy is at much cuz she already “got it”

The G-spot is located about 2-3 inches deep and upwards, towards the front wall. You should feel a rougher patch of skin. Imagine trying to touch her belly button internally and you’ve got the right idea. Start slowly, softly, and then, build yourself up to a hard thrust.

#7 Ride the rhythm. Some women like hard pressure applied with the tongue to the clitoris, while some need a lighter touch. With more experience with the same woman, you will understand her needs better, but if you’re not sure, listen to her cues.

A good flow of natural lubrication – so that the delicate parts don’t get sore. This may be natural vaginal secretion or even a lubrication product (some of which, like the Durex Tingle lube, are even designed to boost female stimulation).

Great tips, and as a woman I totally agree with what’s said here. I hate it when a guy goes too quick from the get-go and will just find a way to stop him. Take your time guys and don’t use the tip of your tongue as much as the flat, soft top of the tongue. Em

This is where there’s a big difference between men and women. Men can rush to the finish line – many women can’t. In fact, most women need an average of 20 minutes of suitable stimulation before they achieve orgasm. Problem is, that 20 minutes can feel like a year when women spend it worrying – about their bodies, about their sexual abilities, or about whether their partner is getting bored. Women’s bodies work differently than men’s, which means that it takes more time to bring them to orgasm. Ladies, you aren’t taking too long. And men, try to be patient – you can’t hurry love!

Lots of women like this, not all of them find it easy to orgasm on their sides. But the great advantage here is that either partner can reach down and rub the clitoris. Also, neither of you is having to take the weight of the other.

Telling an inexperienced person to try to suck on a woman’s clit is a little like telling a child that it’s okay to pet the tiger at the zoo. Some people think “suck” means “suction with the ferocity of ten vacuum cleaners”. Even a person who understands the need to take it slow and gentle may not understand exactly how sensitive a clit can be. Hint: Some clits are insanely sensitive, like if a leaf were to brush against it, it would really hurt. So my advice would be to NOT suck on a clit at all if you are not that experienced. If she asks you to, or if you ask her and she says it’s okay, use as little suction as possible and gauge up from there.

I did know a girl once who had Anorgasmia, and that is something that there really is no cure for. It’s possible, and more common in women. I’m not saying be pessimistic really, but realise it’s a possibility.

Allow her to take the lead: If you really want her to get more epic orgasms, then don’t call all the shots. Allow her to take the lead as well and control the rhythm of things. Give her a chance when you have aroused her enough to get into the act. This will really help her be her best in bed and you should find the experience to be a lot more satisfying than you could possibly imagine.

Just as important as making sure she is physically comfortable is settling in and ensuring that you are physically comfortable. Position yourself so that you’ll avoid any neck, hand, or forearm cramping for as long as possible. I mean it… get comfy.

Time for you to take your tricks for a test drive. With all that attention, her skin will be flushed, her pupils dilated, parts of her shaking, and those she can steady, she’ll be pushing into you — until she’s done and can’t take anymore, that is. Now that’s how to make her orgasm for real and, trust us, you’ll be able to tell the difference.

And when I say firm strokes, I mean firm. When you’re more than a few minutes into stimulating her, it’s nearly impossible to go too hard with a few fingers. Think about it: babies come out of there. It can handle a lot of stress. Some of the best orgasms I’ve given women were when I was giving it every ounce of strength I had.

Some girls get aroused by seeing you lose yourself to desire. If she wants to go down on you, let her, but don’t dare force her to. If you’re about to come in her mouth, tell her so, and if she’s ok with it, do it. Some girls get turned on by this. Some girls hate it. Some girls want you to come first because it turns them on. Some girls want to come together with you. Some want to come before you.

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    (3) Slow down. Extended sensual warm-up time helps women have orgasms. Compared with men, most women need considerably more time to warm up to genital play. Forget the wham bam you see in porn. When making love, do everything at half speed. Sex therapists recommend at least 30 minutes of kissing, cuddling, and whole-body sensual caressing before reaching between her legs.

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