“tips for giving good head +how to make your wife orgasim”

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Give your girl this style of multiples and you’ll notice they start happening much quicker. You can actually get to the point where one orgasm starts before the last is completely done. They start blending together and seem like one giant, never ending orgasm.

Create a romantic atmosphere: Remember stress and sex don’t go well together. So if you are planning a sizzling act for the bedroom, it’s imperative that you set the right mood for her. Gauge her emotions before you ask or initiate a lovemaking session. Is she in the mood for it or is she too stressed or tired? Knowing her mood is the key to start the night right. If you are oblivious to the emotions of your partner, then it’s foolish to expect an exciting climax from her, forget multiple orgasms.

When you go back to using your tongue, add a finger or two to stroke her G-spot on the first few inches of the upper inside wall of her pussy. Try matching pace and pressure with your fingers and tongue and then contrasting slow, firm strokes with your fingers and rapid flicks of the tongue.

First you’ve got to turn up the sexual tension by relying on the “anticipation of orgasm” technique (as explained in the article on foreplay). Once her underwear is off, the action can start moving faster: it’s time to show her that you know how to take care of her needs!

There are two issues here. The first is neck ache, which can be handled by switching position. Having her sit on a couch or the side of the bed with you between her legs can work. Alternatively, try putting a pillow under her butt to raise the area slightly.

Place your left hand on top of her pubic bone (at her lower belly) and apply pressure in a circular motion to a point directly above the one you’re already caressing internally (if this isn’t clear yet, keep reading and it will make sense). You should be stimulating the same spot from two directions (on the outside with the left hand and from the inside with the right hand, if you’re following me exactly!) You are now in the process of stimulating three of your partner’s most sensitive spots!

All this time, her legs should still remain together – keep them bound with yours. When you think she’s really getting fired up, separate them with a knee and slide it up to meet her pussy. Let her rub against it for a second and after leaving her nipples rock hard with a few parting, feather-light licks, you can go back down south. Free her legs and let her ride your face to ecstasy – this time, you should be down there a mere minute or two. Quickly get into a rhythm and find out what sensations she prefers – when I’m close, I just adore having my clit firmly sucked, but not too hard.

Let’s get this out of the way right off the bat: Health problems can get in the way of an orgasm. So, if something more than your sex life feels off, you should visit a doctor. In absence of a medical problem, however, a woman’s orgasms, or the lack of them, go way beyond what’s going on with her body. That means the main secret to a woman’s orgasms is that they’re as individual as the woman herself. Learning to bring yourself or your female partner to a climax, therefore, can be a learning process, where’s there’s always room for improvement. Here are three common things that can boost a woman’s orgasmic potential – and that couples tend to overlook. 

(1) Don’t expect her to have orgasms during intercourse. On TV and in movies and pornography, women always seem to have orgasms during intercourse. That’s much more fantasy than reality. In real sex, only about one-quarter of women are consistently orgasmic during intercourse. The old in-and-out can be great fun, but it brings only a minority of women to orgasm. Three-quarters of women need direct stimulation of the clitoris.

And the number one way she suggests increasing your sexual confidence and taking control over your orgasms is by partaking in a naughty bit of adult show-and-tell and masturbating in front of one another. Whether you choose to discuss in advance the fact that you’re about to give your partner the thrill of their life or surprise them by letting them come home and “catch” you rubbing yourself on the Jennifer Convertible sofa, is entirely up to you. And though you may be tempted to let them jump in and finish the job, Dr. Carlen suggests restraining your passions and enforcing a no touching rule for as long as possible — which will only make things hotter.

Lines like “it doesn’t mean we’ve had real sex – you’ll still be a virgin”, or “if you don’t want sex then you should at least go down on me”, or “it’s not as risky as having intercourse”, all suggest pressure and coercion. Remember that oral sex should be fun for both of you. If one person is doing it because they feel pressured, it can sour the whole experience.

Ok this is comin from my personal experience…I persoanlly love foreplay before sex wether it be by fingers or my vibrator I usually always use my vibrator before sex and sometimes during….I too have finally experienced a g-spot orgasim many times now and the easiest way we have found that I produced one at first was with a dildo, goin in and out almost at an upward angle toward the g-spot area and not too deep tho the g-spot is not that far in…Now I am able to produce one with my husband as well inside me both him on top and myself on top as well….I recomend experimenting if the two of you are comfortable with each other I would try it out….You can do a search on g-spot and it will give you some info almost a walkthrough on maybe gettin there and how to go about it…..Or even buy a penis ring with a vibrator on it so while you are having sex she will have clitoral stimulation as well……..I persoanlly dont think there is nothing wrong with makin a girl cum before sex I think it makes the joy of sex much better!!! But I do think you need to tell her to experiment with her self as well its hard for you as a man to know what to do to her if she herself really does not know what she likes!!!! Good luck

Smell is the strongest of the five senses when it comes to sexual functioning for two reasons: First, since anything musky mimics testosterone, it’ll kick her libido into high gear. Baby powder can have a similar effect by activating her “scent print,” which links babies to procreation. Second, because smell, sex and memory centers share close quarters in the brain, the scent of arousal leaves the most lasting impression. The second she gets a whiff of your musky cologne, she’ll be transported back to the last time she smelled it on your body.

Your girlfriend probably does not want to go to a gynecologist, because she feels that this is not the problem. One treatment for a dry vagina is lubricating gel. Do not tell her that she is lazy; instead try to understand her wishes and needs. Respect her, if she does not want to go to a gynecologist. To criticize her will kill all desire and she may resent this for a long time.

It’s always good to try new things. I think that getting into a bit of S&M can be a lot of fun. And you’re right in that talking openly and having safe words etc is critical to ensuring you both feel safe to explore that side of your sexuality and enjoy it to the max.

Men’s reasons for loving a little tongue action are manifold, but they mostly stem from the same fundamental (and not totally shocking) truth: Women like being eaten out, making that in itself a worthwhile pursuit. For many especially enthusiastic men, though, cunnilingus is about way more. 

I was sort of a late-bloomer to the whole O And at first, I wasn’t even very good at getting myself off (like the plateau thing your GF describes). But it’s like riding a bicycle (horrible metaphor, yes). Once you know how, you just can.

The sure-fire option is to address her clitoris: by changing your thrusting motion so your pelvis grinds into her, or by slowing down (crucial, this) such that you can accurately use your thumb. (This same attention to detail goes for nipple pinching, spanking, or a wet finger pressing up against her behind. Flailing attempts are beneath you – do it well or not at all.)

With some girls, the best way is to go down on them. This could still mean different things. You may need to go fast or slow or both or a little or a lot. You may need to start away from the clit or right on the clit. You may need to use your finger, or two fingers, right away or only after five minutes. You know what to do if you watch her, listen, notice what makes her gasp. What makes her squirm or pull away. Pay attention.

Do not pretend to f*** her with your tongue when you’re going down on her. Look at your tongue and then look at your penis. Do they look like they could be good substitutes for each other? Probably not. It’s fine if you want to explore the opening a little during oral, but try to avoid straight up tongue f****ng – I’ve never met a woman who enjoyed that!

Sexuality authorities also encourage couples to let go of the idea that women “should” have orgasms during intercourse. They encourage men to help women to orgasm using their fingers, hand, tongue, or a vibrator or other sex toys.

For most men, sex ends with an orgasm. This is very important for most men. And after the orgasm, most men are satisfied and not willing to participate in active sex any more for some time. All this is different for women.

Every pussy is different. Let me repeat : EVERY PUSSY IS DIFFERENT. One style of tongue or the same place on the pussy or place on the clit is no guarantee that an orgasm will occur for every woman. Our pussies are not coke machines where you put in a quarter and an orgasm falls out. You need to explore confidently, enthusiastically, and pay attention to her requests, breathing, noises etc. Asking is good when you aren’t finding your way.

The Key to Better Sex. OK. So maybe female orgasm doesn’t have one big secret. But while movies and Internet pornography often make sex look easy, the reality is that it takes some practice to really get it right. Fortunately, that’s half the fun.

And don’t worry, if it’s way too intense, she’ll stop you. Again, listening and paying attention to her response throughout is key. But as a rule of thumb: it’s better to lean slightly over the edge of too much stimulation into the land of potentially-another-orgasm than it is to delicately handle her like a fragile soufflé and give her an underwhelming/frustrating almost-orgasm.

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  1. If you’re unsure how far you want him to penetrate your mouth, use your thumb and forefinger to make a ring around his penis, stopping it as far as you want to go. You can keep moving your fingers down slowly until you reach the point where it feels deep enough inside your mouth.
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    im not sure about this explaination, but i think its important for girls to know that the inside of their vagina, the hole,, the part where there cervix hangs down and connects does get simulateed seperatly from the clitoris. NOT only does it get simulated seperatly, but when engorgered with blood, ridges inside become more pronouce and provide a greater feeling for the penis. this provides great feeling and much different oragasmic feeling from the outside of the clitoris. NOT all women may experience, i had not until i was in my 30’s. For those that do, it is well worth it. I perfer this to a clitorial stimulation. SEX is quicker, faster, and this is one thing I cant give myself.
    A study from a team of US researchers suggests that a combination of genital stimulation, deep kissing and oral sex is the “golden trio” for women when it comes to increasing their likelihood of reaching orgasm with a sexual partner.
    You said she feels like she has to pee? Good! That means you’re hitting the right spot. You just have to keep it up. Make sure she knows that this sensation is perfectly normal, and that she needs to relaxy down there, instead of tighten up – I know I get too tense to vaginally orgasm!

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